final mock 'til 2 weeks before draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Mar 7, 2007.

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    1st round Texas DE/OLB Tim Crowder~6'3" 272

    Combine measurements: 4.69 40, 7.28 3-cone drill, 1.59 10-yard dash, 225lbs, 32 times

    the skinny athletic pass-rusher with solid upper body, is strong at the point of attack, and can drop into coverage, final season #s: 18 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks

    2nd round Eastern Carolina WR Aundrae Allison~6' 198

    Combine measurements: 4.39 40, 1.43 10-yard dash, 10'07" broad-jump, 37 1/2" vertical

    the skinny smooth athlete with excellent ball skills, balance and body control, elusive, a yards after catch threat, as well as vertically, will work across the middle and in traffic, has good hands, best year came as a Junior: 83 receptions, 1,023 yards, 7 TDs
    ===================================ALT: Wash State WR Jason Hill

    3rd round Texas Tech OT Gabe Hall~6'4" 313

    Combine measurements: 4.91 40, 4.68 short-shuttle, 7.59 3-cone drill, 1.78 10-yard dash, 225lbs, 22 times, 29" vertical

    the skinny former TE with the athletic skills and quickness to move and slide in pass-protection, starting OT for one of the nation's most prolific passing offenses

    4th round Akron OG Andy Alleman~6'4" 305

    Combine measurements: 5.07 40, 4.65 short-shuttle, 7.8 3-cone drill, 1.71 10-yard dash, 225lbs, 27 times, 8'10" broad-jump, 30" vertical

    the skinny excellent athlete who can move and adjust in space, has the frame to get bigger

    5th round *Clemson CB/FS CJ Gaddis~5'11" 203

    Combine measurements: 4.45 40, 4.3 short-shuttle, 7.28 3-cone drill, 1.53 10-yard dash, 36 1/2" vertical, 10'01" broad-jump

    the skinny extremely athletic, former QB, who started 5 games at safety as a Sophomore, switched to CB as a Junior, could play both positions in the pros, best value would be at FS

    6th round Missouri DE/OLB Brian Smith~6'4" 230

    Combine measurements: not invited

    the skinny Lombardi semi-finalist before suffering a hip injury in week 8 this year, averaged 8 sacks a year for his career, leaving Mizzou as it's all-time leading sacker (31.5 sacks) and was 3 shy of tying Aaron Hunt's BigXII record, was one of the nation's leading sackers before his injury, as well as being on the '06 preseason Hendricks and Nagurski watch-lists

    6th round South Carolina DT Stanley Doughty~6'1" 331

    Combine measurements: not invited

    the skinny classic 2-gap NT, very talented, some character concerns

    7th round Baylor CB Anthony Arline~6'2" 199

    Combine measurements: 4.43 40, 4.46 short-shuttle, 1.46 10-yard dash, 10'04" broad-jump, 7.02 3-cone drill

    the skinny local kid with excellent size/speed ratio, Baylor's #1 CB

    7th round Hawaii RB Nate Ilaoa~5'9" 245

    Combine measurements: 4.77 40, 1.63 10-yard dash, 4.42 short-shuttle, 225lbs, 25 times, 7.10 3-cone drill

    the skinny stat-line from his final year: 131 carries, 991 yards, 7.6 ypc, 13 TDs; 67 receptions, 837 yards, 5 TDs

    7th round James Madison QB Justin Rascati~6'2" 220

    Combine measurements: not invited

    the skinny Tony Romo part deuce, transfer from Louisville, excellent athlete who is a threat to make a play with both his arm and his legs, career #s at James Madison: 752 attempts, 501 completions, 66.6 comp %, 6,089 yards, 52 TDs, 18 INTs, threw 14, 17 and 20 TDs as a Sophomore, Junior and Senior, respectively, rushed for 15 TDs, 2004-2005 seasons

    *denotes underclassman
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    horrible mock. Pretty much every pick I disagree with. Not only did we fail to meet several key needs, we reached on every single player.
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    Dang, Heiro didn't like it. :tongue:

    I like Crowder. I don't know, though, if he's a first rounder.

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    Name / Projected Round
    Crowder 2-3
    Allison 3
    Hall 6-7
    Alleman 3-4
    Gaddis 6
    Smith 7-FA
    Doughty FA
    Arline 7
    Ilaoa 6
    Rascati FA

    With our roster, we pick BPA regardless of position. We're not reaching like this.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    ah, screw you all

  7. dbair1967

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    just say no to Crowder, especially in rd one


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