Video: First Half Offense plays

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by McLovin, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Not sure this program provides the best quality, but it was free

    Here are all of the first half offensive plays condensed down. I added the punt block (in sequence as well)

    I was pausing and starting so much I didnt get a great look, but overall impressions

    - O line was just not in sync, I thought Fred played well and Martin is looking consistent. Leary seemed to get off balance and beat a couple of time. Major thing it looked like they weren't in sync or hadnt faced a quality Dline in a dress rehearsal. I expect them to get better, but it was rusty

    - RBs looked ok. Murray hit the hole hard, Dunbar is quick, but not patient

    - WRs Best squad on the team at this point. Hate Harris got hurt. Dez is a beast. TWill had some great grabs, as did Beasley and Street

    - TEs didn't really notice them much. Witten got his first catch, the blocking as a whole seemed adequate (better than last year)

    QB - Romo looked shaky, Im glad he played the whole half vs 2 series....not that it really improved, but he doesn't seem confident in his back and some throws looked rushed to avoid potential contact. Other throws looked like he held it too long and stared down the primary target vs quick progression...That said, he wasn't bad and the Oline was tested. I think he will get better, but I did see a couple of times he seemed to bail too early - which is not vintage Romo. Not worried - yet

    Organization/Preparedness - The penalties continue a Dallas tradition. holding calls, procedure calls wiping out 1st downs, penalties on (near) red zone drives.

    The plays looked like they got in quicker, but I am not a huge fan of the no huddle if you allow the other team to sub as if you huddle.

    Overall, 6 points in a half wont cut it, no matter what the game or situation. Not the dress rehearsal to make you feel warm and fuzzy before facing SF and Wills, et al.

    I'll try to get the defense H1 up tonight if my wide doesn't ground me for being on the computer too long
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    Thanks for posting this, much appreciated.
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    I was a bit more disappointed in those drops by Beasley than I was pleased by those he caught. It was uncharacteristic of him.
    I would only hope the offense shows more in the last preseason game than they have thus far.
    The defensive lapses and incompetence was expected but the offensive first half was disappointing.
    Here's hoping the staff finds the key to curbing much of that poor play.
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    Thanks for your efforts.
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    Yes, thank you much for putting that together! I have it set to record on the NFL Network but it is not until tonight at 11:00 cst. It was great to see that this morning!
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    Did you just call your wife wide?
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    Can anyone explain the illegal formation on the blocked punt ?
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    Bad call, IMO. You can't line up nose to nose with the snapper, but the defenders near the snapper were back off the line. It's clear that they are a full step behind the other defenders.
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    LOL....she must have read that aswell...I got grounded for the night
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    Crawford wasn't lined up over the center from the angle I saw either.

    Add to that the back judge didn't even get the flag out of his pocket until it was clear Bruce was going to block the punt....and well it looked even more fishy.
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    I hate to be a homer, but it's really hard not to think some refs are biased against the Cowboys. There were some obvious holds that were not called. Michael Irvin tried to point them out but Babe and Bill Jones didn't want to say anything. It was obvious that somebody told Babe not to discuss problems with the officials, because Irvin basically said it.

    I've noticed in past years that they often didn't even have Bruce Carter in a punt blocking position which seems silly considering that he was one of the all time greats at doing it in college.
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    Yeah i was pretty disappointed in Beasley overall. They praised him at one point on i think a slant route and all i could think back to was the easy drops he had and just got annoyed.
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    This is great. Thanks.

    I won't get to watch the game in full until later today, but it's really good to see all the offensive or defensive plays out of context to get the feel for what we were trying to do. I always like these cut ups, but feel guilty for it bc I know how much work it is.
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    If they would have run PA bootleg off that stretch to Murray it would have been unstoppable. The Dolphins were jumping those stretch plays so fast it was ridiculous. There would have been no safeties up top.

    I think there was definitely an element of "saving" Tony Romo because they didn't look deep once until Weeden came in. Then they immidiately started going deep every few plays.
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