For a Non-Football Guy, Jerry Has Done Okay

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Double Trouble

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    I think the game - or more to the point, the players - had passed Parcells by.

    But it is undeniable that the Cowboys roster was awful when Jones hired Parcells, and the Cowboys had one of the League's best young rosters when Parcells left. That isn't coincidence.
  2. Plankton

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    I agree, with one clarification.

    They own the results, but run from the accountability.
  3. Risen Star

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    Of course somebody would mention Parcells.

    He came in and completely revamped the roster and scouting department. He immediately turned the direction of the team around. When he left, he left behind an emerging core of players who could be competitive in the league. A core good enough to bring a weak head coach like Wade Phillips his first postseason victory.

    None of that happens if Jerry continues to run the team unchecked. He is not capable of building anything but a league laughing stock. He's proven it over and over again over the years. Some of the poor GMs know what they need but they can't find it. They just miss on players. Jerry doesn't even know what he needs. He just wings it in reactionary fashion every year without a hint of any sound philosophy behind it. Then to make matters worse, his top assistant in the personnel department, the guy who has his ear and you would hope could at least point him in the right direction, is another fraud suit that has the gig through nepotism.

    So forgive me if I don't give Jerry much credit for being .500ish over the years. The truth is he's about a 5-11 lifetime GM whose had his numbers inflated by first taking over a dynasty team and then having the good sense of bringing in Bill Parcells for a few years.

    And only a moron destroys a dynasty and even an idiot knows Bill Parcells can come in to clean up your mess and make you competitive again.
  4. TwoDeep3

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    I can spend twenty plus years working for a hospital and hanging out with surgeons while they cut people open.

    Would you trust me to take your appendix out?
  5. Diogenes

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    That made me smile.
  6. visionary

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    most "objective" fans are being kind

    he is worse than the worst that has been said about his lack of football intellect
  7. visionary

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    they dont own the results

    they say, it was a decision by general agreement

    ie everyone is responsible

    translation: no one is responsible

    spread the blame
  8. Plankton

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    That's where they run from the accountability for the results.
  9. WPBCowboysFan

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    While I generally agree with your sentiment I look at the fact that Jimmy and Parcells both went to the Dolphins after they left Dallas and both had less than stellar success working for an owner that gave them all they wanted and asked for.

    So both built good rosters in Dallas working with Jerruh the clown, and both basically flopped in Miami where they had the say and ran the football show.

    Its not that I think Jerruh should be his own GM or anything close to it. The results are evident. But, how could these 2 guys who did a great job in Dallas in spite of Jerruh both flop in Miami with the exact opposite of Jerruh for an owner?

    IMO, certain combinations work while others dont. The fact is, when Jimmy and Bill had free reign in Miami neither produced a winner. But did much better in Dallas with Jerruh. Now how can that be?
  10. Kilyin

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    For a non-football guy? Sure, he's done great. He's a great oil man, and a great business man, with billions of dollars to prove it. That doesn't change the fact he's run the Dallas Cowboys into the ground and then some. I don't care if we're one of the most valued franchises in sports, with a billion dollar stadium. That means absolutely nothing to me, as a fan. I want wins, and Jerry can't buy those, and apparently he can't seem to find the right personnel or executives to surround himself with that will get him those wins. So in my book, he's a failure. Jimmy was lightning in a bottle.
  11. Joe Rod

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    Jimmy had free reign in Dallas.
  12. Alexander

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    Give yourself a frontal lobotomy and assume this is true.

    So if that is the case he has failed to hold his "information gatherers" accountable.

    Ciskowski, you know the "real GM":rolleyes: , is still here and has been here for that entire decade and a half with just one playoff win.

    I do not see him being forced out any time soon.

    He is failing as a GM and an owner right now.

    As a GM, he is failing to get the right "information gatherers" and properly listen to them (again, you have to become brainless and assume he never has an opinion of his own he exercises from time to time).

    As an owner, he is tolerating substandard results from the players and coaches alike while pretending the team is not stuck in a ditch of mediocrity.

    About the only place he is excelling is in the ledger books.

    At the end of the day, that might be all he really cares about.

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