February 3rd Mock!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheFinisher, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Round 1: Michael Brockers | DE | LSU (6-6, 305)


    Redshirt Sophmore who has only scratched the surface of his potential. Brockers is the prototypical 5 Technique and has drawn comparisons to Richard Seymour. of the Oakland Raiders. The more I learn about this kid the more I fall in love with him as a prospect, he's raw but his physical tools and upside are through the roof. He's got the ability to be an All-Pro. Plug him in next to Ware and Ratliff and watch our Front 7 take on a new identity.

    Round 2: Brandon Boykin | CB | Georgia (5-10, 183)


    If I had to sum up Boykin in one word it would be "Playmaker". Probably best suited to man down the Nickel job but he should be a stud there from Day 1. He's got the quicks to match up favorably with the NFL's most explosive receivers and brings a much needed attitude to our secondary, he's the kind of player that thrives in pressure situations and can make a play when his team needs it most. Has the willingness to get involved with the run game and has also showcased the ability to be very effective on cat blitzes. And by the way, did I mention his ability to return kicks?

    Round 3: Brandon Brooks | OG | Miami(OH) (6-5, 343)


    A powefully built lineman who imposed his will all season long. Brooks is the definition of Road Grader who can consistently create movement in a phonebooth and will provide an instant upgrade for our short yardage woes. Also athletic enough to hit moving targets and overwhelm defenders at the 2nd level as well as on traps/pulls. Has some experience playing Tackle at Miami so would provide some versatility if he had to slide out in a pinch.

    Round 4: Philip Blake | C | Baylor (6-3, 320)


    Double dipping along the interior to bring aboard Baylor Bear Philip Blake. He stood out to me in the Alamo Bowl where he manhandled Ta'amu all game long. Like Brooks, Blake excells at creating movement in the running game and is powerful enough to handle bigger 3-4 NTs on his own. He doesn't allow himself to get bullrushed and pushed back in the pocket as he does a nice job anchoring upon initial contact. The downside is his age as he's already 26 (similar path to the NFL as former teammate Danny Watkins) but he's a guy who I believe already possesses the physical ability to start from Day 1 and be a significant upgrade over Phil Costa.

    Round 5: Janzen Jackson | FS | McNeese St. (6-0, 190)


    Yes Jackson is a knucklehead and has his share of red flags, but he's the most talented safety in this draft and has the potential to be a major steal if he can keep his nose clean. The cuppard is bare for us at the safety position but Jackson is the ideal rangy ball hawk so many of us have been clamoring for in what seems like forever. Low risk High reward this late in the draft.

    Round 6: B.J. Coleman | QB | Tenn- Chattanooga (6-3, 232)


    Former Tennessee transfer. Developmental QB that has the arm and athleticism to make it in this league. The team should know what it has in McGee at this point and if it's time to move on Coleman would be a nice option to become the new QB project.

    Round 7: Jerrell Harris | OLB | Alabama (6-3, 242)


    Has experience playing all Linebacker spots in Saban's complex 34 and is someone who should compete for a roster spot. Hard worker who contributed on 2 National Championship teams that has some upside.
  2. Tobal

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    I like it alot, but Brockers looks to be rising so fast I don't think he'll be there. I might rather have Minifield, but I think he'll be gone. Love yout 3rd and 4th round picks.
  3. Gaede

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    Cool...Still not sure how I feel about Brockers, but I really like rounds 2-4.

    Extra points for the pics. Blake looks like a young Gurode.
  4. casmith07

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    Chattanooga shout out! My dad would love it.
  5. slick325

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  6. MichaelWinicki

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    Not sure Brockers has enough first-step speed to be a difference maker as a 3-4 DE.

    If he doesn't, he's another Spears.
  7. TheFinisher

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    He's much more dynamic then Marcus Spears, this kid's the kind of player you build your defensive front around. Think Kevin Williams, Albert Haynesworth, Richard Seymour when they came out... he's got that kind of ability.

    I just hope he doesn't perform too well at the combine because he could put himself way out of our reach.
  8. Oh_Canada

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    I agree...think he's going to be a dominant end and it would be a coup to get him at #14....but doubt it will happen.
  9. chuch

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  10. BAT

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    Very nice draft. OG Brandon Brooks was an early pet cat of mine when he was on no one's radar (and a late 2nd day pick).

    And the 5th or lower is the perfect spot for low risk high reward players like Janzen Jackson. Liking this draft a lot. But I think you are short another pick.
  11. JerryFan

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    I like this draft a lot. I might try and get another CB in there somewhere and maybe not draft a C (i'd go C in FA). still a a nice draft and outside of DeCastro I would LOVE Brockers.
  12. ckalch

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    As an LSU fan, I would be upset if we drafted Brockers. LSU's D-Line this year was STACKED so pretty much everyone was playing on fresh legs. Great player but I'd bet he gets drafted too high in April.

    Edit: Janzen Jackson is a BEAST but doesn't have it between the ears. Will definitely be worth the risk late in the draft though.

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