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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by EmDiggy, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Thanks for the effort but we're looking for a solid #2 option?

    You've heard of Terrance Williams right?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but we're not drafting Dee Ford at #16 to play DE.

    Don't see the 2nd rounder as a fit at DT for us either.
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    'Preciate the response but I don't think Williams is a 'dependable' player just to be completely honest. But like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Why wouldn't you want Ford to play DE? And why wouldn't Ellis be a fit in that defense?
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    Williams was a rookie last year and produced very well. He's not fully refined but he was definitely more dependable than Miles Austin and produced like a legitimate # 2. Was also the most productive receiver in the nation last year coming into the draft. After the top 3 at WR (Watkins, Evans, Lee) in the draft, you will be hard pressed to guarantee a more legitimate # 2 starting option at WR , than we already have in Terrance Willliams coming out this draft. Even though this is supposed to be a good one for WR's.

    Dee Ford is not an every down player at DE in the 4-3 at the NFL level. I like the player for the 3-4 at OLB. Love his speed, great strength for size and technique. But the odds of him holding up game after game at DE are very slim mainly because of his size. Not much more to put on his frame either. Ford mentioned himself just the other day how he's an ideal fit for the 3-4.

    Regarding Ellis, NT type for a 3-4. Would be a huge 1 technique in this scheme. I understand you mentioned his agility for a big man but he's still more a plugger than a pocket pusher. This scheme does not blitz often and relies on all 4 d-lineman to be able to get after the pass rusher without blitz pressure and clog running lanes for the LB's to tackle the ball carrier. Ellis holds his gap but he doesn't penetrate the pocket well. There's also no indication the team has any interest in this type of player.

    You went heavy on defense and especially d-line early in your mock which I'm sure people are happy because of paying Ttention to need areas but I don't think the value is there in your top 3 picks.
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    my connection is too slow for video
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    1 Dee Ford - Like
    2 Jutin Ellis
    3 Telvin Smith - - switch Smith & Ellis
    4 Eric Ward - never heard of him - besides way to early for him IMO -
    5 Brain Clarke OG - think you could get a better OG in the 5th
    7 Ego Ferguson - no
    7 Elhadji Ndiaye - OLB/DE 6-4 #255 University of Nebraska-Kearney - LIKE
    7 Kenny Quiton - no
    7 Jonathan Dowling FS - never hears of him

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