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    1/1. Detroit [​IMG] [​IMG] Andre Smith OT

    1/2. St. Louis [​IMG] [​IMG] Michael Crabtree WR

    1/3. Kansas City [​IMG] [​IMG] Matthew Stafford QB
    1/ 4. Seattle [​IMG] [​IMG] Aaron Curry LB

    1/5. Cleveland [​IMG] [​IMG] Malcolm Jenkins CB

    1/6. Cincinnati [​IMG] [​IMG]Michael Oher OT
    1/7. Oakland [​IMG] [​IMG] Brian Orakpo DE

    1/8. Jacksonville [​IMG] [​IMG] Jason Smith OT
    1/9. Green Bay[​IMG] [​IMG]Everette Brown DE

    1/10. San Francisco [​IMG] [​IMG] Mark Sanchez QB
    1/11. Buffalo [​IMG] [​IMG] Eugene Monroe OT

    1/12. Denver [​IMG] [​IMG] Knowshon Moreno RB

    1/13. Washington [​IMG] [​IMG] Michael Johnson DE

    1/14. New Orleans [​IMG] [​IMG] Rey Maualaga LB

    1/15. Houston [​IMG] [​IMG] Percy Harvin WR

    1/16. San Diego [​IMG] [​IMG]LeSean McCoy RB

    1/17. N.Y. Jets [​IMG] [​IMG] DT/NT B.J. Raji

    1/18. Chicago [​IMG] [​IMG] Vontae Davis CB

    1/19. Tampa Bay [​IMG] [​IMG] Jeremy Maclin WR

    1/20. Detroit (From Dallas) [​IMG] http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa181/Floatyworm/JamesLaurinaitis.jpg[IMG] James Laurinaitis LB

    1/21. Philadelphia [IMG]http://www.onlinesports.com/images/tn/cd-rev-phila.jpg [​IMG] Chris-Beanie- Wells RB
    1/22. Minnesota [​IMG] [​IMG] DJ Moore CB

    1/23. New England [​IMG] [​IMG] Aaron Maybin OLB/DE

    1/24. Atlanta [​IMG] [​IMG] Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest
    1/25. Miami [​IMG] [​IMG] Tyson Jackson DE
    1/26. Baltimore [​IMG] [​IMG] Larry English LB

    1/27. Indianapolis [​IMG] [​IMG] G Duke Robinson

    1/28. Philadelphia (from Carolina)[​IMG] [​IMG] Phil Loadholt OT
    1/29. New York Giants [​IMG] [​IMG] Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
    1/30. Tennessee [​IMG] Alex Mack C

    1/31. Arizona [​IMG]

    1/32. Pittsburgh [​IMG]

    2/33. Detroit [​IMG]
    2/34. Kansas City [​IMG] Brian Cushing LB

    2/35. St. Louis [​IMG] Sean Smith

    2/36. Cleveland [​IMG] Clint Sintim OLB

    2/37. Seattle [​IMG]

    2/38. Cincinnati [​IMG] Brandon Pettigrew TE

    2/39. Jacksonville [​IMG]

    2/40. Oakland [​IMG] Eben Britton OT

    2/41. Green Bay [​IMG] [​IMG] Ronald Brown RB

    2/42. Buffalo [​IMG]

    2/43. San Francisco [​IMG] [​IMG] Rashad Johnson FS
    2/44. Miami (From Washington) [​IMG]

    2/45. NY Giants (From N.O.)[​IMG]

    2/46. Houston [​IMG]

    2/47. New England (From San Diego)[​IMG] William Moore S

    2/48. Denver [​IMG] Clay Matthews LB

    2/49. Chicago [​IMG] [​IMG] WR Kenny Britt

    2/50. Tampa Bay [​IMG] [​IMG] Sen'Derrick Marks DT

    2/51. Dallas [​IMG]

    2/52. New York Jets [​IMG]

    2/53. Philadelphia [​IMG]

    2/54. Minnesota [​IMG] Terrence Taylor DT Michigan

    2/55. Atlanta [​IMG]

    2/56. Miami [​IMG] Juaquin Iglesias WR

    2/57. Baltimore [​IMG] Fili Moala DT/DE
    2/58. New England [​IMG]

    2/59. Carolina [​IMG]

    2/60. N.Y. Giants [​IMG]

    2/61. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    262. Tennessee [​IMG]

    2/63. Arizona [​IMG]

    2/64. Pittsburgh [​IMG]

    3/65. Detroit [​IMG]
    3/66. St. Louis [​IMG]
    3/67. Kansas City [​IMG]
    3/68. Seattle [​IMG]
    3/69. Dallas (From Cleveland) [​IMG] WR
    3/70. Cincinnati [​IMG] [​IMG]Javon Ringer RB

    3/71. Oakland [​IMG]
    3/72. Jacksonville [​IMG] RB
    3/73. Green Bay (From N.Y.Jets) [​IMG]
    3/74. San Francisco [​IMG]
    3/75. Buffalo [​IMG]
    3/76. NY Jets (From New Orleans) [​IMG]
    3/77. Houston [​IMG]
    3/78. San Diego [​IMG]
    3/79. Denver [​IMG] [​IMG] Cody Brown ILB

    3/80. Washington [​IMG]
    3/81. Tampa Bay [​IMG]
    3/82. Detroit (From Dallas) [​IMG]
    3/83. New York Jets [​IMG]
    3/84. Chicago [​IMG]
    3/85. Philadelphia [​IMG]
    3/86. Minnesota [​IMG]
    3/87. Miami [​IMG]
    3/88. Baltimore [​IMG]
    3/89. New England [​IMG]
    3/90. Atlanta [​IMG]

    3/91. N.Y. Giants [​IMG] Scott McKillop LB

    3/92. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    3/93. Carolina [​IMG]

    3/94. Tennessee [​IMG]

    3/95. Arizona [​IMG] James Davis RB

    3/96. Pittsburgh [​IMG]


    4/97. Dallas [​IMG]

    4/98. Kansas City [​IMG]

    4/99. St. Louis [​IMG]

    4/100. Cleveland [​IMG]
    4/101. Seattle [​IMG]
    4/102. Cincinnati [​IMG]
    4/103. Jacksonville [​IMG] Josh Freeman QB
    4/104. Oakland [​IMG]
    4/105. Green Bay [​IMG]

    4/106. Buffalo [​IMG]
    4/107. San Francisco [​IMG]
    4/108. Houston [​IMG]

    4/109. San Diego [​IMG]

    4/110. Denver [​IMG]

    4/111. New York Jets (From Washington) [​IMG]
    4/112. New Orleans [​IMG]

    4/113. Dallas [​IMG] [​IMG] Jasper Brinkley ILB

    4/114. New York Jets [​IMG]

    4/115. Chicago [​IMG] [​IMG] Paul Kruger DE

    4/116. Tampa Bay [​IMG]

    4/117. Philadelphia [​IMG]

    4/118. Minnesota [​IMG]

    4/119. Baltimore [​IMG]

    4/120. New England [​IMG]

    4/121. Atlanta [​IMG]

    4/122. Miami [​IMG]

    4/123. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    4/124. Carolina [​IMG]
    4/125. N.Y. Giants [​IMG]
    4/126. Tennessee [​IMG]

    4/127. Arizona [​IMG]

    4/128. Pittsburgh [​IMG]


    5/129. Detroit [​IMG]
    5/130. St. Louis [​IMG]

    5/131. Kansas City [​IMG]

    5/132. Denver(from Seattle)[​IMG]

    5/133. Philadelphia (from Cleveland)
    5/134. Cincinnati [​IMG] [​IMG] Terrell Byrd DT

    5/135. Atlanta (from Oakland) [​IMG]

    5/136. Jacksonville [​IMG]
    5/137. Green Bay [​IMG]

    5/138. San Francisco [​IMG]
    5/139. Buffalo [​IMG]
    5/140. San Diego [​IMG]

    5/141. Denver [​IMG]

    5/142. Washington [​IMG]

    5/143. NY Giants (From N.O.)[​IMG]

    5/144. Houston [​IMG]
    5/145. New York Jets [​IMG]

    5/146. Chicago [​IMG]

    5/147. Tampa Bay [​IMG]

    5/148. Dallas [​IMG]

    5/149. Philadelphia [​IMG]

    5/150. Minnesota [​IMG]

    5/151. New England [​IMG]

    5/152. Atlanta [​IMG]
    5/153. Miami [​IMG]

    5/154. Baltimore [​IMG]

    5/155. Carolina [​IMG]

    5/156. N.Y. Giants [​IMG]

    5/157. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    5/158. Dallas (from Tennessee) [​IMG]

    5/159. Arizona [​IMG]

    5/160. Pittsburgh [​IMG]


    6/161. Detroit [​IMG]
    6/162. Kansas City [​IMG]

    6/163. St. Louis [​IMG]
    6/164. Cleveland [​IMG]
    6/165. Seattle [​IMG]
    6/166. Cincinnati [​IMG]
    6/167. Jacksonville [​IMG]
    6/168. Oakland [​IMG]
    6/168. Green Bay [​IMG]

    6/170. Buffalo [​IMG]
    6/171. San Francisco [​IMG]
    6/172. Denver [​IMG]

    6/173. Washington [​IMG]

    6/174. Green Bay ) [​IMG]

    6/175. Houston [​IMG]

    6/176. San Diego [​IMG]

    6/177. Chicago [​IMG]

    6/178. Tampa Bay [​IMG]

    6/179. Detroit (From Dallas) [​IMG]
    6/180. New York Jets [​IMG]

    6/181. Philadelphia [​IMG]

    6/182. Philadelphi (From Minnesota) [​IMG]
    6/183. Atlanta [​IMG]

    6/184. Dallas (from Miami) [​IMG]

    6/185. Baltimore [​IMG]

    6/186. New England [​IMG]

    6/187. N.Y. Giants [​IMG]

    6/188. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    6/189. Carolina [​IMG]

    6/190. Tennessee [​IMG]

    6/191. Arizona [​IMG]

    6/192. Pittsburgh [​IMG]


    7/193. Detroit [​IMG]
    7/194. St. Louis [​IMG]

    7/195. Kansas City [​IMG]
    7/196. Seattle [​IMG]

    7/197. Miami (from Cleveland) [​IMG]

    7/198. Cincinnati [​IMG]
    7/199. Oakland [​IMG]

    7/200. Tampa Bay (From Jacksonville)[​IMG]
    7/201. Green Bay [​IMG]

    7/202. San Francisco [​IMG]
    7/203. Buffalo [​IMG]

    7/204. Minnesota (From Washington) [​IMG]

    7/205. New Orleans [​IMG]

    7/206. Houston [​IMG]

    7/207. San Diego [​IMG]

    7/208. Denver [​IMG]
    7/209. Pittsburgh(from Tampa Bay) [​IMG]
    7/210. Dallas [​IMG]

    7/211. New York Jets [​IMG]

    7/212. Chicago [​IMG]

    7/213. Philadelphia [​IMG]

    7/214. Minnesota [​IMG]

    7/215. Miami [​IMG]

    7/216. Baltimore [​IMG]

    7/217. New England [​IMG]

    7/218. Atlanta [​IMG]

    7/219. Indianapolis [​IMG]

    7/220. Miami (from Carolina) [​IMG]

    7/221. N.Y. Giants [​IMG]

    7/222. Tennessee [​IMG]

    7/223. Arizona [​IMG]

    7/224. Pittsburgh [​IMG]
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    that's a coding mess, let me know when you have the viewer friendly version
  3. DFWJC

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    It's a mess but here are some initial comments.

    In round one, I guess it's all JMO, but:

    Crabtree to SL? Maybe to Seattle.
    Sanchez going 10th?
    Houston--who is loaded at WR, taking Harvin at 15th? doubt it
    McCoy to San Diego seems early too.

    But overall it seems like most of the players are not far-fetched.
  4. Floaty

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    I needed a place to work out these coding problems I'm having. Sorry for the inconvince......Now I can't edit my mock- Can I get some help?
  5. HoleInTheRoof

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    Unless you're Mel Kiper Jr, you shouldn't waste so much time on a mock draft.

    All 7 rounds? Coded? With pictures?

    Come on man... go outside and find something to do. There's a whole world out there!
  6. Floaty

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    It's really not as bad as it looks.(the code) I do this every year.....the 1st year was the worst-

    But all I do is copy the code from the previous year- and then move it around to the right draft order.

    Then copy and paste pics to the team-

    I spend a couple of hours a night @ work doing this.

    It's really pretty simple
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Do all of your coding in a text or word document (including the image addresses)

    Once you get it complete in a text or word document, start a new thread and let me, or another mod, know and I/we will delete this one.

    But how about waiting till you get the whole thing done instead of a few names after the first couple of rounds.:cool:
  8. Floaty

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    Sounds like a plan-

    I really was just using this as a backup- thinking this was just gonna be code.

    But once I made this post- it converted it into pics- and I thought I could convert it back into code- and edit

    My bad for not knowing:eek::
  9. silverbear

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    Hey floaty, 'sup?? :D
  10. Floaty

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    Struggling with my coding:bang2:

    I've got this mock saved on 4 different sites....

    and Thanks to the Ranch- It messed it up.

    When I posted it over there- It put spaces in the code- so now it won't work

    And the draft site I go to won't accept it either-

    Been a real pain in the butt trying to update this

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