Fisher says Cowboys closing in on playcaller decision

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Sorry Bleu.
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    There's nothing wrong with JG's play calling, absolutely nothing. The problem is the oline, it has to get better. They need to be more physical, active, and stay on their blocks longer. I don't care who the play caller is, if your oline isn't getting it done then the plays aren't gonna work. Its simple, a strong aggressive dominant oline will make any OC/PLAYCALLER look good. It all starts upfront and that's fact.
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    I think good percentage of posters are misinterpreting Garrett 'failure to adjust' to 'lack of trust' of his QB and OL.
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    Fixed it for you...
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    Throwing the ball 40+ times a game is not trusting his QB or OL?
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    Alot of those calls are pre-set. Garrett learned u have to create structure for Romo and more recently Dez. Dallas offensive players (specifically QB and WR) are near bottom of league in playing situational football. He took alot of that away and what you get is a very methodical approach or what football fans interpret as 'lack of adjustment'.
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    I see what you guys are painting but the bottom line to me is that Garrett is stretched too thin. No doubt the Oline needs a major upgrade.. That is not to be disputed. While Oline upgrades are an absolute necessity, there is no direct correlation between that and the sitational mistakes that he continues to make. I just simply believe he is stretched waay too thin. No one will convince me otherwise and I am not in the business of trying to convince anyone that sees things completely differently. I haven't seen very many super bowl winning HC/play callers over the last several years. Most of them have been walkaround leaders that thrived with coordinators in place on both sides of the ball. We need an OC up in the booth to strategize and see the necessary adjustments that need to be made on the fly. I'll be happy when the news breaks.
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    Ok Im really confused - stats for situational football? What are those and where are the kept?

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    By who?

    8 games last year? Dallas was projected to do the same even though they added good players to the team?
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    Where in my post did I defend the oline? All I stated was the oline excuse is getting old. That doesn't mean the o-line doesn't need fixing but people on here act as if we have the worst o-line in all of football.

    Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, and John Skelton say 'hello.'
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    Yeup, Red J is in over his head.
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    According to who?

    If a team's QB and WRs are so dumb that the HC has to throw out major parts of his playbook, or not have the ability to 'adjust' with them, then a competent HC would get rid of said QBs and WRs and get new one's who he could call all of his plays with.

    Instead Garrett continued to roll guys like Ogletree out there, even over Harris, who may be the dumbest WR this team has ever seen.

    So either the HC is a moron for continually putting morons on the field, or your theory is completely stupid.

    #1 is certainly in the realm of possibility, but I'm going with #2.
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    Jason Garrett is not Wade Phillips. He will not allow Jerry Jones to undermine his authority. He is the playcaller until he decides otherwise or he is out. And so are both brothers, the TE coach and the Assistant Director of Pro Personell.

    We accept that rookies and 2nd year players lack experience and will struggle in some areas. We tolerate the growing pains because we anticipate a higher payoff than replacing them with a veteran that has less physical skill and less time.

    Why do we not do the same with a 2nd year coach? He is highly intelligent, hard working and detail oriented. With a little more time he will improve.

    The Cowboys will already enter next season with their 4th defensive coordinator in 4 years. We need a different playcaller now? What was Jason supposed to so with a running game without a healthy Demarco Murray for half a season. The Cowboys averaged 1yard per rushing attempt better in games he played.

    A foot closer in from a Baily field goal, a few of Dez's fingers in bound instead of out, and one less impulse throw by Tony Romo.....the Cowboys are 11-5 and nobody is questioning Jason's playcalling.

    A little NFL coaching trivia:

    Jon Gruden was 8-8 his first two seasons as an NFL Head Coach.

    Bill Belichick was 7-9 in his first two seasons as an NFL Head Coach

    Sean Payton was 8-8 in his 3rd year as an NFL Head Coach

    Bill Shannahan was fired 4 games into his 2nd season as an NFL Head Coach.

    Jason Garrett is the only Head Coach in Cowboy history not to have a losing season.

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    I don't dispute that Garrett has been stretched to thin in the past. In my opinion he has. But I don't say that because I think it's too much for a person - and Garrett - to be a head coach and a play caller. Many other coaches have done it successfully in the NFL, and Garrett is just as capable.

    In Garret's case I think he has been stretched too thin in the sense that it has been so difficult on him specifically to be a play caller given these 3 circumstances (1) his bad OL takes so much of the playbook away from him as plays that should otherwise work given a certain situation are doomed to fail and so he has to get overly-creative to adjust them or come up with others, (2) the defense has crated so few turnovers for him that he goes into every game anticipating he'll have less possessions on offense than he normally should, (3) and finally, the special teams return game has simply given him horrible starting positions on average fo those few possessions he does have.

    It's not just Garrett, any play caller would have more than their hands full if hampered by these 3 things, forcing them to have to over-improvise and adjust - TO OVECOME OTHERS' SHORTFALLS - as a play caller. Add head coaching duties on top of that to Garret's plate and yes, He has gotten stretched too thin.

    But the solution then is not necessarily to take away play calling duties from him; the solution is to correct these 3 shortcomings and turn them into strengths.

    If you pay attention to what has happened of late, Garrett hired a new DC, and a new special teams coach is on the way. Overcoming shortcomings #2 and #3 are beginning to be addressed. We don't need a new OL coach because Callahan is not the cause of shortfalls in #1. What's needed there are players (and some to help #2 and #3 also). And that will come in time as the draft and free agency are still on the horizon.

    Now, suppose shortcomings #1, #2 and #3 get corrected going into 2013 - In that case, Garret's job as game day play caller has just gotten a whole heck of a lot easier - and more typical under reasonable circumstancea. And in that case, I don't think Garrett will be stretched too thin any longer because he'll be able to call his offense just exactly as it is intended to be called, with the confidence that the players can at least halfway-decently execute the plays that should work when they are called.
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    Excellent points, and I'm inclined to beleive that they don't need as much additional help on th O-line as many might think, just time to gain experience, familiarity with each other and the ability to work together as a cohesive,efficient squad.

    Don't forget, three future pro bowl offensive lineman in the 90's were already on the team before Jimmy Johnson arrived. Tuinei was a free agent converted D-lineman, Newton was a fat overweight free agent, and Gogan was a brawling, undisciplined 8th round draft choice.
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    My agenda is winning..........something your boy has done very little of.

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    After only 2.5 seasons as the head coach are you really going to point out that Garrett is the only coach in Cowboys history not to have a losing season :bang2:

    Sorry but back to back 8-8 seasons isn't really something to go nuts over! That's such an empty stat it's not even funny!
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    Its laughable how the pro Garrett guys are grasping at anything to prop up their boy now. Lets take a look at how our previous coaches did:

    Landry.....multiple SB wins

    Johnson...multiple SB wins

    Switzer....1 SB win

    Gailey.......made playoffs

    Campo......No Playoffs

    Parcells......made playoffs

    Phillups......won a playoff game

    Garrett......No Playoffs

    What do you know, the 2 coaches on this list that have the most in common are Campo and the boy genius Garrett.

    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    :lmao2: :bow:

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