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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rester, Feb 1, 2012.

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    1 Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

    2 Shea McClellin, OLB, Boise State
    Has great versatility: Has lined up at DE, OLB, and ILB. Motor that doesn’t stop. Great team leader. Great first step, or at least gets up the field quickly with timing Changes direction very well.........Violent hitter
    McClellin is a productive pass rusher with a big motor, good skill set and can get after the QB in a number of ways. Looks like a potential starter at the next level.

    3 Senio Kelemete, G, Washington
    An athletic player who lacks ideal height and arm length for offensive tackles, but has enough height for a guard…as impressive range…fires out of his stance…still plays like a defensive linemen, agressive and strong…has a mean streak in his game…usually plays with good leverage…really nice run blocker

    4 Brandon Taylor, FS, LSU
    Taylor has played well this season but remains underrated. Even with a lot of playmakers around him, he still has produced. Taylor has 65 tackles with 6.5 tackles for a loss, five passes broken up, one sack and two interceptions. Fast and physical, Taylor is the second-leading tackler for LSU this year.

    5 Dominique Hamilton, DT, Missouri
    Hamiltom is well overlooked and could get a boost from the down defensive line class. Hamilton is intriguing because of his overall body structure, deceptive athleticism, and potential to fill out to play nose tackle. There aren’t many players who can excel at nose tackle in the N.F.L. which makes Hamilton a potential rarity and he could see a boost in his stock


    6 Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR/PR, Florida
    looked better as a wide receiver than a running back this week, although he would prefer to stay primarily in the backfield. Rainey used his elite speed to gain separation from cornerbacks


    Marvin Jones, KR/WR, California

    6 Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois

    7 Anthony Miller, TE, California 6-4 #260
    Matt McCants, OT, UAB 6-6 #310
    Brad Nortman. P Wis
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    2nd round is just too early for McCellin. He definitely has a high motor and is a great hustle player, but unfortunately that only gets you so far in the NFL. I think he lacks the elite athleticism to ever be a true force as an every down OLB. With that said, I think he can be a valuable player on any NFL team as a special teams ace and situational pass rusher. I would take him in the 4th for sure, possibly in the 3rd depending on who is/isnt available.
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    Big bag of meh...this one's like the "lets outthink everyone including ourselves" draft.

    I like some of the picks, just not in their locations.
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    I like some of the picks, just not in their locations.[/QUOTE]

    One of my favorite mocks I have seen. I agree on the locations of the picks not the fondest on but do like who you have.
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    oh well

    I am just trying to be realistic

    I am picking guys who can play

    not everybodys or every other teams favorite
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    Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 248.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.77.
    Arm: 31 3/4. Hand: 10 1/8.
    Projected Round (2012): 2-3.
    12/21/11: McClellin has improved his draft stock with a quality season. He has so far recorded 46 tackles, six sacks, 12.5 tackles for a loss and a blocked kick. Aside from playing as a traditional defensive end, McClellin has lined up as both a stand-up rush linebacker and an inside linebacker.

    I love to get him later but I think hes moving up

    maybe not
  7. rester

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    you know I think you could add Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina
    in the place of Brandon Taylor
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    Boy, he's neither very big, nor very fast.
  9. jterrell

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    And he played mostly inside LB at the Senior Bowl. For a 3-4 team he is prolly a 3-4 ILB. For a 4-3 team he is a SLB.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    Hope he runs better than a 4.77 at the combine.

    His numbers don't scream "coverage ability".

    Even as a 3-4 ILB, I'd sacrifice some size for speed.

    I would be even less thrilled with a 4.77-forty guy as an OLB in the 4-3.
  11. jterrell

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    40 times are vastly overrated at LB(see jason williams, bobby carpenter). Having good instincts and showing great agility help more than just straight-line speed which you seldom get to use.

    His issue will be that he isn't really a true pass rusher so has to play inside or a SAM 4-3 over TEs.

    He can probably cover TE's provided he doesn't get stuck with those 230 pound hybrids. He apparently showed that in Senior Bowl practices.

    Also til we get to the combine 40 times out now are merely guesses.

    All that said of course you'd rather have Von Miller.

    I do think this kid would be a great fit next to Sean Lee but a 3rd is the most I'd give up for him. And he may be a 2 down LB with Carter coming on for pure nickel duties.
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    You're right JT.

    There are guys like say Terrell Suggs who play (for whatever reason) better than what their 40-time suggests.

    And like you said I'd rather have Von Miller. :)

    Jimmy spoiled me when it came to linebackers... Speed, speed, speed.
  13. ABQcowboyJR

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    Rainey is the only pick I like. I'd be very disappointed if we took Jenkins. Another small corner for us......:(
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    aw well to each his own
  15. rester

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    McCellin is a do-it-all type of player. He has played DE, OLB, and ILB forBoiseState. He has performed very well versus VT from last season and Georgia this year. He never stops going towards the ball. His first step is dynamic. What surprises me is his ability in coverage. He changes direction well and his hip movement and foot agility are near elite. Every team could find a place for this guy but teams that value versatility would get the most out of him.
  16. JoeCorrado

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    I like it. One of the more conservative I have seen, but also pretty safe that we get the guys wanted per your mock. Good for you.

    We may be reaching at the draft positions but I would rather be early than late. At the end of the day, you get the players who you like and there is no risk taking that causes a team to miss out altogether.

    I especially like the top two selections going for real team needs on defense and taking a guard in the third. That is about the only selection that we might be a tad late on- who would you take if Kelemete is gone at that pick?
  17. ndanger

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    I like the kid a lot and I agree that he would be a great fit next to Lee.I don't know if I would give up a 2nd but i would a 3rd and never look back.

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