Fleener just on Sirius NFL Radio

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rags747, Apr 12, 2012.

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    would not name the teams that he has visited but said that one team was showing him film of Jason Witten and that he has always liked his style of play.

    Not sure what I get out of this.
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    That's sorta vague. Would love to listen to the Sirius interview, if anybody has a link to it. Jason Witten gettin' the respect he deserves, it looks like.
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    Fleener will be one of the top talents from this draft not in the top 10. IMO he represents a potential pro-bowler at his position and, along with a healthy Demarco Murray and adequate OL play, would make our offense pretty lethal.
    I know we need defense and OL worse but IMO Fleener is more bang for the buck, esp since we could probably trade down, garner more picks, and still get him. NONE of the DL/DE/LB prospects excite me in the middle of round 1. They could all very well be busts. I think Fleener is one of the safest picks we could make in later round 1. Barron is probably the second safest pick although I still think 14 is too high for him.
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    I doubt it was us. I like him alot and would be happy in the second but I see him going Late first

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