feeling on #Alabama DE/LB Upshaw, especially after pro-day, hasn't been great, Stiff

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 30, 2012.

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    The feeling on #Alabama DE/LB Courtney Upshaw, especially following pro-day, hasn't been great. Stiffness & limited fluidity hurting him.
  2. CCBoy

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    If the best OLB/pass rusher was Upshaw at the Dallas pick, I would go OG or Barron.
  3. johnnyd

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    me 2 , But then again i would take just about any player over Upshaw. just feel like he is extremely overrated.
  4. a_minimalist

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    i agree. him and ingram.
  5. Joe Rod

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    Those times are pretty slow. Any chance he falls down to the second round?
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    Hmmm, stiffness is definitely not a good thing. I knew he was stiff but not prohibitively so. I still like Upshaw and feel he's being over-analyzed, but I would only take him in a trade down.
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    He still could be. We will find out in 28 days. Belicheck and Rex both like him and they both know a little something about defense.
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    At 280 the guy is a 4-3 RDE.

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