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News: Floyd Engel:10 questions for the Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    Posted on Sun, Jul. 25, 2004

    10 questions for the Cowboys

    Staff writer Jennifer Floyd Engel looks at the team heading into training camp next week in Oxnard, Calif.

    By Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    1. Will the Cowboys be better in coach Bill Parcells' second season?

    Yes. Don't agree? Just do a little comparing of new vs. old and see for yourself.

    Marcellus Wiley vs. Ebenezer Ekuban. Advantage Wiley.

    Vinny Testaverde vs. Chad Hutchinson. Advantage Testaverde.

    Keyshawn Johnson vs. Joey Galloway. Advantage Johnson.

    Eddie George/Julius Jones vs. Troy Hambrick. Advantage George/Jones.

    The Cowboys had 10 victories last season and improved in just about every key area of weaknesses this off-season.

    2. What does "better" mean?

    Twelve victories, a Super Bowl berth and a mid-February victory parade through downtown Dallas might be too much to expect.

    Parcells and owner Jerry Jones have said as much. They know the Cowboys could be an improved team and win fewer games. The Eagles and the Redskins have improved. The Cowboys are not going to sneak up on anybody this season. They also are still trying to find out if Quincy Carter is the long-term answer at quarterback.

    3. If the Cowboys believe Carter is the long-term answer, why is Vinny Testaverde a Cowboy?

    The answer floating around Valley Ranch is that Testaverde provides a proven backup in case Carter falters and a solid mentor to help Drew Henson develop into the quarterback the team thinks he can become.

    The only three people who have suggested that Testaverde might be here to start are Testaverde, Parcells and former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

    Aikman's theory, given during an interview with the NFL Network: "... There was a lot of discussion within the organization about the quarterback and who was going to be the starter next season. So I just sense that there is some uncertainty to whether Quincy is going to be the guy that takes this team ultimately to where they want to go.

    "This is why I believe there will be open competition. I think it's Quincy's job right now to lose, but if Vinny Testaverde goes out and plays well in these preseason games and Quincy struggles, then I think it's clear that Bill Parcells will play the guy who gives him the best chance to win."

    4. Will we see Drew Henson doing anything other than holding a clipboard in 2004?

    Probably not, but Henson has impressed enough people in the organization to make the "probably" necessary. If the Cowboys struggle or if Carter struggles down the stretch as he did last season, Henson could be tested.

    5. How much does running back Eddie George have left?

    It seems to be the question du jour, but it doesn't matter. The Cowboys did not sign George to a one-year contract worth $2.1 million plus incentives in hopes of getting him in his prime. They are banking on him making the running game better than it was last year with Troy Hambrick and better than it would have been had they gone with Julius Jones, Richie Anderson, Aveion Cason and ReShard Lee. Even the biggest George bashers have to admit that the Cowboys are better off with George Lite than without George at all.

    6. How concerned should Cowboys fans be about Darren Woodson's injury?

    If you listen long enough, the Cowboys could almost make you believe Woodson's back injury, which is likely to require surgery and force him to miss six to eight weeks, is a good thing. After all, a 12-year veteran can afford to miss training camp, and he might only miss the first game of the season.

    But the first game of the season is against the Vikings, who have wide receiver Randy Moss. Moss has a history of shredding the Cowboys, who will likely throw unproven cornerback Pete Hunter at him without the benefit of safety help, because they will be busy trying to compensate for not having Woodson.

    That's the short-term panic point. The long-term problem is if Woodson, 35, will be the same when he gets back.

    7. Is cornerback really a position the Cowboys should be experimenting with?

    The common assumption was that Parcells and Jones were lying when they said they were prepared to go into the season with Hunter manning the corner opposite Terence Newman. They had to be trying to sign somebody to fill the void left by the departure of Mario Edwards. But so far, they have not, and camp begins in less than a week.

    So the Cowboys are apparently gambling on Hunter, which seems like an awfully big gamble at a position at which gambling rarely goes well. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys rethink this at camp, or even before they get there.

    8. Will wayward wide receiver Antonio Bryant be a Cowboy?

    Yes. If he has survived this long without being cut for the jersey-throwing tantrum that has kept him from Valley Ranch all off-season, Bryant will be at camp. All he has to do is apologize, which his agent, Lamont Smith, promises Bryant is ready to do at Monday's meeting with Parcells.

    9. Is there any hope for the offensive line?

    A group that includes Larry Allen and Flozell Adams and is constantly fortified with high draft picks should live up to its potential one of these seasons. But it has been consistently underwhelming and if it is again this season, it won't matter if Eddie George and Keyshawn Johnson are their earlier selves.

    There are reasons to believe this season could be different. Allen is supposedly in his best condition in years and has bought into Parcells' philosophy. Center Al Johnson is back from an injury and is ready to shore up the middle. Rookie Stephen Peterman has been impressive in minicamps and could beat out Andre Gurode as the starting right guard. Adams had his best season in 2003 and is expected to be better. The keys are avoiding injuries and how quickly rookie tackle Jacob Rogers develops.

    10. Who are some no-names who could become key names?

    Linebacker Bradie James is ready to ignite. Peterman, despite being drafted a round behind Rogers, could be ready to play before Rogers. If healthy, Al Johnson has the potential to be really, really good. And look for tight end Jason Witten to start getting some Jeremy Shockey-like love around the NFL.

    Training camp schedule


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice

    SUNDAY, AUG. 1

    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice

    MONDAY, AUG. 2

    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice *

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice

    FRIDAY, AUG. 6

    9-11 a.m. - practice*

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - Stand Up scrimmage

    MONDAY, AUG. 9

    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice

    TUESDAY, AUG. 10

    9-11 a.m. - practice *

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    2-4:30 p.m. - practice

    FRIDAY, AUG. 13

    9-11 a.m. - practice


    Cowboys at Houston, 7 p.m., Reliant Stadium

    MONDAY, AUG. 16

    2-4:30 p.m. - practice

    TUESDAY, AUG. 17

    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    9-11 a.m. - practice

    3-5 p.m. - practice


    2-4 p.m. - practice

    FRIDAY, AUG. 20

    9-11 a.m. - practice


    Cowboys at Oakland, 8 p.m.

    When: Friday-Aug. 20

    Where: Oxnard, Calif., River Ridge Complex adjacent to the Residence Inn

    Admission: Free

    Parking: $5

    If you go: The first practice is Saturday. ... Some bleacher seating is available. ... There will be a concession stand, Cowboys Pro Shop on wheels and Hall of Fame truck at the site. ... The mornings are chilly and cool breezes blow during the afternoon practices. A light jacket or sweatshirt is recommended. ... Search the Internet for visitoxnard.com for hotel packages along with fan events and visitor information.

    * denotes special teams practice; all times CST

    2004-'05 schedule


    Aug. 14 at Houston 7 p.m. KTVT/Ch. 11
    Aug. 21 at Oakland 8 p.m. KTVT/Ch. 11
    Aug. 30 Tennessee 7 p.m. WFAA/Ch. 8
    Sept. 2 Kansas City 7 p.m. KTVT/Ch. 11


    Sept. 12 at Minnesota 3:15 p.m. KDFW/Ch. 4
    Sept. 19 Cleveland 3:15 p.m. KTVT/Ch. 11
    Sept. 27 at Washington 8 p.m. WFAA/Ch. 8
    Oct. 3 Bye
    Oct. 10 New York Giants Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Oct. 17 Pittsburgh 3:15 p.m. KTVT/Ch. 11
    Oct. 24 at Green Bay 3:15 p.m. KDFW/Ch. 4
    Oct. 31 Detroit Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Nov. 7 at Cincinnati Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Nov. 15 Philadelphia 8 p.m. WFAA/Ch. 8
    Nov. 21 at Baltimore Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Nov. 25 Chicago 3:30 p.m. KDFW/Ch. 4
    Dec. 6 at Seattle 8 p.m. WFAA/Ch. 8
    Dec. 12 New Orleans Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Dec. 19 at Philadelphia Noon KDFW/Ch. 4
    Dec. 26 Washington 3:15 p.m. KDFW/Ch. 4
    Jan. 2 at New York Giants 7:30 p.m. ESPN

    Cowboys roster

    Quarterback (5) Height Weight Experience College

    17 Carter, Quincy 6-2 213 4 Georgia
    11 Henson, Drew 6-4 230 R Michigan
    7 Hutchinson, Chad 6-5 237 3 Stanford
    9 Romo, Tony 6-2 227 2 Eastern Illinois
    16 Testaverde, Vinny 6-5 235 18 Miami (Fla.)
    Running back (8) Height Weight Experience College
    20 Anderson, Richie (FB) 6-2 230 12 Penn State
    36 Barnes, Darian (FB) 6-2 250 3 Hampton
    23 Cason, Aveion (RB) 5-10 204 4 Illinois State
    27 George, Eddie (RB) 6-3 235 9 Ohio State
    21 Jones, Julius (RB) 5-10 217 R Notre Dame
    32 Lee, ReShard (RB) 5-10 232 1 Mid. Tenn. State
    34 Martin, Jamar (FB) 5-11 256 2 Ohio State
    39 Polite, Lousaka (FB) 6-0 246 R Pittsburgh
    Wide receiver (11) Height Weight Experience College
    88 Bryant, Antonio 6-1 192 3 Pittsburgh
    18 Copper, Terrance 6-0 204 R East Carolina
    14 Crayton, Patrick 6-0 210 R NW Okla. State
    83 Glenn, Terry 5-11 195 9 Ohio State
    80 James, Cedric 6-1 197 3 TCU
    19 Johnson, Keyshawn 6-4 212 9 So. California
    15 Middleton, Brandon 5-10 190 R Houston
    13 Newson, James 6-1 219 R Oregon State
    84 Smith, Zuriel 5-11 166 2 Hampton
    87 Ward, Dedric 5-9 187 8 Northern Iowa
    89 Williams, Randal 6-3 220 4 New Hampshire
    Tight end (6) Height Weight Experience College
    86 Campbell, Dan 6-5 263 6 Texas A&M
    85 Robinson, Jeff 6-4 264 12 Idaho
    49 Ryan, Sean 6-5 266 R Boston College
    48 Trusty, Landon 6-7 268 R Cen. Arkansas
    81 Whalen, James 6-2 244 4 Kentucky
    82 Witten, Jason 6-5 257 2 Tennessee
    Offensive line (17) Height Weight Experience College
    76 Adams, Flozell (T) 6-7 357 7 Michigan State
    73 Allen, Larry (G) 6-3 335 11 Sonoma State
    70 Collins, Javiar (T) 6-6 322 4 Northwestern St.
    63 DiNapoli, Gennaro (C) 6-3 287 7 Virginia Tech
    61 Graham, DeMingo (G/T) 6-3 310 6 Hofstra
    65 Gurode, Andre (G) 6-4 326 3 Colorado
    68 Herrion, Thomas (G) 6-3 320 R Utah
    62 Johnson, Al (C) 6-5 303 1 Wisconsin
    68 Lehr, Matt (C) 6-2 304 4 Virginia Tech
    67 McCauley, Tango (G) 6-4 307 R Alabama State
    60 Peterman, Stephen (G) 6-4 317 R Louisiana State
    79 Rogers, Jacob (T) 6-6 305 R Southern Cal
    74 Sanders, Darrick (T) 6-4 312 R Ark.-Monticello
    77 Tucker, Torrin (T) 6-6 329 2 Southern Miss
    72 Volk, Dave (T) 6-5 300 1 Nebraska
    78 Vollers, Kurt (T) 6-7 317 3 Notre Dame
    71 Walter, Tyson (G/C) 6-4 310 3 Ohio State
    Defensive line (14) Height Weight Experience College
    99 Blade, Willie (T) 6-3 315 3 Mississippi State
    92 Brooks, Jermaine (T) 6-3 290 1 Arkansas
    91 Carson, Leonardo (T) 6-2 305 5 Auburn
    93 Coleman, Kenyon (E) 6-5 285 3 UCLA
    98 Ellis, Greg (E) 6-6 277 7 North Carolina
    95 Emanuel, Kevin (E) 6-4 259 R Florida State
    97 Glover, La'Roi (T) 6-2 285 9 San Diego State
    96 Hilliard, Cedric (T) 6-2 307 R Notre Dame
    72 Lee, Darrell (E) 6-4 273 R Florida
    90 Ogbogu, Eric (E) 6-4 270 7 Maryland
    66 Smith, Shaun (T) 6-2 320 1 South Carolina
    64 Stewart, Daleroy (T) 6-4 327 3 Southern Miss
    75 Wiley, Marcellus (E) 6-4 280 8 Columbia
    94 Wingrove, Ryan (E) 6-3 250 1 Bowling Green
    Linebackers (9) Height Weight Experience College
    50 Brooks, Jamal 6-2 240 4 Hampton
    52 Coakley, Dexter 5-10 236 8 Appalachian St.
    56 James, Bradie 6-2 243 2 Louisiana State
    59 Nguyen, Dat 5-11 243 6 Texas A&M
    54 O'Neil, Keith 6-0 230 2 Northern Arizona
    58 Shanle, Scott 6-2 245 2 Nebraska
    51 Singleton, Al 6-2 228 8 Temple
    55 Steele, Markus 6-3 240 4 Southern Cal
    53 Thornton, Kalen 6-3 245 R Texas
    Secondary (15) Height Weight Experience College
    43 Cargile, Steve (S) 6-1 205 R Columbia
    40 Crowder, Tom (S) 6-1 203 R Arkansas
    29 Davis, Keith (CB) 5-10 201 2 Sam Houston
    26 Davison, Andrew (CB) 5-11 185 3 Kansas
    24 Dixon, Tony (S) 6-1 213 4 Alabama
    47 Hunter, Pete (CB) 6-2 212 3 Virginia Union
    33 Jones, Nathan (CB) 5-10 187 R Rutgers
    30 Mitchell, Donald (CB) 5-10 182 5 SMU
    41 Newman, Terence (CB) 5-11 188 2 Kansas State
    25 Powell, Jemeel (CB) 6-0 186 2 California
    35 Reeves, Jacques (CB) 5-11 188 R Purdue
    38 Scott, Lynn (S) 6-0 221 4 NW Okla. State
    37 Thornton, Bruce (CB) 5-10 197 R Georgia
    31 Williams, Roy (S) 6-0 235 3 Oklahoma
    28 Woodson, Darren (S) 6-1 219 13 Arizona State
    Specialists (4) Height Weight Experience College
    3 Cundiff, Billy (K) 6-1 201 3 Drake
    6 Flinn, Ryan (P) 6-5 205 R Central Florida
    1 McBriar, Mat (P) 6-1 202 1 Hawaii
    4 Ruffin, Jonathan (K) 5-11 174 1 Cincinnati
    Reserve/Injured Height Weight Experience College
    46 Bickerstaff, Erik (RB) 6-0 230 2 Wisconsin

    Head coach: Bill Parcells

    Assistant coaches: Maurice Carthon (Offensive coordinator/running backs), Bruce DeHaven (special teams), Gary Gibbs (linebackers), Todd Haley (wide receivers), Steve Hoffman (kickers/defensive quality control), Jim Jeffcoat (defensive ends), Joe Juraszek (strength and conditioning), David Lee (offensive assistant), Mike MacIntyre (assistant secondary), Sean Payton (assistant head coach/quarterbacks), Kacy Rodgers (defensive tackles), Tony Sparano (tight ends), George Warhop (offensive line), Mike Zimmer (defensive coordinator).

    To contact Jennifer Floyd Engel, call (817) 390-7760 or send e-mail to jenfloyd@star-telegram.com.
  2. Cheap Shot Artist

    Cheap Shot Artist Benched

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    I have high hopes for Henson but the only way he see the field this year is if something catastrophic happens @ the QB position

    QC would have to be worse than awful and/or pop off @ either BP and.or JJ like QC did with JJ 2 years ago in Arizona

    Then Vinny would have to get injured

    or somehow, someway Henson would have to vault past Vinny to get the number 2 job...

    highly unlikely

    injuries, less fortunate bounces, and potential game changing that are dropped like the Eagles, Giants, and Bills games game this year along with the above mentioned improvements of our opponents...

    We could be better, but not in W's and L's

    good piece

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