First time post, First Live NFL game (Long)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LUVDABOYS, Aug 23, 2005.


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    I've been reading posts here forever but never posted, because I was able to take my family to Seattle for the game I thought I would share my thoughts for a change.
    - apposing fans suck when you are wearing the enemies gear. (No biggie I expected this, but I almost wish I would have went incognito so the game would have been more enjoyable)
    - Ware is an animal and is going to be flat out fun to watch.
    - Crayton is good. Better than anyone else on the field getting open and has great hands. That was a bad floater from Romo, and Crayton made the pass look good.
    - Larry Allen is huge
    - Our secondary coverage was pathetic. Hasselback had open receivers all over the field it seemed. Believe it or not though, Keith Davis was the most fun to watch and I think our answer at Safety.
    -The best looking QB on the field was Hasselback, but I think this is mostly because he had the best offensive line on the field. Our offensive line in the first quarter was bad from left to right, I just dont know any other way to put it. They did seem to warm up though and get better towards the end of the quarter. Now before I start here, understand that I was specifically watching how these guys looked, when they had open receivers and the time to throw.

    Bledsoe looked serviceable, he can make the throw and seems comfortable. I didnt see any reason he won't be our starter this year and if he gets protection, do just fine.

    I was very interested in Romo, because of all the Hype he is getting lately. I watched him with excitement thinking maybe we have Joe Montana and havent realized it yet. Sorry guys, I just didnt see it. Romo flings the ball a lot and his longer passes just seem to float and take forever getting to the receiver. He constantly threw into coverage or missed open receivers. I was not impressed with Romo, he just seemed, I dont know, "College like" if that makes any sense.
    Henson hmm, well I liked him better than Romo. He had better presence and seemed more crisp to me. My overall impression of Henson is that he can be a bus driver for the offense if he has to, and will someday be at least as good as Bledsoe. He's not the answer right now, but appears to have the potential.
    -Our defense is going to be very good this year. I think we will go through growing pains, ecspecially in coverage, but seeing them live it's obvious we will be flat out nasty very soon.
    -Oh did I say, Larry Allen is Huge? And Ware is an animal, this guy is just fun to watch.
    -Anyway, I've been a Cowboy fan for allmost thirty years and seeing them in a stadium is one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time, I had an awesome time.

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    Welcome to this board LDB. Good contiribution for your first post.

    Thank you for your first hand account.
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    Welcome to the Board.

    FYI, Henson better than Romo is "fighting words" to some (many) . . . . so get ready!
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    :welcome: to the forum. I didn't see the game live dang it. Envious. Thanks for the post. Always good to get different view points.

    We don't agree on Romo and Henson but that's ok. One of us is right or we are both wrong. But I agree both need a lot of work. I'm not really confortable with either.

    Again welcome and post more.
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    Yep, Welcome!

    Nice first post. Don't be a stranger... post more often.
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    I know what you mean about seeing them live for the first time. Back in 2001 in Seattle, I saw them live for the first time after being a fan since the mid 1970s. Even though they were hammered 29-3 and I got soaken wet, I was still on cloud nine.

    I had the same feeling last December and surely will this October.

    As for opposing fans, SeahawkFan is not as bad as many others. There was less hassle when they played at Husky Stadium as no beer is sold there. Still, I had no hassle last year even for a Monday Night game.

    I hope you are going in October as well.
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    Nice job.....good post.....glad you enjoyed the game!
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    Welcome to the board...hope to see you post more often. :starspin
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    Aha, you must have sat with Hos, BlindZebra, Ad.. etc to conspire on how Romo throws the ball :p:
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    It's not nearly as bad when we win, though. Where I was sitting (Section 107), I had extremely drunk Seahawks fans two seats to me right and directly in front of me. I thought it would get ugly, but it was more annoying than anything, probably because we were winning for most of the game. (The funniest part of the night was when one of the drunks was in the middle of yelling a bunch of stuff at Parcells, and a vendor walked by and yelled "Cotton candy!" and the drunk guy yelled "Cotton candy!" OK, so maybe you had to be there.)

    At least part of the time Hasselbeck was in, we were running our base defense against the Seahawks' three-receiver offense. That won't happen in the regular season.

    I haven't checked, but have we ever had Newman, Henry and Aaron Glenn on the field at the same time yet? If so, don't think it's been very often.

    I had the same impressions. Henson is much more impressive in person. Maybe Romo looks better on TV, because it seems that most people were impressed by him last night.

    Where were your seats?
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    I agree, Hensen looks MUCH better then Romo...
    Keep posting!
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    I was also at the game last nigh along with last December (brrrrrr cold) and in 2001 (I may still be drying off after that one). Mostly the fans are farily good natured and it has been much easier on us Cowboy fans with the Boys winning the last 2 games.

    I have lived in Seattle for 20 years and the town is a decent sports town but there are always the kooks that take it to far. I didn't get hassled at all last night but I was also hanging out with about 5 other Seahawk fans so I am not sure if they know what to say to me or what. :)

    Good game, Ware is a freaking stud and Patrick Crayton really showed me some tremendous potential...

    Lets all meet up sometime prior to the game on Oct 23rd and have a beer.

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    Section 147 Adam, up in the bleachers. Not the seats I ordered, but I didnt complain when I got them because they were late getting to me. I was just excited to finally get them. My son was wearing a Roy Williams jersey and anytime the hawks made a play, the drunks behind were yelling "where ya at Roy" etc. This was the harmless stuff, but I sure wish Roy would have made that play in the endzone for the safety. Ware shut them up eventually though and they left at halftime.
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    Hmm... it seems like more Media types who were impressed with Romo by far than fans, IMO. Well other than Romo fans maybe. I mean really, he was 2-6 and had one easy Int. dropped, I just don't get why we should be impressed with Romo? :confused:

    Personally, being a Henson fan myself, wasn't too thrilled with his play either. He did look shaky. No doubt as to who will be No. 2 as of now anyway.

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    Well, I'd have to say I agree with those guys now, but I would love to see Romo make it. Romo doing well = proof that the little guy can make it if he wants it bad enough or works hard enough, and I'm a fan of that thought. Its just he didnt look good to me (which really doesnt mean much to be honest lol) The way he flings the ball is annoying. The ball just seemed to hang in the air too long, allmost slow motion. I'm not trying to pick any sides or convince anyone of anything, it's just my opinion of one game.. I expected more from him I guess.
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    :welcome: to posting in the forum. Here's hoping you get addicted to it.

    Top notch first post. I really enjoyed it.
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    Adam, I can't tell you how glad I am to see someone not in the "coven" of Henson-agenda-ites say this. I said the same thing last week.
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    It doesn't matter if you were trying to pick sides or not, prepare to get branded.

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    Thanks for the post. I agree wholeheartedly on the QB analysis.

    I'll never forget the first time I saw the Boys in person. It was surreal!!
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    :welcome: aboard.thanks for the review.

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