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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ejthedj, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Just assume the draft goes like this.

    1) Kirkpatrick, with the intent of long term FS, short term 4 CB

    Now pick one...

    2) Kendall Reyes (DE) or Ronelle Lewis (OLB)

    And fill out the rest...

    3) Baylor Center
    4) Wolf, DE
    5) Best OT/WR/TE/Dline
    6) Best OT/WR/TE/Dline
    6) Best OT/WR/TE/Dline
    7) Best OT/WR/TE/Dline
  2. Woods

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    Honestly, I wouldn't draft Kirkpatrick at 14 if my intent was that he's a short-term CB and long-term Safety. Does that mean you're thinking he isn't good enough to be taken as a CB prospect alone at 14? If so, I would take another player at 14.

    K Reyes in Round 2, pls.

    I'm fine with Blake as well in Round 3. As an alternative, I wouldn't be surprised if we took a TE there either.
  3. Zimmy Lives

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    I stop at Kirkpatrick. If Dallas selects him in the 1st I cancel my subscription to the Dallas Cowboys Fan Club. I wouldn't care who they draft after that.
  4. xwalker

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    Not happy with Kirkpatrick at #14.

    If I had to pick between Reyes and Lewis, then it is definitely Reyes.

    Reyes is very similiar to Fletcher Cox, IMO.

    Lewis is strong and a violent hitter/tackler and plays with his hair on fire, but I'm not impressed with his passrush ability. I actually think the might be better as a 3-4 ILB.

    I could live with Blake in the 3rd but I expect him to be available in the 4th.

    If they fall to the 3rd:
    Bruce Irvin
    Josh Robinson
    Trumaine Johnson
    Brandon Brooks
    Chandler Jones (as 3-4 DE)

    Possibilities for the 4th/5th:
    Devon Wylie
    T.Y. Hilton
    Josh Norman
    Derek Wolfe
    Akiem Hicks
    Brandon Washington
    Jake Bequette
    Cam Johnson
    Tyrone Crawford

    I think TE is a possibility in any round
  5. RS12

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    Wont go that way.

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