First defensive concern thursday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dfense, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Faulty logic. The running game hardly ever decides who wins. If we stop them from passing effectively and our offense can pass effectively, we're almost certain to win, regardless of how well either team runs.
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    Washington is using the rushing game to be effective in passing they don't throw the ball that much, they have the 3rd fewest passes thrown in the NFL they use their run to put them in very good down and distance situations so that they can take advanatage of the run or pass option. I know you like to say passing is all that matters but it is not for some teams their running game is a major key to what they can do within the passing game.

    Washington is not GB or NO who will throw the ball all day long.

    I'm sorry but that stat is a flat out lie, I agree passing effectiveness matters but for many teams that effectiveness takes place because of a running games that defense has to respect
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    visions like Vick scrambling around and heaving a long one to Moss..... SCARY!
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    You're confusing frequency with effectiveness. It doesn't matter that Washington attempts the third-fewest passes. What matters is how effective they are WHEN they do pass, whether it's 20 times, 30 times or 40 times. If they pass only 18 times and we pass 34 times but they are more effective when they do pass than we are when we pass, then we are almost certain to lose -- regardless of how well either team runs it.

    You can call "that stat" a "flat out lie" all you want, but it has been proved over and over and over, year after year after year. The Redskins are not an exception to the rule. The team that has passed more effectively has won EVERY SINGLE GAME the Redskins have played in this season. The team that has rushed more effectively is 6-4 -- barely above a 50-50 chance of winning, just like what is the case with the entire NFL, year after year after year.
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    I started a thread on it earlier in the week. Contain Griffin. Keep him in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm.

    And the way I do that is by devoting Bruce Carter as the QB spy this week. He goes wherever Griffin goes.

    Is it guaranteed to work? No. But it's our best chance to minimize their best player on offense. I personally don't think he can make enough plays in the passing game to win the game if he's confined in the pocket. If you told me he'll have less than 30 yards rushing, I'd run to bet the Cowboys.
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    i have seen the dallas secondary play like that many times over the past few years. hopefully the current group won't get owned...

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