Favorite Troy Aikman Moment?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by HeHateMe, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. HeHateMe

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    While winning the first Super Bowl, and the two thereafter are tops.

    Regular season, this may be my favorite moment considering the incredible comeback staged in that 99 season opener.

    Any other favorite moments of the legend?

    Please do tell.

  2. Cochese

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    Im not going to include the Super Bowls, because those are obvious.

    The 76 yard bomb to Rocket to beat the Skins in OT. Classic.
  3. QT

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    The first time he threw for over 300 yards. They lost that game to the Cardinals b/c of Everson Walls. They were playing zone at the end but somehow they gave up a TD. Troy threw a TD to James Dixon and got knocked unconscious. James Dixon had like 200 yards receiving.

    Most memorable...
  4. HeHateMe

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    He actually had 5 touchdown passes in that game too (99 season opener).
  5. Mansta54

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    My favorite moment was when he was on the sidelines pissed off and barking at his oline for not performing well. He called them "junior league". That showed his leadership and how much he wanted the TEAM to play well. He was a OUTSTANDING QB and we were very lucky to have him...
  6. America's Team

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    my favorite is when he went into the Hall of Fame:D
  7. CantonBound08

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    I think we were losing to Cincinatti when we had no business losing to Cincinatti. It was at the end of the game, and we were making a last ditch effort to get back into the game.

    The defender got by Erik Williams and sacked Troy Aikman (to end the game if I remember right), and there was Aikman on the field chewing Williams' butt out.

    There was no doubt who the leader of that offense was. He was forced into retirement way too early. I wish he could have had a longer career like that of Elway.

    Congrats to Troy Aikman and Rayfield Wright. Here's hoping that many Cowboys will be joining you in the future.
  8. Teague31

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    don't remember which year- playoff game against GB- backed up on our own goal line- troy fired a strike about 55 yards in the air to harper- prettiest pass I ever saw.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I was going to say, when we drafted him, but I'll go with that one instead.
  10. 5Stars

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    Not sure what 49er game it was, but the Cowboys were losing at half time...

    Before the 2nds half, a reporter asked Jimma what he told his team at half time, and Jimma told the reporter that he just said he told the team "they needed a wake up call..."

    When the 2nds half started, Aikman and team led the Boyz back for a win...

    As Aikman was walking off the field, that same reporter told Aikman what Jimma said about JUST telling the team they "needed a wake up call..."

    When Aikman heard what the reporter said, he just looked at him and smiled that crooked smile of his and said, laughing, "Oh...is that what he said he told us"? :laugh2:

    I could only imagine what Jimma REALLY said at half time!

  11. Juke99

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    The entire Championship game vs the 49ers in Switzer's first year.

    That was the game the team fell behind by 21 in the first quarter...AND Aikman was getting whacked on every play.

    Yet he stood in the pocket, took the hits and put up some great numbers as he almost brought the team back.

    In fact, had it not been for the non-interference call vs Sanders...and Switzer's stupidity at the end of the first half, who knows how that game would have turned out.
  12. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Best game ever! Heartbreaking...but, what an almost comeback!

  13. tyke1doe

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    The 92 NFC Championship Game against the 49ers.

    I don't know if fans remember how accurate Aikman and the Cowboys were.

    Aikman was 24 of 34 for 322 yards, two TDs and no turnovers. The Cowboys didn't have any turnovers.

    When the Cowboys needed an absolutely perfect game against the No. 1 team in the league playing in its home stadium, Aikman delivered.

    His performance in this game, including that accurate strike to Harper (that sealed the win), was by far his best performance.

    Any less of a performance, and we don't win that game IMO.
  14. TruBlueCowboy

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    The time he threw his finger up pointing to the sky saying the Cowboys were #1 when they won their first Super Bowl. Just showed the dominance and confidence of that team, and you knew great things were in store.

    That Redskins game when he threw the TD pass to Ismail to win it. I really thought we had that offensive magic back again and were gonna go all the way one last time.

    The time him and Tui threw Skip Bayless up on the the wall of a plane and threatened to beat his arse. Well, allegedly, don't know if it really happened, but it gets funnier every year. :lmao2:

    Everytime he was on the sidelines chewing players out for not playing ballz out. He once ragged on Haley for not playing hurt. That's a leader! He said it because he could. He'd chew them fellas out and they wouldn't dare say anything back.

    I don't remember who the opponent was, but his rookie year, he had that awesome game with 300+ yards, the type of game that for one day, the stars were in the right orbit, the fellas around him played like quality vets, and we got a glimpse of what our first round draft pick was gonna look like.

    The day we drafted him. There is nothing cooler in Cowboys country than drafting a high profile quarterback. You are destined for greatness. We don't draft Akili Smiths and Ryan Leafs in these here parts.

    When he called out Donovan McNabb for his accuracy while color commentating. That's Aikman for ya. Tells it like it is, while playing or after playing. He isn't scared to state the facts. :laugh2:
  15. SA_Gunslinger

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    thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    i never saw that game live, but the reply is just as good now as it was then!

    i'm racking my brain trying to answer your question, but it's hard to pick a fav moment!
  16. WilmingtonHeel

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    Juke that's mine too. That game he threw for over 400 yards and he was getting hit every play but he wouldn't quit. 2nd memory (TrueBlue took it), after the TD to Harper in the 1st SuperBowl he held up his index finger letting the world know who was the best
  17. dbair1967

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    cant pick just one...so in no particular order:

    1) at Atlanta, 1992...MNF, we clinched the NFC East for first time since 1981...blew out the Falcons in the dome, Aikman was like 18/21, one was a throw away and one was dropped...I was at this game

    2) 1992 NFC Champ vs SF

    3) 1992 Super Bowl vs Buffalo

    4) 1993 NFC Champ vs SF...was almost perfect through 1st half, we built a
    28-7 halftime lead then Aikman had a 2nd half concussion, but he was like 14/17 at halftime with a couple of tds...had he not got hurt we probably hang 50+ on them that day

    5) 1995 regular season game vs Green Bay...one week after suffering what looked like a serious calf injury, Aikman limps onto the field and plays a nearly perfect game and we rout them...puts up huge numbers...later we learn the claf actually had a hole in it...had he not played and we lost, we wouldnt have had home field adv in 1995 and prob wouldnt have won our 3rd title...GB finished 11-5, we were 12-4

  18. lane

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    the slant to harper and nothing else comes close..........

    that was an emphatic.. in your face ...new sheriff in town statement if i ever saw one.
  19. Manster68

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    Uuhhhh, I do believe that Champ Bailey and Darrell Green still can't find Rocket.
  20. GlitzCowboy

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    The most memorable thing about Aikman's career...

    The most memorable thing about the whole 90's dynasty...


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