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Feeling Down on Julius Jones lately... Here's the something for you

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Charles, May 8, 2006.

  1. Charles

    Charles Benched

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    Courtesy of DCC.........


    I was a bit discouraged by the Julius Jones rumours during the draft. Even Parcells "Julius wasn't involved in a trade remark" didn't ease the feeling until I saw this highlight video this morning.

    I also read Julius has added bulk/muscle to his legs( as per JJT), with the hopes it increase his durability.

    Notice how we ran out of the single back.....2TEs set in most of Julius big runs. It appeared Jones had more success with Darian Barnes at the FB position. Barnes got injured early in training camp last year and Polite won by default. Polite seized the opportunity.

    Anyway.......check-out how Julius juked Sean Taylor out of his kleats. Taylor wore #36 his rookie season. He tried to rip Jones face mask off.
  2. SteveOS

    SteveOS Dedicated to Sports Gaming

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    And to think if he stays healthy this year (as well as T.O), he won't see 8 in the box. :)
  3. Charles

    Charles Benched

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    :bow: Yep. Our offense could get scary. Has a WR ever averaged 20 yards per catch because Terry Glenn might have an offensive explosion
  4. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

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    Nice post Charles....most of his early success really did come out of a lone-back set. Also, whenever they'd drop Witten or Barnes in the backfield, did anyone notice what fantastic blocks they were getting at the second level? It just never seemed like they could even make it to the second level this year.
  5. juck

    juck Well-Known Member

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    I am a believer that Jules is going to be awesome,it is obvious he has"it".i would love to hear that Emmitt is working with him on the offseason.
  6. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

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    With more than 50 catches? I doubt it. But that could definitely be in sight for Glenn this year.
  7. Yakuza Rich

    Yakuza Rich Well-Known Member

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    I think Julius has a bit of a problem with his balance as well as nagging injuries in his NFL career to date. The O-Line was just bad at blocking. Even when they weren't facing 8 man fronts, they still couldn't run block very consistently.

    I'm not really down on Julius because when he gets some decent blocking like he did in the Carolina game, he can really tear up defenses. He seems like one of those players that needs to get confidence early on in order to be effective. When he does, look out.

  8. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

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    YR, I somewhat agree on the early success thing - Julius seems to get frustrated, when the holes aren't there. The frustration seems to cause him to try TOO hard, hitting where the hole is supposed to be at top speed, whether it's there or not. In short, he loses his patience. Stops looking for the holes, and the cutbacks, and just tries to hammer it. At least that's how it seems.
  9. Charles

    Charles Benched

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    Very true. It is very similar to LBers in the 3-4 needing the Dlinemen to sustain and eat blocks, our oline last season was inconsistent at best when Flozell went down.
  10. Charles

    Charles Benched

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    That was very evident.
  11. aikemirv

    aikemirv Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the highlights of the Craolina game. I did not get to see that one. That was impressive!
  12. Charles

    Charles Benched

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    Yeah it was a good game for the Cowboys especially coming off that arse whooping the Redskins delivered the week before.

    The entire team was feisty. Terence Newman got in Steve Smith head early.
  13. CaptainAmerica

    CaptainAmerica Active Member

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    I posted a while back an article I read about Tiki Barber. In many ways Tiki and Julius are very, very similar.

    In the article, Tiki talked about how he wasn't a complete back when he came in the league and he had to learn what it took to be one. That included his physical training, film study, everything. The past couple of seasons it's all come together for him and the results speak for themselves.

    I see JJ the same way. He has fantastic ability, but he needs to grow and mature...mentally and physically.

    I am glad we aren't giving up on him, because if he matures, (as Tiki has done), we will have a fantastic combo with him and MB3.
  14. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    JJ needs to talk to Emmitt and find out how he stayed in such good condition for his career.
  15. ravidubey

    ravidubey Active Member

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    Credit Barry Switzer, of all people, who got on Emmitt about his conditioning after Smith's injuries contributed to Dallas losing to San Fransisco in the 1994-1995 season. In 1995 Emmitt came into camp in the best shape of his career and had his best season.
  16. Charles

    Charles Benched

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  17. Ken

    Ken Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    is there any way to download that video?
  18. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    Hellz Yeah :D
  19. RW31

    RW31 Active Member

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    a highlight video...i'm impressed! sign JJ to a 100 mil. contract!!! :bow:

  20. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    I really do not see JJ having any problem as regards conditioning. He looks ripped all the time. With a running back you have to be carefull as regards weight training as you do not want him to lose any speed or especially for a back like JJ quickness.

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