Filling bigger needs if we take Peterson

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by GloryDaysRBack, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Posted this in another thread, but it is relevant here too.


    I decided to look something up. No DB, neither Cornerback nor Safety, has ever been drafted #1 overall. Safeties have generally gone higher than CBs. The highest drafted DB was Safety Eric Turner who was #2 overall in his Draft and several CBs have gone #3 overall. The most recent one was Shawn Springs in 1997.

    In the last 10 years (2000 - 2010) only 7 CBs have gone in the top 10, the highest was Terence Newman at #5.

    Deion Sanders went #5 in his Draft and I think there should be a law that no CB goes higher than Deion so that Patrick Peterson is within trade range of us at #6.


    Here's another cool fact I did not know. The first ever true DB drafted was Tom Landry in 1947. Prior to that guys were drafted as Backs and played Offense and Defense. The next true DB drafted was Don Shula in 1951.

    Kind of cool huh?
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    Do you feel stronger about Peterson than you did about Darren Mcfadden some years back when we were drafting in the high teens?
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    I know you aren't talking to me, but I was a big time McFadden hater in that draft and I still am. :D
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    That's a good rule - however, if Peterson is still on the board at #6 I think the draft value chart goes out the window. No way Cleveland is moving for a 3 and a 6
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    The only players I have been higher on in the last 10 years are Patrick Willis and Terrell Suggs.

    Those who remember my infatuation with them are probably groaning as they read that.
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    Yes indeed - how good would it feel to see either of those players wearing the :starspin

    I've stated it b/f, but put me down as Mr. LSU @ #9 or trade down. (As much as I like Patrick, I'd also be very pleased with Brandon Harris).

    I haven't made up my mind on trading up to get him.
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    I`m guessing that if Dallas does not get Peterson , you might have to get professional help to recover.:eek:
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    Nope. I have never once been someone who cries about the guys we don't get. I'll tell you how high I was on Suggs. I rode my Harley to Tempe to attend his Pro Day workout just so I could report it on the DMN Forums.

    I have never hated Terence Newman because we took him instead. I have never posted a thread about we should have taken Suggs.

    I just don't like to act like that. Some people do. That's their business.

    In fact, right up until the Draft I am going to believe we will end up with Tyron Smith. And that is my honest belief. It does not stop me from wanting us to get Peterson.

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