Fire Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. wileedog

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    I bet Garrett has tons of both. His problem is that he is not a qualified or experienced head coach.
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  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    Yeah, and we play the giants in 2 weeks. Elllie destroyed Old Man Kiffin last go around with a healthy defense. We aint getting 6 turnovers in jersey/
  3. khiladi

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    JJ let this guy bring in his brother to coach the passing game. Set this offense back. He let the Garrett's bring in the likes of Ogletree. The two tight end offense and spending on TEs was a brilliant JG plan, yet they still don't use them. It's a big joke, this HC tenure.
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  4. stasheroo

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    I agree with you.

    The rest of the division looks to be getting it together while we're falling apart.

    If we get more than 2 more wins this year I will be surprised.
  5. kevm3

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    Remember Rob Ryan was supposedly the problem here, but anyone could see that the defense was decimated with injuries. Same this year. The defense got spanked this game, but why couldn't our super offense step up? Special teams gave us the ball in their 20. What do we do? Three and out and grab a penalty, pushing us back. We get an onsides. What do we do? Three and out. When your defense is devastated by injury and you're playing an offense like the Saints, they are going to score. The question is that with our super offense, why couldn't we at least keep the game competitive? We had what, 20 something yards of passing going into the 3rd quarter? Garrett needs to go. I don't know how long this charade needs to continue and how many other excuses and scapegoats we need to find. We can hire another DC, and yet we'll have the SAME problem. If the defense is constantly injured and the offense 3 and outs all day keeping the defense on the field, the D is going to get tore up.
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  6. Fansince64

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    Absolutely not!!!!!!! He is probably repeating his favorite mantra to himself: "It's a process." Followed by: Just give him time to learn and in another year or two (or 3, or 7, or12, or insert favorite time period here) we will have another Landry (or Lombardi, or Walsh, or Shula, or insert your favorite successful coach here). Then he will think to himself: What Jerry needs to do is take a page from Clint Murchison and give Jason a 10 year extension like Murchison gave Landry.

    Please don't get me wrong! I love Hos's football knowledge, his inside contacts and his knowledge of Cowboy's history. For a very smart guy, his unreserved and undeserved man love for JG simply baffles me.

    Monte Sliger
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  7. big dog cowboy

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    Minny got it's first win in this country this week and Philly beat a 3rd string QB.
  8. Coy

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    I really think that this division will be settled on week 17 vs the Eagles, we should win that game, the thing is that I don't know if it's a good thing because that would probably mean Garrett stays another year, for what???
    I never ever hope for this team to lose and probably never will but man, I really want Garrett fired.
  9. stasheroo

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    And we eked out a come from behind win against that same team at home the week before, when everyone was suddenly talking them up.

    And the Eagles have their QB settled with a guy that has gotten it together to the tune of what? 11 td's the pas two weeks?

    To say nothing of the Giants back from the dead with a 3 game winning streak.

    I think we have totally squandered any early season advantages we were given.
  10. Star4Ever

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    Yea, with a bunch of nobodys. Coaching matters. So does attitude.
  11. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    Somebody gets it.

  12. Blackspider214

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    Should have never even hired him as OC. Wasn't he a QBs coach at Miami before he came here? And didn't Jerry hire him before Wade? Something you never do. You always let the HC pick his guys.

    This offense worked one time and that was 2007. His first year. Because we were stacked at o line and had a good set of backs. And made this offense look great. Because we could use play fake. And after that, everyone was all over this guy as the next greatest thing while some were like tap the brakes. And didn't he have a chance to be a HC a few years later? But they didn't pick him.

    In hindsight, the worse thing to happen was this team getting a shot of life and playing good down the stretch of 2010. Because that gave Jerry and some fans the false hope he was right for this thing. Far from it.

    I'm sick and tired of his mickey mouse offense we have and we make absolutely no adjustments. To the point where commentators are questioning why we aren't moving dez around.

    Get this joke out of town.
  13. Beast_from_East

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    I am not even sure we beat Oakland.
  14. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing

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    His lack of emotion while DW got cheap shotted out of bounds says all about JG's characters as a man and as a coach.
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  15. mugsybows

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    He'll totally get fired, the sad thing is it'll happen at the end of the year when he really deserved to get fired last season. Another year wasted.
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  16. kevm3

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    The thing is, I'm not mad ag Garrett. Who wouldn't take the handouts he was given? However, to anyone, it's plain as day that he is out of his league. You do not go to the highest competitive league to 'learn the game.' Garrett should have went through several years of college coaching before being force fed into our OC role. He didn't even do that well as OC, but he was force-fed into the HC role. What other organization has hiring practices like that? Here in Cowboys land, you don't have to have credentials or a history of performance. If you're Jerry's 'boy', you get a free ride to the top. Is it any wonder that we are where we are? What other organization has a leadership structure that we do, where the owner is also the GM and the HC is not responsible for any side of the ball now? He's never been held accountable for the whole team, specifically the defense because he came in as HC/OC. Now he has his OC duties removed and now he's not responsible for that. In a league meant for parity, you have to stack advantages, specifically at the coaching position. What expertise does Garrett bring on field? He's simply not ready for coaching in the NFL. I like his ability to draft. put him in admin somewhere and get him off the field and get a real head coach.
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  17. tico

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    If he's here next season I'm going I'm going on strike! Sean & Rob made sure that JJ KNOWS that Garrett is not on thier level & he kept the wrong Staff today! ''what did the 5 fingers say to the face?
  18. Asklesko

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    I think if this team does tank this year, you have to fire Garrett. I mean, what else is there to do?
  19. bysbox1

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    That offense was more Tony Sparano than Garrett. Although Garrett was OC, Sparano was the Assistant Head Coach and the running game coordinator. IMO once Sparano left, that offense started to look bad.
  20. Zordon

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    his coaching resume goes back to 2005. most coaches in the league have been coaching since the 80s/90s. he only has 2 years on that young gun at texas tech, kliff kingsbury. think about that for a second. what in the hell did he do to deserve this job?
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