First mock and off season moves.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by fffiasco, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. fffiasco

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    Free Agents:
    Laurent Robinson.
    Ben Grubbs.
    Abe Elam
    Brandon Carr
    Cliff Avril

    1. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
    2. Chase Minnifield, CB, Virgina
    3. Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State
    4. Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette
    5. Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan State
    6. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DT, Baylor
    7. Jerry Franklin, ILB, Arkansas
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    One of the few mocks that has a realistic view of what free-agents the Cowboys will sign.

    The draft choices, especially the first two rounds are solid.
  3. fffiasco

    fffiasco Active Member

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    Thanks buddy, I was trying to be as realistic as possible.

    Was also thinking about Tanard Jackson instead of Elam but his off field issues and Elam's familiarity with Ryan's defense made me go with Abe.
  4. johnnyd

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    not bad my man but no way we are getting avril they are goung to tag him . i would love grubbs and carr then we go DL or OLB in round 1 . i think alot of people would just love to sign a guard and then draft one in r 1 but i think if we pay for a nicks or grubbs then we let arkin/killer/nagy type fight ot out for the other spot.
  5. Bigdog

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    I like your FA signings and very realistic. Love the mock especially the first five picks.
  6. fffiasco

    fffiasco Active Member

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    Yea i was also on the fence on Avril's availability but i didnt see any olb's worth selecting at 14 so it became a priority.
  7. Risen Star

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    And I still think you went overboard. Robinson, Grubbs and Avril is probably wishful thinking.
  8. jnday

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    I would be surprised if Dallas is that active in free agency . I think a couple of veteran JAGs would be realistic . Fans are getting their hopes up and they need to get ready for a let down .
  9. windward

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    Not so sure about Avril. Would rather resign Spencer or draft somebody.
  10. fffiasco

    fffiasco Active Member

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    Instead of Grubbs maybe a veteren center?
  11. fffiasco

    fffiasco Active Member

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    I like Avril's pass rushing abilities more then Spencer's.
  12. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

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    More like some veteran guard that is considered average . Great mock , by the way . This mock is very reasonable and I think it reflects what might happen in the draft . The free agency picks are moe realistic than most I've seen . It is my opinion though , that the Cowboys will be less actve than many expect . Good job .
  13. Star4Ever

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    If everything fell like the OP said, I would be one happy camper. That would be a fantasy free agency and draft. Unfortunately, that's why it's extremely unlikely to look anything like that.
  14. Oh_Canada

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    Wish you had a defensive end somewhere in that offseason, but otherwise I would be doing back flips if JJ pulled that off.
  15. newlander

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    1) I really don't think the Lions will let AVril go: even if it means the franchise tag....but it won't: he likes it there....hope to be wrong though, as he's JUST what we need

    2) great draft picks: very familiar with first 3 and wouldn't have a problem with any of them wearing the :star: .........not familiar with your 4th rounder, but I've seen trent robinson of MSU about 7 times live and he's a GREAT run stopper: problem is he's not so good in pass coverage. 5th would be about right for him....solid overall!!!:starspin

  16. Marktui

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    Did Elam really do enough last year to resign him? He was the most experienced in the defense but we still had busted coverages everywhere. I know about having continuity and all but was he really supposed to be an upgrade over Ball from the previous year?
  17. fffiasco

    fffiasco Active Member

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    I don't remember too many games where we had blown coverages outside of the first giants game. I am confident in saying elam played much better then ball.
  18. ragingbull2488

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    My i deal draft would be as follows

    1. Whitney Mercilus/Nick Perry,DEs, Illinois and USC
    2. Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin
    3. Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
    4. Kendall Reyes, DT, Connecticut
    5. Tank Carder, ILB, TCU
    6. Nick Provo, TE, Syracuse
    6. Jaymes Brooks, OG, Virginia Tech
    7. Tashaun Gipson, CB/S, Wyoming

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