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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. TheSport78

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    1. Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami- He'll provide an instant impact on defense. Simply, a playmaker.

    2. Arron Sears, OT/OG-
    Brings solid depth to the OL and could step in and play OG in 08' if Leonard Davis moves to LT.

    3. Paul Soliai, NT, Utah- He's the true NT that Wade Phillips is looking for. Over 340 pounds is nothing you want to mess with. He has work ethic and stamina issues, but he'll only be spelling Ferguson for now which means he'll be fresh most of the time.

    4. Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR, U.T.E.P.-
    Underrated WR who can contribute as a return specialist as well.

    5. Courtney Brown, CB, Cal Poly- I know Brown has been sliding up draft boards so he may not be here. But this is a mock draft so he will be there! Brown could be a second day steal for the Boys and would most likely replace Jacques Reeves for depth and could be a solid nickelback in due time.

    6a. Le'Ron McClain, FB, Alabama- Jason Garrett loves those athletic fullbacks who can run and catch the football. McClain has tremendous hands out of the backfield and fits the bill perfectly.

    6b. Jared Zabransky, QB, Boise St.- Makes poor decisions but other than that he has a lot of upside to be a solid backup for the Cowboys.

    7a. Dustin Fry, G/C- He can be the man who backs up Gurode at center and has the ability to play guard as well.

    7b. Walter Thomas, NT, NW Mississippi C.C.- Thomas is gigantic and is considered a project. However, he fits the bill of a NT perfectly at almost 6'5 and 374 pounds. Needs to lose some weight but with the right conditioning he could be a steal.

    7c. Anthony Pudewell, TE, Nevada- You just have to continue the Parcells trend of drafting a TE, right? No, but seriously we have Witten and Fasano which is solid. However, we have nothing behind them. Brett Pierce's career is probably over and Ryan Hannam is coming off a serious knee injury as well. Pudewell could be a solid #3 TE whose specialty is blocking.
  2. Hostile

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    I love everything except the first pick. Nice job overall, but that 1st round pick will worry me.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    I think it's a decent mock too.

    I'm not sure what to think about what we are going to do at #22.
  4. VACowboy

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    I like it too, but I think Higgins, Brown, Fry and Thomas will be gone before the slots at which you have them being selected.
  5. carphalen5150

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    I like rounds 5-7...1-4, not so much.
  6. cowboysafty

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    i got to agree with this guy i think they will go alot quicker to other teams
  7. slick325

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    I like this mock. Dallas would address most positions that need depth and a future starter. Not bad. Really love the 3rd round pick. Not really 100% sold on Higgins ability as a potential starter though.
  8. VACowboy

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    He's fast as greased snot, has great hands and he produced big-time for four years in College. He caught 32 TDs in three years.

    I'm really curious. Why do you think he can't start?
  9. jterrell

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    Yup, I'd agree very solid overall but a Jerry Jones gamble in 1 wouldn't surprise me.

    If we draft Merriweather he'll likely look great in camp and be able to even unseat Hamlin. Then in a year or two he gets his behind thrown in jail for something stupid and we have no FS.

    I don't know if he is good enough to justify that type of gamble
  10. VACowboy

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    And then the team gets smacked with a fine or something for drafting a thug. :laugh1:
  11. Charles

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    I guess your crystal ball wasn't working 2 years ago when you suggested the Cowboys should draft Shawne Merriman:confused:

    oopss that right he didn't go to jail he just got suspended for 4 games
  12. Charles

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    I like those big uglies in the 2nd and 3rd RD, especially Sears. I want Romo to be untouchable back there.
  13. TheSport78

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    Meriweather is a risk guys..but I think Jerruh feels like he has to roll the dice this year...Meriweather did fire a gun but it was against an intruder in self-defense
  14. Charles

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    shsssssssssssh. Facts have no place in Stereotyping!!!!
  15. funkytown

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    I think that would be a solid draft...covers all the needs.
  16. AbeBeta

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    I hate Merriweather.

    But I see him as a fan-freaking-tastic value at #22.

    This is Warren Sapp all over again.

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