Recommended Film review: Subtle changes that stifled the Eagles' run game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Oct 23, 2013.

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    (Keep in mind this is from the Eagles' perspective... but still a recommended read for Cowboy fans)

    Derek Sarley
    Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 12:22 PM
    In last week’s post, we looked at the effect pre-snap positioning by the defense could have on the Eagles’ running game. The alignment of Tampa Bay’s front seven offered better blocking angles and mostly eliminated the interior gap shooting problems center Jason Kelce had against the Giants.
    The Cowboys presented a different alignment challenge, no doubt informed by Monte Kiffin’s 3 years of matching wits with Chip Kelly in the Pac-12. And while Kelly seemed prepared for what he saw, his “cheater beaters” didn’t pay off with big plays.
    As we’ve noted before, the Eagles block their basic inside zone read play by identifying the three defenders on the play side (opposite the running back) and then asking someone (usually the backside guard) to climb up to the middle linebacker:

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    Absolutely excellent stuff
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    Good read
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    Thanks for this. Some wonderful analysis in there. I was really studying the screen shots and on one I was thinking, wow, is that Sean Lee knocked out or something on the turf? And then the zoom shot...yep, he had been "Jason Petered" lol
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    Must be nice to have the local paper make a writeup like this.

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    That block on Lee looks to me that it's from the back. No way Lee falls like that if he's blocked head on. Looks like a cheap shot to me.
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    A lot of times a player will get blocked technically from behind, but the blocker gets his head in front, which makes it legal. Happens on kick returns all the time. The defender still falls forward, but it's not an illegal play. If the blocker doesn't get his head in front, then that's where the "illegal" block in the back comes in.
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    well as long as we're posting stuff from philly sites, I thought this particular breakdown was incredibly well done

    By Fran Duffy
    Posted Oct 21, 2013

    Throughout all of last week, national analysts noted that one of the biggest test for this Eagles defense against Dallas would be defending the "empty set." We had former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski on our "Kickoff Show" before the game Sunday, and he presented that same question - how would the Eagles defend the Cowboys when they went with five pass catchers split out wide and no one in the backfield? Dallas has a plethora of weapons at wide receiver and tight end, and entering Sunday they ran out of this set more than any team in the NFL. How did Bill Davis and the Eagles defense answer? Let’s take a look.

    kinda answers how defenses have responded to us since that Denver downfield explosion
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    It appears the guy was a blogger and the philly paper picked him up.
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    Well, there you go.

    There are plenty of excellent bloggers that provide this, but the local papers are more interested in Jerry being evil, leadership, kids almost drowning and suing players that weren't even at the camp, etc.


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