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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Swanny, Jul 8, 2005.

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    for some reason i do not think theey have better staeks than wisconsin does but ill try em anyways thanks for the ideas and im guessing there is no dallas cowboy hall of fame
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    No DC HOF, but there will be when the new stadium is finished. There is much to do, depending what you like to do. My only real complaint is the lack of Jazz / Blues clubs. If your into the C&W scene, go to Cowboys in Arlington or Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, check out the live indoor rodeo and bull riding and live concerts. I am not a big C&W fan, love my classic rock and jazz, but Billy Bob's is great to check out and the other places at the the Stock Yards. The place called (I think) is the White Elephant, or something like that is where the bar was they filmed Walker, Texas Ranger, CC's or whatever is was on the show. Shopping, is all over, someone mentioned the Galleria, also the Parks Mall in Arlington, and in Grapevine, the Grapevine Mills Mall. Of course right by Texas Stadium id the DC Pro Shop. Eating, there are more restaurants than you can imagine. At one time, DFW area was the 2nd largest area for people dining out in the USA. If one palce in too crowded, or don't siut your taste, drive for a minute and there is another palce to try.

    When you get here, need any more info, just ask. Hope I am back there then, my work has me in Montreal right now. Until the end of September.
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    You're lucky to be in Montreal at this time of year. Class city.

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