Favorite player that didn't pan out:

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    Very good post. Educational. Seriously.

    For me, I wanted more "timely", "quality" plays from Ware.
    And I am not wrong for wanting that.
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    He was the highest rated prospect that year. Get over yourself.
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    Herschel Walker
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    By any measure, Herschel Walker was highly successful with the team. He was our only Pro Bowl player. He played so well that his stock rose and we ended up being able to trade him for a bonanza of picks that rebuilt the franchise. No one in his right mind could say he didn't pan out.
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    So what, did they do their own homework on him or just went off of what others said? You still have to always do your own homework. They were dumb about it. The jury still isn't out though. He could pay off.
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    Ware has made a lot of quality plays but he's played on some bad defensive teams that has made it difficult for him to make many "timely" plays but he has made some. He stopped Brian Wesbrook in the backfield a few years ago on a big 3rd down that was very timely. That play helped lead the Cowboys to a big win over Philly. Against the 13-0 Saints in 09 on the road he had a very timely strip sack of Drew Brees on a last ditch drive that sealed the win for the Cowboys. He made that play just a week after being carted off the field with a neck injury. LT didn't play under the same rules as Ware. Some of LT's timely plays and sacks would have been penalized and wiped out due to the player safety rules today. You can't hit QB's high/low or a fraction too late. LT's prime years were 20 years prior to Ware's the game has changed a lot since then especially for defensive players. The player safety rule changes have made it much more difficult for defensive players and it's opened up offenses. Offenses are able to spread defenses out with multiple WR/TE sets including quick slot receivers.

    It's not that easy to get to the QB with all the options they have at receiver and as overly protected as they are by the officials. You have to judge players by how they performed amongst their peers during their era under the rules of today. Ware has been one of the greatest "players" of his era and one of the greatest players in Cowboys history. Just imagine the havoc he would have wrecked had been surrounded by the talented defenses the Cowboys had in the 70's and early to mid 90's. Charles Haley never had near the number of sacks that Ware has put up but he had so much talent around him that when he was being contained it freed up others to make plays. It was a collective effort that made those Cowboy defenses great.
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    Woody Dantzler!
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    And Isiah Stanback

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