Fast food drive-thrus get just a little slower

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    Fast food drive-thrus get just a little slower
    Fast food just got a little less speedy due to more complex menus, according to a drive-thru performance study released on Monday.

    The average speed[​IMG] at six benchmark chains and one regional chain (Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Krystal, McDonald's, Yum Brands'Taco Bell, Taco John's and Wendy's) rose to just more than three minutes, which amounts to eight seconds longer than a year ago, according to QSR magazine and Insula Research.

    In this year's ranking, Wendy's held on to its claim as the speediest chain, whileMcDonald's posted its slowest showing in the history of the 15-year-oldstudy[​IMG]. Rival chain Burger King was the only company to speed things up

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    Some people in this world don't have clean water
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    You did it wrong. You're supposed to say "First World Problems".


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