Florida Mom Arrested After 16-Month-Old Baby Tests Positive for Cocaine

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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008


    Marshal Daniels
    A Florida woman was arrested Monday after her 16-month-old daughter tested positive for cocaine, MyFOXOrlando reports.

    The baby’s grandmother contacted Sanford, Fla., police after she went to check on her daughter, Marshal Daniels, and found her granddaughter alone, covered in sores. Daniels' mother took the baby to the hospital after noticing the child was digging at her skin in an attempt to scratch the wounds, MyFOXOrlando reports.

    While being treated for the sores a doctor reported that the baby had tested positive for cocaine, MyFOXOrlando reports. Police arrested Daniels, 30, and charged her with child abuse. She is being held at the Seminole County jail on $7000 bond.
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    wow shes up there for mom of the year with britney and that mom who taught her kids to smoke pot
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    Its really hard to believe crap like this actually goes on.

    What kind of person do you have to be to give a 1 year old cocaine and a 5 year old Marijuana?

    Seriously who does crap like this?
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    sadly to say all too many.
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    stuff like that makes me wonder why people can even think of doing something like that to their child.I dont get it,and I hope that someday people do.

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