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    Are these things just not worth any money?

    I bought a Emmitt Smith Rookie card back in the early 90's and the value of the card just hasn't gone up a whole lot.

    I bought it for 7 dollars and i've seen that its worth 14 Dollars in some magazines but on Ebay you can get it for next to nothin.

    Here is the card.

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    The problem is the amount of that particular one. There were literally thousands and thousands of that one so there are a lot of them out there.

    Contrast that by the '90 score supplemental Emmitt rookie that was made in far less numbers and you can see the difference.


    This books for around 60.00

    Hope that helps.

    Also take a look at the limited number of rookies that are produced today as most of the most coveted ones are all autographed and are produced in even fewer numbers.

    For example this is Romo's playoff Contenders Rookie card. There were only 999 made. (I have one :D )


    Currently it books for around 400.00. It was up to 550. at one point last year.

    Hope that helps some.
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    The late 80s and early 90s was the boom for cards.

    As a result, they are worthless pretty much. Unless you ahve a really rare card, they are worthless.

    I was looking at my collection the other day. Sucks to see a bunch of cards that were worth some bucks back in the day only be worth about 3 dollars.

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