Flashback: Parcell quit being conservative !! What's the worse that can happen?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Sarge

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    Any game plan we DID have was down the shatter 5 minutes into the game.

    Fact: We aren't as good as we thought we were at 7-3 and we're certainly not as bad as we looked yesterdee.

    That game was an enigma, and it cost me $200.

    (don't tell the ol' lady).
  2. Juke99

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    On the nosey.

    In fact, during the week, Parcells said he was going to go back to the same plan...that the KC game was an abberation...

    And the first pass BLedsoe threw was a dink...not a bomb...after that, the game was out of hand...so nothing can be read into it.
  3. InmanRoshi

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    And the QB will go into the HOF with the most mediocre numbers of any HOF QB this side of Joe Namath ... because the offense was one of the most vanilla in the history of the league. The run:pass ratio was ridiculous. Has Norv Turner displayed his "brass ones" anywhere else since he's been playcalling elsewhere.
  4. Mash

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    Some may be happy playing conservative but it won't win u a SB.....some here may be happy for a playoff spot and a early exit....but we were fooled once with that approach in Bills first year.

    Next years NFC East will be tougher....we need to stop being scared and start scaring the opponent. Let a real rebuilding project begin instead of filling the club with Bill's vets so we can become a 8-8 team.
  5. Hoov

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    Now that you mention this, i have been wondering why Norv has pretty much flopped at every job he's taken since leaving the cowboys. And Wandstedt hasnt fared much better.

    I think Juke meant that Jimmy had brass ones though. Also i beleive that Jimmy would tell Turner run or pass a good bit of the time and that it was Jimmy who made the decision to lean so heavily on emmitt during our championship years.
  6. spindoc

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    Mash, you are dead on. Lets be aggressive on both sides of the ball. Lets try to intimidate an opponent for once. It always seems like we are scared.
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    To me, this is sort of a circular argument anyway.

    So this team doesn't have the ability to attack, attack, attack... True. That's no real secret.

    But why don't we have the ability to do that? Because the team that the coach has had three years now to build isn't able to. So it still comes back to him.

    As for the actual game yesterday... I guess you could argue that if we'd run the ball 40 times and shortened the game, we'd have lost by less. But a 17-0 buttkicking counts the same as a 35-7 buttkicking in the record book.
  8. TruBlueCowboy

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    It won the Ravens a Super Bowl. ;)

    Parcells was counting on that defense to hold the fort while the offensive line stunk it up. I think that's what disappoints me the most. The defense suddenly looks like last year's squad.
  9. gbrittain

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    Looking at stats does not tell the story of wether a game was an aggresive game plan or a conservative one.

    You can dink and dunk until your passing stats say you threw the ball 40 times for 300 yards.

    The only games that I would suggest the Cowboys had a semi aggresive game plan were the first Philly game and the KC game. I am not saying those are the only ones, just the ones that I can recall.

    Yesterday was a far cry from aggresive. Find a game that Dallas chose to be aggresive and subsequently got blown out, then use that game as your example of what happens when you "open it up".

    I will be waiting.
  10. Juke99

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    OK..lemme try to explain this cuz I'm obviously not connecting with ya...

    It's not only about the play calling...it's the conservative mindset and how everything flows from that...

    Parcells envisions a team of bus drivers. That's his dream...much more so on offense than defense...but he thinks he can win with guys who execute, control the clock, and TOP (oddly, with this thinking, he then proceeds to sign two of the most error prone QB's in the history of the game).

    He thinks he can assemble a team of guys who play within his conservative system and through their "poise" (his word from today) they'll be able to effectively control a team of crazed players like the Redskins...

    I'm saying it isn't gonna happen in NFL 2005.

    No need to argue...I have time...I'll sit back and root...and we can revisit when Parcells is done here.

    I say he never brings this team back to elite status...ya know, like is expected when a coach is paid $5 million per season.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    This thread is very interesting on so many levels...but done in a good way.

    Keep it up guys.
  12. Everlastingxxx

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    Game plan had nothing to do with this. This was about emotion or the lack of it. Cowboys showed no emotion, just like Bill has stopped showing emotion. The team looks tired and emotionally drained. But please stop the conservative agenda, at least in this case.
  13. Juke99

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    It's not only about the play calling...Jimmy had an attitude that transferred to his players...they were emotional...they were jacked up...even when the team wasn't great...they were exciting...and they had fun!

    Parcells has all the energy of a grandma who needs a couple of glasses of Metamucil...and it shows the way the team comes out, flat, game after game. He's a sour old bastid.
  14. Juke99

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    Yep...well said.

    In my days in corporate America...we purchased alot of companies...and it was amazing to meet the owner/president and know exactly what the organization was going to be like before seeing it run..

    The attitude at the top ALWAYS filters through the organization....one thing we forget because it's football is that this IS a business, just like any other.

    Parcells is SO overly conservative and NEGATIVE that it filters through the team...

    When is the last time, in the past three years, that we came out like the Skins did yesterday...or the Giants did a few weeks ago...or heck, even Philly on Monday night?

    We got away 1-1 in those games vs the Giants and the Eagles...but we were exposed, if you paid attention.

    If not, yesterday came as a surprise.
  15. wileedog

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    The first Eagles game?

    And this is also the first game all season that this team did not stay in the ballgame for 60 minutes. Say what you want about them coming out flat, but they do not fold either, even when it looks like the other team is simply going to run away with it early.

    If you want to blame Bill for how they start, then you have to credit him with their ability (until yesterday) to weather adversity.
  16. AmericasTeam31

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    Well then what's the game plan for this week genius?

    1.We have zero running game, because he only plays on 3rd down.
    2. Our Oline is no better run blocking than they are pass protection.
    3. We are playing the #4 run defense in the NFL
    4. Drew would rather take a sack than throw the ball away.

    What should we do this week? Play conservative and grind out 200 yards of total offense? Sit back and watch S. Smith have more recieving yards than we have TOTAL offense?

    I'd rather see them try to something and fail, then to sit back and pound a dead horse of a run?

    So again, I ask, what should we do this week?
  17. chinch

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    Troy was emotional? When?

    Gotta love this type of analysis.

    You'd blame it on Parcells if your dog got sick.
  18. Hoov

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    sour old bastid, lol.

    I hear ya, Jimmy did get his team fired up on game day, i used to get a kick out of watching him on the sideline when the refs made a bad call against us.

    He was a good motivator, i think he also could put the fear into players.

    One of my favorite quotes by him, he said players come to the sideline after a holding call and say but coach, i wasnt holding...and jimmy said he would tell them "was there a yellow flag on the ground ? then you were holding", loved that.

    I have been a big parcells fan and supporter through all this, but i have to admit he does make some strange decisions in games. But more than that, i cant imagine that we cant come up with something a little less predictable week in and week out.
  19. Juke99

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    Jimmy used to say to a player "Protect the ball"...he said he always made a point of not giving negative orders, so he wouldn't say "Don't fumble" and ya know what, it makes a difference.

    Jimmy was as tough as Parcells is..he was a hard arse...but he also congratulated players with that whacky way he'd clap his hands...

    There's got to be balance...it can't always be negative negative negative....

    And I'm with you...I was always a Parcells fan...but this isn't the guy I saw in NY....this is a sour old man who does nothing but complain about how lousy his $5million per year job is.

  20. Juke99

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    You cite one player as your entire argument???

    Yep you're right gotta love this "analysis"

    If your dog was dead and Parcells told you it wasn't, you'd take him for a walk.

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