Firefox Vs. Internet Explorer?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jksmith269, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Can anyone give me a detailed explnation of the differences between the two? Is there a real difference in speeds? I see a lot of members here usning FF and was wondering if it was really that much better? Thanks Jack
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    For the most part I think it loads fast as it does not come with all of the preloaded stuff that IE uses.

    So IE may come with some programs you don't really use where Firefox does not.

    However if you find you do need the programs you can usually download them for firefox.

    Firefox has a better choice of skins.

    I like the firefox Tab browser program, however I have heard the new IE will have that as well.

    More people use MS and in turn IE so there are normally more bugs found or ways found to exploit it.
    I would guess it may grow for Firefox as it has gotten more popular.

    I think it just boils down to personal pref.

    Another option you may look into is Opera, I used to use it and still think it is a fine browser.

    One thing I will say about both browsers, I do believe that Outlook Express is the superior mail program as I don't care for the one for firefox.

    I am sure people can give you many other explanations or reasons.
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    You can also run firefow from a USB flash drive. Kind of handy if you travel alot like me and want your favorites with you, as well as not leaving a bunch of tracks on a computer.
    But yeah I have seen the new IE and it doesn have tabbed browsing, still not as seemless in my opinion as Firefox. But it is there.
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    Another nice thing about FireFox, is the Mozillia community. The community has people that develop "extensions" which are plug-ins, that add certain features above and beyond basic FireFox.

    For example there are extensions that improve removal of cookies and other privacy related web data. There is one that let's you view pages inside of FireFox but it is rendered with IE, so a page that does not display well in FireFox, all you have to do is right click and select "View in IE Tab". And there are many more for almost everything.
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    There's an extension called Fasterfox that'll allow the browser to load faster, however myself I'd go Firefox for security reasons.

    - Firefox has Active X disabled by default, and if you add in No Script you'll block java from running...unless you choose to allow it.
    - Also because 90% of the browsers use IE the bad guys are targeting it, most web exploits target users of IE simply because it's the easiest way to infect a large number of users, using a different browser (Firefox, Opera or Maxthon) will prevent IE-specific exploits. While I hope Firefox catches on a part of me hopes it doesn't because wherever the mob goes the bad guys will follow.

    The tabbed browsing is very nice and w/extensions you can customize your browser to your liking. Myself I prefer the following extensions:

    - No script (Security)
    - Forecast Fox (cool feature)
    - Fasterfox (Performance)
    - Redirect Remover (Security)
    - Cookie Culler (Security)
    - Flashblock (Hate flash ads)
    - Downloadthemall (cool feature)
    - Linky (cool feature)
    - Adblock (Forget flash, I hate ads...period!)
    - Videodownloader (cool feature)
    - Stumbleupon (Nice way to check out new sites)

    Here's a link to check out the extensions:

    Firefox Themes:

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