Fish: Held Hostage: Good Cop/Bad Cop In The Cowboys Tony Romo 'Mexican Standoff' Saga

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Held Hostage: Good Cop/Bad Cop In The Cowboys Tony Romo 'Mexican Standoff' Saga
    4:47 AM

    Cowboys Held Hostage: The Good Cop & The Bad Cop In The Tony Romo 'Mexican Standoff' Saga (And The Scoop On That Cute 'Pinkie-Promise Video)

    Tony Romo’s social-media video of a bit ago, filmed with a soundtrack by Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin’,’ was meant as a Dallas Cowboys goodbye.


    So … why is he still here?

    The best answer from here inside The Star in Frisco: The Cowboys front office is playing a game of “Good Cop/Bad Cop.’’

    The plan was crystal clear back on Wednesday, March 8, the day before the official opening of NFL free agency: During the lunch hour that day, owner Jerry Jones and Romo engaged in a conversation based on their mutual “Do-Right Rule’’: Romo would be designated as a post-June 1 cut.
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  2. Beast_from_East

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    Not much news in this piece by Fish, just more of him guessing what is going on.

    I will say this, if the organization told Romo that he was going to be released and then punked him and said "you didn't actually think we were serious, did you?".

    That is a total dick move....................hopefully this organization has a little more class than to do that, I guess we shall see.
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  3. SultanOfSix

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    In other words., more made up shyte for click bait.
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  4. Proof

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    This guy is such a clown. He's got about as much inside info as Fredo did in The Godfather
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  5. FuzzyLumpkins

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    At the combine Jerry also said they were in no hurry to cut Romo and that they could hold onto him. Of course that doesn't fit Fisher's narrative so he ignores it.

    Fisher is about as bad as it gets and I can think of noone on the DFW beat with less credibility.
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  6. bkight13

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    Owners Meeting start March 26th ........we will see soon enough
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  7. Reality

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    That was a whole lot of words that said a whole lot of nothing.
  8. Sydla

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    Does the article get better if you pay $9.99?

    Because this version sucked.
  9. Seven

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    Is this out in print? Cause after I take an Aaron I'll need something to wipe my Rodgers......
  10. jterrell

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    I'm a fan of Fish generally but as I tweeted Fish, this is a non-story.
    Romo wants to and will play football next year.
    Dallas wants to receive compensation before they pay him 19m to play elsewhere.
    Someone in the Romo camp is talking to Fish so we are gonna get these pieces.
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  11. Oh_Canada

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    I doubt it went like that anyhow, but either way it's not a dick move when they are paying you 40 mill. They need to do what's best for the Cowboys.
    Btw-it's just as big a dick move to leak release stories in the media on behalf of your client compromising the team who may be trying to deal you.
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  12. strongarmqb

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    Let him compete for the job. There should be no downside. If Dak can't beat him out- then why should he be starting?

    We need to win now- not 3 years from now
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  13. Dhragon

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    Even if we do end up releasing Romo for nothing, I sure hope we wait and do it for as long as possible. If neither Houston or Denver want to pony up anything, then at least we can screw them by taking away valuable time they would have had with him learning their system and getting to know their personnel.

    I think it would be worth it to them to switch first round picks with us just to be able to get Romo in there and getting him acquainted with them. It will be a lot harder to succeed with Romo as your QB if he doesn't have the time to adjust to your system and personnel before throwing him out there right before the preseason begins.

    Sorry Tony, but your preferred teams are irking me off. Though I hate to hurt your chances of winning a Superbowl, I hate being punked by other teams trying to get something for nothing even more. So I sure hope we don't give in to the houston/Denver tactics at play here.
  14. AmericasTeam81

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    More fake sports news...
  15. SDCowboy85

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    This saga isn't going to end any time soon, is it?

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  16. LittleLexodus

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    Dak already beat him out for the starting job
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  17. mcompact

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    Fisher is such a hack. He make's Mike Florio look like a credible insider.
  18. pugilist

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    he did? as far as I remember Romo got Wally Pipp'd rather than beat out
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  19. pugilist

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    been saying this since the playoff loss to Green Bay

    makes absolutely no business sense to give away something of high value for nothing
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  20. Kaiser

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    The only reason to think Romo would be released was one ESPN article, which was likely an article planted by a rival GM hoping to drive down the price for Romo.

    And if cutting him was genuine, it was a really stupid move by the Texans to trade Osweiller before Romo was actually cut and signal to the entire world that they needed to acquire a QB. I doubt they are actually that stupid, but who knows. Its also possible Jerry told everyone Romo would be cut exactly to bait teams into moves like the Texans made and increase the Dallas bargaining position.
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