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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by StanleySpadowski, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Obviously I'm not in Mobile so I haven't seen everything but here are my thoughts on some players.

    Drew Stanton -QB Michigan State- Late First/Early Second. I think he passed Kolb this week. Terrific arm and has moved up the boards. Clearly the most talented passer on the North squad. He appeared to not overstride like he often did at MSU but some players have great mechanics when they're not under fire. Needs to have a good game.

    Akobi Okoye -DT Louisville- Mid to late First. The north's interior linemen weren't great but he dominated them all. Only 19, he'll fill out and only get even stronger.

    Levi Brown - OT Penn State -Mid First. By far the best OLineman at the Senior Bowl. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't show him up against Okoye, that would have been a battle.

    Tyler Palko - QB Pitt- Third/Fifth. He's going to be a great West Coast QB in the pros. If he had Stanton's arm strength he'd be challenging for the top overall spot. Did everything exceptionally well but just didn't have the arm for some throws.

    Paul Williams - WR Fresno - Third/Fourth. Speed wasn't great but willing to fight for the ball and long arms. Dropped a few but he's going to be a threat in the red zone and as a possession guy.

    Eric Weddle - S Utah - Second/Fourh. Limited athletically but looked like a gamer. Going to be a decent SS and a stellar special teams guy.

    Brandon Myles - WR WVA - Second. The wow player of the SB. White's inability to throw the ball didn't seem to stunt his development. Very quick for his size. The combine 40 might determine where he goes more than any other player.

    Leon Hall - CB Michigan - Late First. He lost a lot of money this week. The number one CB coming in, with some projecting him in the top ten, he did nothing to warrant that. He wasn't bad but wasn't great.

    Marcus McCauley - CB Fresno - Second/Third. Really needed to step up after a mediocre senior year and didn't. Some team may take a flyer on him early because he does have almost ideal measurables but his technique was terrible, especially in man off coverage.

    Troy Smith - QB Ohio St.- Second/Third. Didn't look great but did display a good arm and threw the tightest spiral. The drills they were doing didn't really fit his skill set so it was hard to really get a good feel for him compared to the other QBs as they didn't show a lot of full squad.

    Dan Mozes - C WVA - Third/Fifth. Wasn't quick enough to block someone like Okoye but didn't seem that overly strong either.

    Ramirez - G Texas Tech - Fourth/Fifth. Wasn't over strong or quick and messed up his footwork quite a bit but did display a mean streak.
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    what about victor abiramiri?6`4 271.hes a monSTAR
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    You honestly thought Leon Hall looked bad? Wow.
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    ive heard his stock is falling and hes been getting picked on
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    I said I didn't think he did badly, he just didn't stand out at all. There's a huge difference between going somewhere around 5-8 where I saw some projecting him and going in the 14-18 range. That cost him a ton of money unless he really shines at the combine.
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    I heard Kiper on the radio in the am, he mentioned him going between 12 and 23, said he didn't do anything special to stand out, and his lack of elite speed being his main fault.
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    Crap, if Kiper's agreeing with me I'll have to change my opinion.:eek:

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