Floyd was 5th on our draft board, why did we pass him up?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Cowboy Brian

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    According to Blogging the Boys Shariff Floyd was our 5th overall prospect. Why didn't we grab him when he fell to us?
  2. Tex

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    Because they didnt think he fit their scheme. And unfortunately for him so did another 20 or teams. This has been covered in other threads btw...

  3. xwalker

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    There have been multiple threads about this topic.
  4. snapper

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    Because his chi flow was all wrong.
  5. DFWJC

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    All lies.

    But yes, this has been covered in other threads.

    Btw, he fits the scheme just fine. They just decided the need at Oline was too great, and they actually felt in year one he would be a rotational player due to what we already have at DT.
    So, they traded down to get an olineman and a 2 for 1 deal.
  6. Super_Kazuya

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    A better question is, why do people second guess the organization following its own advice when it's all coming from the same organization?

    Cowboys fan: Why the heck didn't the Cowboys follow their board? They got cute and thought they knew more than the board.

    Other Cowboys fan: Who made their board?

    Cowboys fan: The Cowboys.

    And don't give me this crap about "it's the scouts who make the board, it's different". I know they did, but the scouts also fully own (just like everyone else) that this team is going on two decades without a super bowl. There's nothing special about our scouting to think they are wizards who can't be overruled.

    Bottom line, judge the pick for what happens when it's all said and done. All this "they should have followed the board" talk is ridiculous.
  7. speedkilz88

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  8. MonsterD

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    Welcome to a month and a half ago.
  9. Cowboy Brian

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    I haven't been here for a few weeks - I apologize for offending you, sir.
  10. JoeyBoy718

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    I know it's been discussed, but I'm glad we passed on Floyd. I'm no expert on him, but it's my understanding that he has the potential to be an elite run stuffer. Marrinelli seems to like "rushmen" who can rush the passer and stuff the run. I like the guys we have, even though they're all reaching or have passed 30. I'd prefer more well-rounded guys on our 4-3 line. That guy the Eagles drafted last year (forget his name) would've been much more ideal than Floyd. But I may be way wrong.
  11. Eddie

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    Because he has slow twitch muscles.
  12. xwalker

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    It is a funny concept.
  13. Muhast

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    Well the obvious answer: The Cowboys avoid SEC players like the plague! lol
  14. Tex

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    I keep thinking that maybe they got smart and started looking at a players PRODUCTION as well as combine results and saw he had 4.5 sacks in two years at a major college program against college level players and wondered how that might translate to NFL level where every single week he would face someone better then he ever faced in college. The worst guy he will probably face next year is arguably as good or better as the best guy he faced in college. He is going to face a daily lineup that were probably all conference or all american in college folks.

    Combine stats are fine. I get it. I want someone that has actually produced.

    In the new 4-3 we need guys that can rush not just run stuff. We would of drafted a part time guy that may never grow into more. They felt they needed a starter that would play 10 years. Sure they rolled the dice. You do that every year. 20 other teams rolled the same dice and got the same result.

    The question I keep coming back to then was WHY was he sitting at number 5 on our board on draft day still and not 20 something? Someone seriously screwed up. Blame Jerry the GM for passing or maybe we should blame whatever committee of scouts or whatever stuck him at number 5.

    There was a reason he didnt go for 20 picks. Thank gawd someone in charge here may of saved us from a pick graded wrong. We wont know that answer for a couple years. We needed OL help BAD. The draft did not fall as we hoped. Has there ever been so many OL taken so early in the modern history of the NFL draft? I was shocked.

    We need penetrating pass rushers. The guy had enough warts in that area that 20 other teams passed just like the Cowboys did. There is your clue for the day. Sure they may of missed. Dan Marino was like the 7'th quarterback in his draft selected. ? lol

    Aaron Rodgers went in the 20's a few years ago. You wanta bet that a lot of teams those years wouldnt love a do-over? Sure they would!

    But the end result is the coaches, GM and scouts all talk and thats what decides the end result. Roll the dice. And thats exactly what this was. May come up box cars or may be snake eyes. We have to wait and see.

  15. Hardline

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    Can we at least see how one season plays out before making any judgements. If Frederick is what I think he is.He will make players like Floyd irrelevent for 10 years.
  16. arglebargle

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    I have a copy of the PFW (rest their souls) early draft magazine. That's the one that's put out after the Senior Bowl, etc, but before the combine. And usually somewhat less accurate, due to all the movement that goes on over the last two months before the draft. They had Floyd listed as a first rounder, and had him going to the Vikings about where he actually did go. Using this view, you can surmise that his move up the charts was partially a combine driven thing. Four and a half sacks in his college career.
  17. MonsterD

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    Actually the ball of wax started right at or before that senior bowl. I remember that after practices they were saying he might be in the top 2 or 3 DTs for this draft.
  18. JoeyBoy718

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    It's funny. I saw early mocks that had Damontre Moore (who went in the 3rd) and Bjoern Werner (who went late 1st) going #1 overall and consistently going in the top 5. I assume they were excellent in college to be projected to go so high. Then they have a bad combine and fall off a cliff. I'll take the guy who produced in the 3rd round over the guy who shocked at the combine in the 1st round 10 times out of 10.
  19. LynnFoster

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    I don't think we have had nearly enough threads on Floyd. We have on Costa though, how about a thread about how Costa would fare against Floyd?

    A Star Trek style destruction of the Universe from Matter intersecting Antimatter?
  20. Aliencowboy

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    Because our O-line sucks and Floyd dropped since his production didn't match his potential, Dallas got value in trading back and getting a center to solidify the middle. Frederick will make the guards better and more importantly give our 6'2 QB the ability to step up and throw.

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