Finally the truth comes out, Eagles/Chip's offense

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Sep 20, 2013.

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    It's not like the Eagles didn't gift the Chiefs fumbles in the red-zone and a fumble when the center throws the ball off his own butt after Vick scrambled for like 50 yards. Just as other teams adjust, they'll adapt.
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    I watched Syracuse run this offense last year under Marrone and it worked wonders with a SU squad that was severely out-gunned on offense.

    The offense works, but not in the way that Kelly is using it. Marrone has the right idea.

    First, it's an offense that helps you run a more conservative traditional scheme. You need to have a pocket passing QB that is good at finding the rush and avoiding it. And you need at least 2 RB's that will split the carries.

    The Bills carries have been split likes this:

    Spiller: 35 carries
    Jackson: 29 carries
    Manuel: 7 carries

    OTOH, the Eagles carries have been split like this:

    McCoy: 62 carries
    Vick: 19 carries
    Brown: 15 carries

    What Marrone has done is use the offense to make it easier on Manuel, Spiller and Jackson. Now they can run a 2-RB offense but without the downfall of those running backs that tend to 'need to get carries' in order to get warmed up. And for Manuel, the pace of the offense gives the defense less time to make changes and disguise blitzes and coverages.

    With Kelly, he's already quickly burning out McCoy. Vick is getting hit way too often because he's running the ball so much and the read option packages make him prone to being hit. And Vick isn't a pocket passer that can avoid the rush.

    In the end, I like the fast paced offense, but all it really does is allow the offense to dictate the pace of the game. Which is nice, but it's not the game changer that people thought it was going to be, even with the 'packaged plays.' In fact, it appears all you really have to do is press the WR's and play lots of man-to-man. If you can do that and set up some blitzes quickly enough...the Eagles are going to have trouble handling it.

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    How exactly did their O "widdle down" against SD? Vick threw for 428 yards and 2 scores and ran for another.

    You want the truth? The truth is KC's D is really really good.. as you should have already known after we went against them the previous week.
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    The Eagles have many holes, but their offensive line is not one of them. Peters-Herremans-Kelce-Mathis-Johnson

    Honestly the weak leak of that line is Evan Mathis, but other than that they are very stout.
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    Yup. KC has a really good defense. That's why I haven't felt like he played horrible on offense or had a bad game plan. The strategy was sound and without the fumble/drop we put up 22-30 points on them in their house. Add to that we played with lousy field position all game - they are hard to put long sustained drives on.

    The Rams game will prove to people (those who want to see and not just complain) that we are truly an improved team
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    The KC game looked like the Seattle game last year when all the sudden fans realized they were good and it looked like the SF game the year before when people complained that we barely beat them. KC let Jared Allen go yet still has manged to have a tough defense, they doin somethin right.
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    Who cares how many yards they threw for. They lost. KC embarrassed them, and it's only going to get worse. I'm just happy I don't see any reference to them on now.
  9. Toruk_Makto

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    3 games in 11 days to start the season is brutal.
  10. maxdallasfan

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    The fact is the Iggles only have two good players on offense, and no defense.

    Not sure why everyone thinks they are a threat. Vick always looks good in his first two games. He then goes back to his old ways quickly, and we saw that the other night. He's only good at throwing the deep ball, and since Avant and Cooper can't beat single coverage, Desean will be shut out.

    No way McCoy lasts another 3 games.

    Can't wait to see them gassed by the 2nd Qtr in Denver next week.

  11. RoyTheHammer

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    I do.
  12. Risen Star

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    That's a ridiculous statement.
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    I was just wondering what you meant by that? Do you think that the Eagles have more or less than 2 offensive players? Do you think that they have even a mediocre defense?
    They will get hammered by the Broncos but I THINK that this is a year when they have to put everything together - a new O, a new D, a new head coach - and 3 games in 11 days probably didn't help matters.
    I can make the "argument" that they are tied with Dallas with 1 win each on the division. I know - that and a dollar...
  14. Risen Star

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    The Eagles have much more than two good players.
  15. BraveHeartFan

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    Yes. They do.

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    sounds about right....I am NOT a betting man, but as I sit here tonight watching the Broncs dissect the Raiders I am wondering WHY on earth I didn't take Denver.....same with next week: they'll flat out destroy
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    I said it before 45 player active on game day Vs 85 or more in college.

    Just not enough bodies to hold up in a NFL game. The paste will wear them down long before games end.

    Just how many SBs did the Bills win running the no huddle?

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