fine line between losing and winning in the NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Oct 16, 2005.

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    Admit it--isnt it great to be 4-2--we deserved this win after dominating in various aspects of the game. Although the boys tried everything in their power to give this away--the team picked each other up. Case in point--the d was dominating after the turnovers.
    Cortez hit the game winner after the busted off tackle play made the fg longer than it had to
    the offense ground down the field into scoring position after the d wilted and allowed the tying td.

    I question why we run the off tackle--especially with thomas in their. That play seems to be stuffed or run down from the back side every time--remember short yardage against Washington-Barber stuffed--same paly to the left this time on 3rd and 1--stuffed.
    We do not attack the edges well--one particular time it was well blocked up front and there looked to be space but the backside pursuit caught Thomas.

    I question why the D seems to wilt near the end of the game--this has been a problem for several years already--how many times did we lose the lead late last year?
    The pass rush seems to disappear and we play scared in the secondary. Why is Newman blitzing and Roy covering?
    Perhaps this is something inherent with Zimmers defence.

    I am confused also by over aggressive play calling in one game--going for it on 4th with seemingly little regard for consequences then against Wash and today becoming ultra conservative?
    Doesnt seem to be a pattern or philospphy

    I love the leadership of Glover and Ellis - they are pro's pro's
    I loved those two play calls that resulted in TD's to Witten--he was wide open on both
    Run more swings and check downs to Barber--he is excellent in space and seems sure handed
    I am baffled by how inconsistent our OL is--one week stoning a defence that historically eats us alive and next week committing mistake after mistake. No one was exempt today. I am surprised that Gurode was not put in for the human revolving door- Johnson

    I am going to savor this win because these types of wins are what makes a good season vs a 7-9 season.
    Check out other teams in the league-case in point--the Lions--a young team very similar in progression to the Boys manage to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory as does the Cardinals and I am sure you can name other teams as well
    there is a fine line between 9-7 and 7-9
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    yeah and go watch tapes of the last 4 years of the Patriots and how many game-winning or changing FG's Vinateri has kicked to win by 3 or less....
    then add up their 3 SB's definitely a fine line...
    and lately no one has been walking it so tightly as we way we should've lost the two we did but it happens when you don't put games away.

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