Finally the truth comes out, Eagles/Chip's offense

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Dhragon

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    I had to LOL at this. It's true though. Hopefully we can pull it out 14-13!
  2. VThokie7

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    I think people got enamored after week 1 because of the beating they put on Washington. Completely overlooking the fact that they have no WR's outside of Desean Jackson and their offensive line is still a liability.

    But just as you can't get too high from week 1 you can't get too low on them after week 3. Not every team has the kind of defense and pass rush that KC does. WIth their subpar OL if you can get to the QB quickly with the way they spread the defense out without blitzing you can slow down their offense. But Chip Kelly is a very smart coach and will adapt. Any Cowboys fan that brushes him off because KC beat him will have a rude awakening over the next few years once he has a chance to implement his system and get his players.
  3. EPL0c0

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    Alex Smith showed that you don't have to be a hero, you just have to complete passes. That one drive starting at the KC 5 went 75yds in like 8:15. THAT is the kind of drive that wins games. Yes, they settled for a FG, but a FG was good enough.

    You want to beat Chip Kelly's offense...keep them on the sideline.

    Btw, the KC RBs had 7 carries that drive... Dallas has 6 carries in the 4th* QTR of the first 2 games combined (*includes a carry on a drive started @1:44 of the 3rd qtr vsNYG)
  4. burmafrd

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    With a little luck maybe even 17.
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    The Eagles offense was a stupid idea and I hope Chip Kelly keeps trying to force that dumb offense out there and they keep losing.
  6. The_Boyz_Rock

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    Add to the Alex Smith observation no brain farts/plays smart and doesn't turn the ball over
  7. CosmicCowboy

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  9. ufcrules1

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    Yeah, because the worst case scenario is what we have had with Romo. 8-8, no playoffs, mid round draft pick, and then rinse and repeat.
  10. Hook'em#11

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    But, but,, THE JOHN GRUDEN said this "offense" was the next era of the NFL.. LOL.. HAHAHHAHAHAA Gruden , such a tool. I swear, during that 1st Monday night game, I thought Gruden was going to get down on one knee at propose to Chip.. Eagles looking like crap, love it.
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  11. 187beatdown

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    Hahahahaha yeah, giving up 70+ points in 2 weeks wasn't a good indicator of that already.
  12. EPL0c0

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    I think the problem is that Vick's a so-so QB. So-So works against Nicholl's state and you can maybe get away with it against USC, but it just doesn't work in the NFL. You need a QB that can make passes; being mobile isn't enough. I honestly think that Foles or Barkley could do a better job w/ that offense given an off-season to work on it.
  13. Redball Express

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    It is awful how little this offenses accomplishes..year in and year out.
  14. burmafrd

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    No nfl team has the depth to run that offense a full year. They get worn down and wore out and injured. Amazing how many have just missed this simple fact.
  15. Reality

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    Definitely needed that, Sarge :)
  16. jday

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    It is still early, guys. I wouldn't write off the Eagles just yet..especially against the Cowboys. That is not meant to be a slight against the Cowboys; it has been my experience that when we play the Eagles/Giants/Redskins you throw the win/loss ratio and overall stats out because it is typically a completely different game.
  17. erod

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    What's notable is how completely exhausted the entire Eagles team looks after games.

    And these aren't 19-year-old college players. And there's not 85 of them.

    These are aging pros, and there's only 47 on Sunday.

    They can't keep that pace, especially their defense. And Chip is saying he want to go faster still.

    Plus, the two-point conversion in the first quarter was so stupid. And Chip liked to go for it on fourth down all time time from anywhere in college.
  18. links18

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    Charles Barkley is gonna play QB? I'd pick him up in fantasy.....
  19. links18

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    I can't believe there isn't more discussion of that two-point conversion try. I can't figure out if it was shear arrogance or utter incompetence?
  20. cowboys1981

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    I'm glad their FO is stupid enough to believe in this stuff working in the NFL. When JJ came to the NFL he did believe "Speed kills" in a sense of personnel. Chip is trying to move the ball too fast and all it does is put the pressure on his defense since they'll be on the field more often. Vick is more exposed to being hit and looking at the first three games I would be surprised if he made it to our game still active.

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