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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Petitti will turn out to be one of the steals of the entire draft.

    Brett Pierce is great covering kicks. He made the play a few times., and he can hit.

    Crayton either has to get some coaching on holding the ball, or let Newman return punts. Every time he had the ball it was way out there, and inches from being stripped. He was making me go nuts.

    Tyson should of made holding onto the ball his #1 priority that late in the game, but he showed big improvements.

    Was it me or could we of had a punt and kick return for a TD? Seems like Tyson and Crayton ran right into their kicker when all they had to do was give him a cut or a half *** juke.

    Newman is nice. Tackling, coverage, reads. Hes back.

    Ware is garnering attention, and getting held and doubled often.

    We can pick any team apart if Drew has time.

    I liked all 3 of Parcells 4th and 1 gambles. Thought they were all good situatuions for it.
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    I think Crayton did a pretty good job on punt returns actually.
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    So did I, he was great, but he had that ball out every time and it was scaring the hell out of me.
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    IRVING, Texas - The Cowboys broke the 30-point mark for the second time this season in Sunday's 33-10 victory over Philadelphia thanks in large part to excellent field position.

    But the two players who deserve most of the credit have yet to gain head coach Bill Parcells' complete trust.

    Receiver Patrick Crayton had seven punt returns for 84 yards, and running back Tyson Thompson returned three kickoffs for 87 yards, including an explosive 40-yard run on the opening kickoff. Five of the Cowboys' 12 possessions began at the Eagles' 38-yard line or better, resulting in 20 points.

    But Parcells has grown frustrated with Crayton because he doesn't protect the ball. Crayton has fumbled three times this season, including once Sunday on a punt return in the first quarter.

    "Right now, Crayton is on my list today," Parcells said of his second-year receiver, who is averaging 16.1 yards a catch with two touchdowns on offense. "Something is going to change. He's going to start taking care of the ball, or he's going to be watching."

    Thompson also had 20 carries for 75 yards in place of starter Julius Jones, who sat out the second half with an injured left ankle. But Parcells has been hesitant to praise Thompson because of his inexperience. He played two years at Garden City Community College in Kansas and one year at San Jose State before going undrafted as an early-entry junior.

    "You know, I like the kid. But it isn't going to be easy. There's no one more diligent than (running backs coach) Anthony Lynn as far as the meticulousness, that he spends time with this kid. But that's a pretty quick jump."

    But Parcells has seen enough potential in Thompson to give him a prominent role as a kickoff returner and Jones' primary backup.

    Thompson didn't let him down on Sunday.

    "It's always a great feeling to be able to contribute to the team," Thompson said. "Special teams played a big part in that also, and the offense did a great job of executing."


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