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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Aikmaniac, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Well, I've recently bought my first house back in early August. With the long hours at work and little improvements here and there, I haven't had too much time to do what I've waited my whole life to do...and that's to have my own Cowboys room.

    Now, I've collected so much through my life with one day having the space to display it all. I lucked out with the house having an oversized bedroom due to the previous owners building an addition to a bedroom (for their son).

    I wanted to keep the room as classy as possible while also conveying my unwavering loyalty to the silver and blue. Therefore, a good portion of my collectible items didn't fit the bill to display, however some treasured items that were passed down from my father had to go up. One of those is a pennant that had graced my bedroom wall ever since I can remember. I believe it's from the late 70's but am not totally certain.

    I have to say that I like what Fathead has done. They really add some character to your this case, a sports room. In case there was any doubt, I am a huge Troy Aikman fan. There's nothing like having #8 prominently displayed on my wall. Tony Romo has also become one of my favorite all-time players. I see no reason why he shouldn't adorn the same wall as Aikman. Both are two of the classiest players that have worn the star, in my opinion.

    For those interested, my father and I painted the room using the Gliddens paint advertised by the Home Depot NFL color chart. One item of note, the silver listed on the Home Depot color chart is a dark silver (we referred to it as battleship gray). After painting one wall, we decided to stop and go back to the color chart. Turns out that the closest color we found is French Silk. This particular silver is on the walls now. The navy blue is spot on as listed on the chart.

    Below are some pics. Pardon the quality as they were taken from my dated smart phone.




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    Nice work. I had to play around with the colors when painting my room as well. I found the official Cowboys blue from Home Depot was purple-ish, so I went with a custom blue.

    The Star on the crossbeam is a nice touch. I recommend printing out high-quality pictures of the Super Bowl logos to put on the crossbeam as well!
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    Nice work, where's the mini-fridge? :)
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    Sweet set up! I'm looking forward to having a Cowboys man cave one of these days.
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    Well done!

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