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    1. Brian Orakpo DE Texas 6-4 255 Oh noes another 1st round LB for the cowboys ZOMG how can they keep doing this. Well think about it you can't have to many pass rushers and Greg Ellis isn't getting any younger also depth depth depth did I mention you can't have to many pass rushers ?
    2. Vince Oghobaase DT Duke 6-6 310 I know what you're thinking where's the WR however we need a huge DT chew up space distrupt the back field and to force double teams. Oghobaase should be our man.

    3a. Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
    at 6-5 305 lbs he's small for our O-line he has played both LT and RT in college he may need to hit the weight room but with Flo and Colombo there he will provide solid depth behind them.

    3b. Luis Vazquez OG Texas Tech
    Sitting at 6-6 335 pounds he will add much needed depth for our interior o-line. We will be able to get rid of some of the bums who have been sticking around.

    4a. Daniel Holtzclaw ILB Eastern Michigan 6-1 245Underrated under the radar barely heard of all this guy does is produce. He is always around the ball and makes tackle after tackle. Bye Carpenter here's your replacment

    4b. Paul Fanaika OG Arizona State 6-6 337 big strong powerful interior liine man. Added depth out with the old in with the new we can get rid of some of those players that haven't panned out for us thus far.

    5. Jarrett Dillard Wr Rice 5-11 172 lbs he is pretty light hopefully he can make up for it up with speed. This guy catches, catches alot, and scores TD he is a Touch down machine. 51 career TD's and 251 career catches for 3,502 yards production machine!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly 6-6 226 6-6 is a big target for Romo. He is also produce a lot like Jarrett Dillard. YEa he went to a small school however you just gotta give credit where its due. 167 catches 3,572 receiving yards and 39 TD's for his career.....:eek: Jaw Dropping needs he produces and produces a lot and when he catches the ball he picks up yards in chunks !!!!!!!! He averaging 21 yards per catch for his career.

    7. Tyler Roehl FB North Dokota state 5-10 235 I love cricket however he is just a lead block. Tyler Rhoel is more of a H back he rushed for 1400 yards and 21 TD's in 07 he can also catch out of the backfield. Versality and another weapon from the full back position will be a good add.

    I think the Tyler guy might be playing RB however he was listed as a fullback on Walters football and on nfldraftscout. I think this covers a lot of things we will need going into the off season. We need much help on our front 7 and we need decent back ups along the OLine. I think more than likely we will trade for a WR how Dillard and Barden put up freaking ridiculous numbers.
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    I'd PUKE!
    You'd want your 1st round pick to be a STARTER, with Ware and Sepncer our starting O.L.B.'s for the next 5 years, not only would our 1st round pick not start his rookie year, he wouldnt' start for at LEAST 5 YEARS! LOL
    I like the other picks as far as positions excluding the W.R.'s since I'm sure this was posted prior to us getting Roy Williams!

    We will ONLY be drafting O-lineman and DEFENSE for basically the next 3-5 years!
    I'd like our 1st pick to etiher replace Roy Williams, maybe trade up to get a top safety who slips a bit, then I'd like to trade up again and get the top Guard to replace Kosier, after that, draft D-lineman and C.B.'s, I don't think we have any immediate needs at I.L.B. so that position can wait, throw in an O.T. and possibly trade all our late or picks inthe 2010 draft since any draft pick we take after round 4 is basically not gonna make our roster anyway, so why not load up on future picks to help us the next year?

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