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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Although I think we will make at least 1 trade this year whether major or minor Im going to do this with our current picks as is because trying to predict exact trades is just pointless.

    Pick #14 Dontari Poe NT Memphis- Huge upside with the size and strength to dominate as a NT. Needs a good bit of coaching, but all the reports say that he has the will and desire to improve. Could be the true NT we've lacked since implementing the 3-4.

    Pick #45- Brandon Brooks OG Miami(Ohio)- Another huge athlete. Seems to fit what Callahan is trying to do by adding bulk to the o-line. Big nasty blocker with good feet. Instant starter.

    Pick #81- Casey Hayward CB Vandy- Shutdown corner in the best conference in the nation. Ball hawk who made a ton of picks in college. Continued improvement in the secondary and has the potential to take over for Jenkins in the near future.

    Pick #113- Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma- Not much to explain here, everbodys favorite pick. Perfect slot WR who knows how to get open and catch the ball

    Pick #135- Taylor Thompson TE SMU- Big fast athlete. Converted DE so hes raw for sure, but he has the work ethic and athletic ability to mature into a good TE in the NFL.

    Pick #152- Chris Rainey RB/WR/KR Florida- Tiny speedster who is dangerous with the ball in his hands. Im sure Jason could draw up a few plays to utilize Rainey's playmaking ability on offense. Also a dangerous kick returner that we have missed over the years.

    Pick #186- Olivier Vernon DE/OLB Miami- Looks the part of a rush 3-4 OLB at 6'2 260 with long 33" arms. A lot of questions surrounding him as he never really produced at Miami and he still left early this year, but the potential is there and the 6th round is the time to take a gamble on a kid with some upside as a pass rusher.

    Pick #222- Jeff Adams OT Columbia- Small school prospect with some potential to compete for our swing tackle spot as there is not a whole there currently.
  2. skinsscalper

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    No offense, but I hope our draft looks NOTHING like this. (other than the Broyles pick)
  3. tm1119

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    I know the Poe pick is unpopular here, but what is there to not like about Brooks and Hayward? After the 4th round you can only hope to add depth and potential and I think Thompson, Vernon, and Rainey do exactly that.
  4. Muhast

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    glad to see so many people finally came around to Casey Hayward. I've been talking about him and Brandon Boykin for months now.

    He is a great value pick.
  5. Aven8

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    I would be fine if by Sunday we are talking about this draft. Very nice.
  6. Wulfman

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    I don't want that draft at all.

    Poe might become elite, but he's too much of a potential bust for me to take him at #14.

    Brooks at #45 is a reach, as he is a late second to early third prospect. And considering they went out and got two guards in free agency, that's one position that I don't think they'll reach on.

    I like Hayward, but most of the reports I've seen on him suggest he'd fit best in a cover two scheme, as he doesn't have the straight-line speed to really run man-for-man.

    Broyles won't be available in the middle of the fourth after his pro day. The top five picks of round four are all teams who need a WR.

    I like Thompson, and think he could be a good TE down the road. I also agree some team will reach for him this early (or earlier) despite his lack of experience at the collegiate level. I just hope it isn't the Cowboys, especially since James Hanna should be available there.

    I have a lot of question marks about Vernon. He was inconsistent, and really should have stayed for his senior season, in my opinion. He also has some character concerns as he missed six games this year for accepting gifts from boosters. Not a Garrett-guy, in my book.

    I like Rainey and Adams. If Adams goes undrafted, expect him to be brought in as a UDFA.
  7. fifaguy

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    I only like the Broyles and Rainey picks honestly. At #14 I would prefer Brockers.
  8. brooksey1

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    Seems early on Brooks and late on Broyles. I like Poe over Brockers based on our situation.
  9. tm1119

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    We signed a mediocre vet and a backup at OG. To me there are 4 guards that are definite plug in starters day 1 for us. DeCastro, Glenn, Zeitler, and Brooks. The 1st 3 will all be gone for sure by 45 so if we want an upgrade at OG we will have to make a small reach on Brooks.

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