FIFA World Cup of Flopping

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Reality, Jul 12, 2010.

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    As much as I started becoming a soccer fan in the last FIFA World Cup, I will admit that the players make it hard to be a fan with crap like this:


    I wish they all had giant screens and would play the soccer flop clips over and over for fans to see :D That might make them a little less likely to do it ..

  2. baj1dallas

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    well on one of those, they gave the guy a yellow card for simulation (diving). The only solution is to have more referees and not give the guys calls for that stuff, but FIFA is against it for some reason. I though the refs in the finals/third place games did really well, and overall the refs did a pretty good job on that diving stuff. They should add more side judges to get the offsides calls right and goal cameras to make sure a goal is awarded if the ball crosses the line.
  3. Sam I Am

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    They should do game reviews and suspend players without pay who play with low character like that. Double the penalty each time it happens and that should eliminate the problem.
  4. Arch Stanton

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    Exactly. There is a similar system in rugby where a team can cite a player from the opposing team for foul play. I can see no difference here. This is just cheating.

    I find it embarrassing to watch. Just as hooliganism in the '70's influenced me to give up going to games. This is turning me off watching completely. This and the poorest World Cup I've seen in a long long time. The product is beginning to stink. Kinda sad really. :eek::
  5. Doomsday

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    Its hard to take the sport too seriously when people are flopping around like fish who just got gutted. Especially when they are running around like normal 10 seconds later. They need to man up, it is irritating to watch. No wonder we always said it was a sport for sissies.

    The refs are blind as well. Before the final goal, the Dutch had a shot on goal that the goalie tipped, instead of getting a corner kick they gave a goal kick to Spain who held possession and scored.
  6. casmith07

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    I liken it to watching Vlade Divac in the 90s.
  7. Sam I Am

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    Or Rajon Rondo today. He is extremely talented, but he is Divac 2.0.
  8. casmith07

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    That entire Celtics team is full of whiners. Paul Pierce is among the biggest in the NBA.
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    Yup that missed corner killed me!

    Also trying to teach kids to not flop when that is all they see at the pro level is hard :mad:

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