Felix Jones talks on DFW sports beat, barry sanders talks too

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    :star: felix jones talked on dfw sports beat, talked about with him, barber and choice they can be a 3 headed dragon and make it work.

    brady tinker talked about what everyone thought last year, with felix on edge, barber running them over and wrs and te would be a night mare for everyone wasnt,

    feilx said he is doing rehab, im doing fine, my toe is coming around, getting alot better,

    uyeah i have never felt anything like that, and it cant bring me down,

    very hard to watch and now play, glad i could show alittle what i got, still motivated to show i can last in this league

    felix says choice is a hard worker, very hard, we learn from each other;

    practices just like a game, he is a football player and get better

    on 3 headed running back, i think it can work and we all get along, we feed off of each other as motivation

    then talked to barry sanders

    felix is a good elusive runner, always a great combination is what barry sanders said, barber is tough inside runner, and both styles work and see whta those trio can be something special

    starts with whomever calls plays adn you figure out what players do better than another player and you have to have a running metality, and maybe cowboys are going to try to figure out what that is on offense while obviously wrs want the ball, but figure out who you are and this is what were going to do and you have to be able to run the football

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