Finally! Someone Calls Eli Out

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DandyDon1722, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. DandyDon1722

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    First, I'm not deflecting here. We lost, Tony threw a pick at the end, I get it. Also, they are a division foe so yeah, we point out bad play from people in the division - it's what we do.

    But it has been laughable the pass that Eli has received this season from the media and fans. A lot of it is his name. It's never his fault, bad offensive line, no running game, receivers running wrong routes and even a few missed calls by the refs. Yet, this is a player who has TWICE led the league in INT's so I'm asking the question -- is this season such a surprise? Really?

    Finally a national reporter has told the truth - that yesterday, Eli was the reason the Giants lost.

    Tom Caughlin said his overall play was demoralizing. How bad was he?

    According to ESPN Stats & Information, Manning was 5-for-14 with two interceptions on throws within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage -- the worst completion percentage on such throws in any game this season for a quarterback with at least 10 attempts. His season completion percentage on those throws is now 54.1, with four interceptions. He had four total interceptions last year on throws within 5 yards of the line, and the league-average completion percentage on those throws is 69.7. In addition he had three intentioanal groundings, the most by any single quarterback in a game since 2008.

    What is clear from all this is how much leverage two Super Bowls will buy you. But, I believe his HOF chances are dwindling fast.
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  2. Wayne02

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    What does Eli Manning have to do with anything? His team stinks and they are 0-5, and you are definitely deflecting by bringing up Eli. Who cares about him or his irrelevant team.
  3. Kaiser

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    Eli is a great QB... when the other 21 starters on his team are above average to great. Otherwise he is totally overrated just like you say.
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  4. Smith22

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    12 INTs, and a rating under 70. OUCH!! Imagine this board if that was Romo at the end of week 5!!!
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  5. BraveHeartFan

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    He has been bad but please lets not pretend like some of those reasons mentioned aren't valid.

    his O-line is trash. He has no running game. He does have two really good WR's so I'm not buying that one much but his defense is terrible as well.

    I'm not saying Eli hasn't had his fair share of the blame here this year, cause he rightfully has, but almost all of those points brought up are valid.
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  6. nake

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    Eli will up his game when we show up in New Jersey.
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  7. Galian Beast

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    Eli is experiencing what it's like to be Romo with the exception that Romo has always been a much better quarterback able to do more with less. Romo has a 114 qb rating. That's just a little lower than Aaron Rodgers in his dream season a couple years back when he had 122. And he apparently was reeling from the rib issue.
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  8. ninja

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    The Giants are a complete mess. The fat lady is singing. They had a good run and two rings to show for it. But, it is over for them. They are rebuilding. They need a whole new secondary and LB corps. JPP wants paid along with another of their DL Joseph Linval who is in a contract year. WR Hicks wants paid and will probably go elsewhere. The OL is in shambles and they don't have a RB or TE. And they are getting old as a team.

    I don't think they have much room with the cap to go on a buying splurge. Their past few drafts have been terrible. They will have a high pick in each of the rounds this year in a very deep draft. They have to hit on most of their picks to have a chance next year.
  9. perrykemp

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    JPP has exactly 1 sack in the last 12 games which is absolutely awful for a 4-3 DE.

    Buyer beware.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Like it or not.

    Everyone... Fans, his teammates and mediots need to shut the front door on Eli.


    Get it?
  11. Shunpike

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    Even when we won 2 SB's, Eli wasn't as good as media made him to be.

    Now that we have a 0-5 record, I still don't hink he is as bad as media makes him to be.

    He is an above average, second tier QB(After Peyton, Brady, Brees, Roddgers) who elevates his game during crunch time.
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  12. jimmy40

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    It's the unbelievable obsession here with trying to tear Eli down to make us feel better about Romo never winning anything.
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  13. JPM

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    Some of the board wants to get rid of him after an incomplete the in-game stuff.
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  14. Ntegrase96

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    He has the 32nd best QB rating in the league.
  15. BoysFan4ever

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    He's having a bad year no doubt but Eli is a good QB.
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  16. Eric_Boyer

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    I feel like Eli has finally been given the level of talent on the OL that Romo has had to deal with through much of his career.

    Eli would of had plenty of 0-5 starts in Dallas over the last decade.
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  17. Ntegrase96

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    Great post season. Below average Regular Season.

    By the years...

    2004: Pretty bad (rookie pass)
    2005: Bad
    2006: Bad
    2007: Really bad (turned it around going into the playoffs, but 55% comp, 3,400 yds, 23 tds, 20 ints is hard to ignore)
    2008: Solid
    2009: Good
    2010: A little below average
    2011: GREAT
    2012: Average
    2013: Terrible

    Excluding his rookie season, he's been below average to bad in half the seasons he's played and he's only had one year in which he was considered a top QB among a bunch of 'meh' seasons.
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  18. Wheeltax

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    I wonder if Eli has at any point recently thought, "Dang, I guess this is what it's like to be Romo."
  19. jobberone

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    I agree with this but he has been the recipient of some plain ole good luck to win at least one SB. He can be a very good QB but he's not elite. He's stunk it up plenty before this but now his team is bad or at least playing very poorly.
  20. Tom [Giants fan]

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    Eli has been great in the 4th quarter of games up until this year. And it is obvious he is trying to force things because he knows he won't have much time. But, in fairness to him, probably half of his INT's were not his fault. Nicks stopped on a play last week that he was supposed to do a slant on and just stopped. Eli threw the ball anticipating NIcks to be there and he wasn't. But the defender was. Randle has done this at least twice I can think of with long passes.

    Eli is definitely playing his worse football since his rookie season but so is everyone else around him including the OLine and RB's. This is not just on him.

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