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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Im going to say that Cox, Barron, and DeCastro all go before pick #14 one way or another so we trade down. Im also going to predict that Riley Reiff falls to #14 and triggers a team to trade up with us to take him. And Im going to predict that team is Cleveland after they fail to get into the top 10. We trade picks #14 and #81 for picks #22, #37 and #160.

    Pick #22- Devon Still DT/DE Penn State

    Pick #37- Amini Silatolu OG/OT Midwestern State

    Pick #45- Dwayne Allen TE Clemson

    Pick #113- Phillip Blake OC Baylor

    Pick #135- Leonard Johnson CB Iowa St

    Pick #152- Joe Adams WR Arkansas

    Pick #160- Hebron Fangupo NT BYU

    Pick #186- Olivier Vernon OLB Miami

    Pick #222- Levy Adock OT Ok St
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    I hope this doesn't happen. I sorta liked the second round guard but I bet there will be ones I like more sitting there at 37.
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    I give you kudos for taking the time to do one of these. Having said that, taking Still @ 22 when a) he seems to be a early 2nd Rounder now and b) when it is highly possible that McLellin, Brockers, Mercilus, Perry, etc.....are likely to be there just is not good strategy, ESPECIALLY if Spencer doesn't report to OTA's anytime soon. Draft his replacement and make him lose all leverage. Now, the rest of this draft I could live with.
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    I don't think your first sentence is that far fetched, but I'm not a fan of your selections at all. Especially Still at 22.
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    I don't get why so many people like Leonard Johnson.

    28.75" arms
    4.66/4.56 combine/pro-day forty

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