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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyChris, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Drafting Bobby Carpenter at #18 might be a bit of a reach, but at the most, it's a half round reach. Bobby's generally graded as a late first early second round talent, around 8.95-8.99 using the Ourlads scale, which by the way is about the same range that Manny Lawson is rated by Ourlads.

    I can name a few defensive tackles that were bigger reaches than Bobby or Manny would ever be.. Ryan Pickett and Dimitrius Underwood come immediately to mind. Casey Hampton of the Steelers was a one round reach that didn't turn out all that bad.

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    Honestly, I wouldn't cite Ourlads as support for anything after this mock draft.
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    for what its worth, Mel Kiper does not have Carpenter on his big board, which lists his top 25 players.
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    of course as soon as i posted this, i see Gosselins top 100, and ironically he has Carpenter as the 18th best player. go figure.
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    Honestly, neither one of them are actually paid to scout players so either one can right, both can be right, or both can be wrong.

    No one will really know for another 3 years.
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    ..will be determined by the area of greatest concern still overhanging from last year.

    Those two areas were OL, LBer and DB/safety.

    OL and LBer were addressed in the off season with veteran signings. And while I think it's safe to assume that OLBer is still a want.. feeling is that Dallas would like to stop all the deep pass bleeding we saw in important games last year. Other than the lack of pass protection and a running game..

    nothing effected this team more than the inability to stop passes down field in the secondary when Henry And Glenn were injured and Davis couldn't play FS well.

    So to me, either a DB or FS type is the player we are seeking to plug into the secondary and stabilize it. If found, this will have the biggest single impact in the team in a player if found.

    Because as we all saw in both last off season and this one as far as FA went, the prices were way too high to bring in another quality pass defender other than Henry. Aaron Glenn was quality, but we all knew he wasn't starter material.

    So that brings me to the big need as DB with our 1st pick.

    If safety is the answer, then drafting either a top CB and starting him and moving Henry to FS, a position he has excelled in before in Cleveland or just find a starter coverage FS in the draft is the top priority.

    Yes, other needs exist.

    But we can get by without another DeMarcus Ware at our other OLber spot and there are schemes and numerous down and distance situations that are going to prevent having both OLBers on the field such as long yardage situations and such.

    So who I'd rather have is have a player out of this draft that will start and make the secondary a solid equation and have Aaron Glenn only come in and be added as the slot coverage guy about 15 times a game as needed and let Davis play fewer snaps at FS and captain the ST's.

    This makes the most sense and seems to me to be doable without reaching.

    There will still be quality CB/safeties available at 18th pick to satisfy this need.

    If we can squeeze off the middle and deep passing attack with aggressive play, then teams are going have to play a short field with short passing and running and grind it out on us.

    And that is in our favor. Not many teams are going to be successful in the long run against our defense doing that if we can stay healthy on defense.

    So I say DB/safety for our #1 need and let the rest of our needs come from our scouting and braintrust to unearth.

    This is what Ireland is paid for. Find our starting OLer and our OT depth and our NT depth in the later rounds.


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