Fantasy Sports have ruined....

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Billy Bullocks, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Billy Bullocks

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    ...real sports. I understand that they are alot of fun, but what they have really done is make people oblivious about how somoene actually plays the game, and instead rank them based on stats that earn them points. Dont you find the following statement utterly disturbing and a disgrace to the integrity of football:
    A Dallas Cowboys fan makes says, "I need T.O. to score a bunch of points, rack up a bunch of yards, and help me win in my fantasy league, but I hope the Eagles lose."

    Not only do fantasy sports encourage stupid people to believe they know alot about football because they read the boxscores, and fantasy guides, but it trully makes them believe football is about numbers and stats, instead of one simple letter, a W. Football, called by many the greatest team sport in the world, now has fans who cheer only for individual success, yards from scrimmage, all for fantasy points. I'll tell you one thing, I've got better fantasy to try and live out.
  2. Qwickdraw

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    I think your comment may be falling on deaf ears.
    I for one love Fantasy Football. And it's because I am a football fan.
    I love the sport.
    There's nothing wrong with adding a little more appeal to the already enjoyable experience of watching football.
    I used to just focus on watching Dallas play and a few random games here and there.
    Now I have sattelite TV and 3 televisions with 3 different games on at once and 10 friends over enjoying them all. I credit Fantasy Football alot for this kind of gathering. Given this fact, I have indeed learned alot more about other teams, players, etc. and learned to appreciate talent leaguewide even more. Don't worry, when the Cowboys play- the other TVs get shut off.

    Everyone who is a real football fan and a fantasy player knows its...
    1. Your Team First.
    2. Fantasy Team Second.
    no exceptions

    Really... screw my fantasy team when it all comes down to it. Its just for chuckles. Its ALL ABOUT DEM COWBOYS, baby.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    While that is an interesting observation, to say that it has "ruined" real spots may be going a bit to far.
  4. Sarge

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    If you can't seperate fantasy from reality I could see your point. To say that Fantasy Sports is ruining the game is laughable, quite frankly.

    When it is all said and done, it is probably GOOD for the sport because it generates more interest.

    I think you're seriously reaching with this argument.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    What do Reality and Hos have to do with this arguement? :D
  6. Sarge

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    LOL - both are living in a fantasy world.

  7. k19

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    And here I thought the Salary Cap ruined football.
  8. Sarge

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    Certainly you have a better argument with that logic.
  9. Yeagermeister

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    No Jerry Jones ruined football by bringing in more sponsorship money remember :D
  10. phildominator

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    Fantasy will ruin real sports if Jerry Jones decides to bring in Marc Boerigter (2003's fantasy stud but 2004's dud).
  11. k19

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    its ALWAYS Jerrahs fault, just ask any other NFL owner or Cowboys hater off the street
  12. WV Cowboy

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    Fantasy sports can only ruin real sports if you get involved with fantasy sports and let it ruin it for you.

    If you don't get involved, how can it affect you ? (kind of like crack cocaine)

    I pay no attention at all to fantasy football so I am oblivious to the negative effects it may have.

    I tried it once, many moons ago, and I found myself watching a MNF game with the Cowboys, .. hoping M. Irvin had a sub-par night so I would win my fantasy game, and get in the fantasy playoffs.

    I found myself thinking, " ... maybe Harper could have a big game, ... maybe Novacek, ... or maybe Emmitt could have a big rushing night, ... anything but M. Irvin having a big game, ... wait a minute, what am I talking about ? "

    After that I realized Fantasy Football was straight from the pit of Satan, and I had been deceived, and that I would never let anything come between me and my beloved Cowboys ever again. :D :D
  13. aikemirv

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  14. WV Cowboy

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    No Fantasy Football team owner can ever convince me, .. that if they needed a Cowboy's player to have a sub-par game, because their opponent had him on their FFL team, and losing could cost them a shot at their FFL playoffs, that they would not care about their FFL team.

    I have watched these guys. They get together and have a huge "draft party", and like was said on this thread earlier, they get together and watch "all games" each week.

    They trade players, they drop players, they pick up players, .. they juggle their starting lineups each week.

    They have too much time and energy invested just to say at the end of a four month season, "oh I don't care about my FFL team, I just hope the Cowboys win."

    The competitor in each of us just does not work that way.

    They can say anything they want, but I will never buy it.

    Each FFL player probably finds himself in this situation at one time or another.

    Maybe early in their season they don't care, but if them making the FFL playoffs is on the line, they will be hoping their "opponents Cowboy player" has an off game, but that the Cowboys win anyway so they can win their respective FFL game.

    Just human nature.
  15. OldButDeadly

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    You are wrong! Thanks for playing though!

  16. Sarge

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    Is it really even up for debate?

  17. Waffle

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    Well, I'm glad you have a better fantasy to try and live out. Good for you!!

    Meanwhile, I don't agree with your opinion regarding fantasy football "ruining real sports" at all. For example, I think most NFL fans that also play fantasy football know Tom Brady is a much better "real" QB than a "fantasy" one. The fans you refer to that cheer only for individual players or their fantasy teams in lieu of a favorite team are by and large non-NFL fans to begin with. So who really cares?

    As for me, I always root for the Cowboys first no matter what the fantasy situation happens to be.

    I guess next, someone will say Mock Drafts are ruining real sports too because 'stupid' fans are encouraged to read Ourlads or Kiper in order to delude themselves into thinking they are the next Scott Pioli or Ron Wolf. :rolleyes:

    Qwickdraw is right on the money with his response.
  18. Billy Bullocks

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    Ok, maybe I came on a bit strong with this one, and you guys misunderstood me, which is more or less my fault for being pretty unclear. To say they ruined sports is a reach, I will agree with this. It seems to me that most of you guys are long time NFL fans, and alot of you guys are alot older than I am.

    I'm 20 years old, so I went through High School with idiot kids who knew nothing about football, never played a down of real football talking like they know everything. I think I should have made it more clear that it's more on the future generations than the long time fans.

    I do agree with the point made about it sparking more interest in other teams, watching more football, bringing people together to watch games...this is all fine and well. In fact it is definately a positive. An office fantasy league, great idea, who doesnt wanna beat their boss.

    Let me explain the point I was trying to get at, and obviously did a poor job bringing out.....give me a break yesterday was 4/20........this is, if I may borrow what you said Quickdraw, more of a shot at half assed football fans than any of you guys, or people who do this on the side. My biggest grief is that alot of people my age have lost that die hard fan attitude. We no longer epitomize greatness as a team, it is all about the individual, just look at the SC highlights, NBA is all about the big dunks.

    Overall, my biggest qualm with fantasy sports isn't the die hards who can seperate, like you all said, fantasy from reality, but the kids who are out there spending too much time rooting for individual players to perform. Most of you who responded and defended yourselves as football fans are absolutely correct, I've read what most of you have said in other posts, regarding real football, adn you guys are on point, for the most part, so I don't challenge your football knowledge in any way, it wasn't a personal attack on anyone either. Waffle, you said it 100% correct realizing how good Brady is...but for everyone of you, theres the kids who are going to tell me that Peyton Manning is the best QB..based on number, never a mention of his ability to read a defense, just his numbers, and that Holmes is the best RB.

    Anyway, who's to say that me playing Madden isn't just as much fantasy football as your guys league...hope you guys didnt take my barage to personal.
  19. unclebunn

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    I play fantasy baseball and football and follow it religiously and always cheer for my team both fantasy and of course the Cowboys my real team. I've found where I can just focus on the real game and forget about my fantasy team for that game but there are the ones out there that do know nothing about the sport and ditch their own team. My roommate right now knows nothing about baseball really (he thought there was a mercy rule in MLB) but he'll throw random stats out to me all day long. Also if he has a pitcher going against the Braves (both of ours favorite team) he'll say well they can lose today as long as they make up for it tomorrow. So I think it all depends on who it is that's playing.
  20. AceofSpades

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    No true Cowboy fan would draft T.O.

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