Film Review - Game # 1 (Giants)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dantheman41, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I recently purchased the NFL rewind package to take a look at the Coaches Film and to review the games from this year. I am especially watching both sides of the line very closely. I want to see what players need to be upgraded.

    Let me know if you enjoy this, and I will do each of the games this season. Hopefully this can get us excited for next year. I looked at the Giants game from Week 1, and took notes during the game. Here is what I wrote:



    Ryan Cook - He didn't play amazing, but for only hav[SIZE=2]ing a wee[SIZE=2]k or so to prepare he did an awfully good job. [SIZE=2]Did excellent in pass protection. Did not notice any pressures. His run blocking in [SIZE=2]this game left more to b[SIZE=2]e [SIZE=2]desired. Ha[SIZE=2]d hard time getting push in run game.

    [SIZE=2]Nate Livings - He[SIZE=2] played surprisingly [SIZE=2]good. [SIZE=2]Looks completely [SIZE=2]lost when trying to pull and get out in space. Completely [SIZE=2]whiffed a few times. But did not notice any pressures, and held up pretty well against e[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]xcellent[/SIZE] d line. Opened up a few big run[SIZE=2]s for Murray. One play threw [SIZE=2]JPP back into the grou[SIZE=2]nd and caused a 10 yard run for Murray. Best lineman in this game. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]


    [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Mackenzy Bernadeau - H[SIZE=2]e looked awful. Gave up a ton of pressures. It seemed like whenever Tony was getting pressure up the middle it was his guy. Also saw him get out in space a few times and completely whiff and fall over. He was by f[SIZE=2]ar the wors[SIZE=2]t [SIZE=2]lineman in this game[SIZE=2].



    [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Barry Church: Watching this guy[SIZE=2] play g[SIZE=2]ets me excited for next year. He plays full speed, and [SIZE=2]seems to always be around the [SIZE=2]ball. A[SIZE=2]lways[/SIZE] look[SIZE=2]s ready to make a huge collision. Came up w[SIZE=2]i[SIZE=2]th[/SIZE] big fumble recovery. I am more then excited for him for next year. [SIZE=2]See big things with him.

    [SIZE=2]Jason Hatcher: [SIZE=2]Pleas[SIZE=2]antly surprised[SIZE=2] with [SIZE=2]him. Did not realize how active he is during games. He was constantly f[SIZE=2]lashing in the backfield[SIZE=2]. When him, Spencer, and Ware were [SIZE=2]rushing the passer to[SIZE=2]gether it was extremely effective. He altered many running plays as well [SIZE=2]because of his [SIZE=2]constant disruption. [/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Ant[SIZE=2]hony Spencer: [SIZE=2]Watching him on tape[SIZE=2] makes me happy we have him another [SIZE=2]year. He was excellent a[SIZE=2]t [SIZE=2]not only sealing the edge against the [SIZE=2]run, but he is definitely an underrated pass rusher. [SIZE=2]Made Eli through several bad [SIZE=2]passes by hi[SIZE=2]s pressures.

    [SIZE=2]Josh Brent[SIZE=2]: After w[SIZE=2]atc[SIZE=2]hin[/SIZE]g this I am totally bummed [SIZE=2]abo[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]ut[/SIZE] what happened with this guy. He would have been an[SIZE=2] excellent 1 technique [SIZE=2]in this system. He was const[SIZE=2]antly demanding double teams in this game. Ex[SIZE=2]tremely powerful and a lot more active then I remember. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]


    [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Sean Lissemore [SIZE=2]- This guy looked to be a backup at best. When he was lined up at nose tackle, he got easily handled. The pass rush was non existent[SIZE=2].[SIZE=2] At end, it wasn't much better[SIZE=2].

    [SIZE=2]Marcus Spears - [SIZE=2]He was disappointing to say[SIZE=2] the least[SIZE=2]. He got blown off the ball [SIZE=2]in the run game, and his [SIZE=2]pass rush was non ex[SIZE=2]istent as well. [SIZE=2]I don't know if he looked worse at end o[SIZE=2]r[/SIZE] at nose. Saw him a[SIZE=2]t nose a few times, and he barely moved. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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    I appreciate that you took the time to write this up and share. I was most disappointed in Lissamore last year.
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    Can't thank you enough for this post. Hope there's more to come.
  4. dantheman41

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    Thanks guys!
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    Very good analysis. I will say this though, Lissemore is not A NT and will be perfect for the 4-3. This guy has Garrett written all over him. Overachiever from a small but highly educated school.

    He should be way more noticeable this season on the all 32.
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    Nice Post...if you get a chance to do more reviews it would be appreciated. :starspin
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    Thanks Dan!

    Are you planning to go through a few more games as well?
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    Thanks for the nice post. More please.
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    Excellent review man. Moar!! I hope like hell we cut Spears soon too. I think he is a cancer on this team.
  10. dantheman41

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    Definitely. I have been going through Seattle game now. Watching plays repeatedly to try to get everything. Maybe I'll do the whole season :)
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    Based on???

    I've never heard anything about or out of this guy other than positive things in terms of effort and attitude. Just because he can't perform at the level we would like doesn't mean the guy is a cancer. But, it you have something to base your accusation on - I am open and would like to hear.

    Oh - Dan, the man, very well done. Nice post. Good analysis. Well presented in a clear fashion. Thanks so much your time. You help make the Zone a great place to come for a read...
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    Sounds like Nate may be better at RG. Let Bernie fight it out at center and get a new LG through FA or the draft. Cooper would be ideal. IMO
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    Excellent post. Can't wait to read more!! Can you also include WR routes vs coverage and how much time Romo needs to pass?
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    Excellent post......this the type of info required to insure the greatness of this forum. Thanks, Dan, give us more...........:)
  17. dogberry

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    "Please Sir, I want some more."

    Thank you very much.

    As the above quote indicates, no good deed goes unpunished. I/we would like more.
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    Excellent post, if you have the time to do more games that would be great.
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    Bernie definitely looked like a guy who had been shelved with injury the entire offseason in this game. Luckily he got better as the season went along.
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    Shoulda done this back in September, what happened in Week 1 of last year doesn't really apply to now and next season IMO.

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