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    Nice to see you've found the best place to talk cowboys.

    I've been checking out your daily updates and they are great. Keep up the good work covering the new king of video football gaming.
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    Could someone post the review, pleasssse.
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    This Q&A was really long so I had to cut about 2/3 of it. That and it didn't copy and paste very well and I haven't had enough caffine to have the motivation to fix any of that.. hahaha

    Latest Update: Football Friday #7 - 07/16
    ESPN NFL 2K5 takes the next step towards online sports gaming with the introduction of the ESPN Videogames Online Experience. Innovation has always been a standard for the 2K series; as one of the pioneers to online gaming ESPN Videogames continues to revolutionize with new online features that can only be found in ESPN NFL 2K5.

    It begins with online play that has been completely streamlined delivering the highest quality of online play. The innovative V.I.P. System™ allows users to view the data on opponents’ tendencies and play styles. With the ability to download V.I.P. System™ profiles, players can download any V.I.P. System™ profile online and load it up to see exactly how an adversary plays. Of course, setting up online tournaments has never been easier and in addition to customize online tournaments, ESPN NFL 2K5 is proud to deliver online leagues with living rosters - rosters that can change due to injuries and change for each league. Once online leagues are created on the Xbox or PS2, gamers can view their league page on their PC that includes every stat of every game in the league. This rich online experience comes at no additional cost and with a $19.99 price tag, ESPN NFL 2K5 continues to deliver the best football experience - offline and online - anywhere. July 20th is coming soon, so get ready!

    Q&A 7-16-04

    These questions were submitted by our Forum readers. We'll try to have a new Q&A every night, until release. Screenshots and movie clips will come as time permits. Thanks for your patience.

    Do you feel you have total control on defense?

    As in, when you change players is it responsive, so you can break up a play once the ball is in the air?

    If you are quick enough, sure.How many fumbles have you seen so far? Any new fumble animations? I might have seen 4 or 5. If there are any new animations, they are very subtle.Is there more hype around the playoffs and super bowl in terms of intensity and emotions? Not that I have seen.In an earlier Q&A, you stated that you could shake off multiple defenders using the QB evade in practice mode. Does it have the same effectiveness on the all-pro difficulty in an exhibition or franchise game? It’s the same. The thing is, when I was in “Practice Mode” playing w/ it, all I did was sit there and try the “QB Evade”. No way I’m going to be doing that in a real game, I’m too busy looking at the “D”. I was just testing it to see if the cheesers will have a field day w/ it or not. Really though, you kind of have to get your feet set again before you can throw it, so I think the cheesers will have a tough time w/ it, since they can’t throw when they want to. It’s more realistic that way.Do you unlock Crib stuff with Slider adjustments? Last year you could only get Time and Career unlockables with Slider adjustments. Well, I have played w/ sliders for a while and after every game I get tons of crib points, so I hope that answers your question.Is there more of a variation in tackles this year? Seeing the same tackle every play (where the defender grabs the runners’ legs and flips him) can get a little old. I’ve seen quite a few tackle animations this year. Sure you’ll see some of them more times than others, but that is to be expected.How are the progressively dirty unis? Do they only get dirty w/ weather effects? I don’t even remember if they get dirty during clear day games. I’ll have to look at that more closely.What sliders have you been adjusting to improve the CPU running game on All-Pro? I want to know what to look for when I fire this baby up, next week. I’m adjusting CPU running, CPU blocking and Human Pursuit. Still tweaking tho, getting close.How is the commentary this year? From the video's they sound like they say a lot of the same stuff from previous years. Have you noticed many new comments, and are they very repetitive? They still are the best out there? They are the best out there BAR-NONE. Sure there is repetitiveness, but that is in every sports game.As far as field degradation, does the playing surface receive more damage like: Divots, Mud, Discoloration, etc. than last year?? I’d say it’s about the same. If teams are battling from between the 30’s in a defensive slugfest, you’ll notice between the 30’s a lot of degradation, where nothing is going on in the “Red Zone” areas and the grass is still fresh.Has their been anything in the game that you have noticed that when it happens you have said "Holy S***, look at that" that hasn't been talked about yet? Like, a unbelievable play that you had to watch on replay 50 times, or some stats that are in there, or some cool animation, or any little touch that you were surprised when you first saw it? Yeah, I’m really loving the fact that the DB’s don’t give up after a tipped ball, also you’ll even see the defenders pounce on an incompletion, hoping it was a fumble. Pretty cool to see.Does the weather play a part in how your guys play at all? Like if it is windy is it hard to throw a ball, do you fumble more in the rain and snow, do your guys slip and fall if they try to make a sharp cut, do you slide a bit when you fall. Things like that? I notice the players move a little bit slower in the snow and rain, but it’s not a huge difference. Not seeing much slipping and sliding at all. If they do, it’s hardly noticeable.Have you noticed if the refs get in the way sometimes and mess up your play? Any of them get caught up in tackles? Nothing funnier than seeing a ref get wiped out or hit by the ball. I’ve seen a ref get in the way of one of my deep passes and sort of knocking me off course and the DB got the pick. I’ve only seen it once.Last night I was in franchise mode of 2k4 preparing for the draft. Mel's big board had about 15 kickers/punters rated as first rounders! I took the first quarterback of the draft at number 32! There must have been about 15 cornerbacks chosen in the first round. Has this been fixed for this year's game? I didn’t see a kicker or punter selected until the 3rd round. I didn’t see any teams trade up or anything. Everything moves pretty quickly. There was a good variety of players at different positions selected in the 1st round.Have you messed around with the VIP system? For instance, have you played against your own profile (or others you know)? If so, could you share your thoughts on it (ie-does it play like you?) I’m going to try that this weekend.Q&A 7-14-04

    These questions were submitted by our Forum readers. We'll try to have a new Q&A every night, until release. Screenshots and movie clips will come as time permits. Thanks for your patience.

    I had a question about using classic teams...can these be used in any type of season mode? Or would we have to edit the actual current NFL teams all over again to substitute oldtime players for each team in order to play in season mode? That was brutal, and you could only save like 25 players anyway.

    Any chance us old, classic type guys will have it easier this year?

    Nope. You can't use them in any other mode, except "ESPN 25th Anniversary" from what I can tell. Looks like it's going to be brutal for you again this year.How do you like the game, is there any annoying flaws or problems you have noticed? I'm loving the game. The AI running game needs to be tweaked w/ some sliders. I may have found the right mix, but I have to test it some more. You know how that is. At default on All-Pro, they run plenty, but they don't get much. The biggest day any RB has had on me was Portis, and he only had 38 yards on 19 carries. I mean the Boys "D" is good, but come on. :) Like I said though, I've been playing w/ the sliders and am seeing different results, once I get something solid, I'll let you guys know. There is some AI trade logic quirkiness, leaving you scratching your head. Passing game is top notch; DB AI is as well, no complaints whatsoever. The "Flag" route a lot of people complained about last year has been toned down. The DB AI is much quicker to the ball and will jump and swat them away, if need be. You will complete some, but it's much better than last year IMHO.From Q&A they mentioned that the DT's are finally going to be a factor this year. After playing a few games did you notice if DT's like Washington clog up the middle? Yeah defensive tackles and ends make tackles this year. The middle can get congested. Running sweeps to the outside works sometimes, but the quick LB's will catch you from behind. If not the LB's, the DB's and safeties are well on their way. :) Pursuit is golden this year. I'm actually adjusting that slider as well, to help the AI running game.When you control a player on defense, do the blockers react as if your a normal player? Or do they have a target on you, so if you get close to the QB another blocker will leave his assignment to get to you? Players do leave to pick up blitzes. I’ve seen this on more than one occasion.I know this is minor but in your user stats does it keep track of your record and stats against a specific profile, like if you wanted to see specifically what your record was against one of your friends? I don't remember this being in last year's user stats unless I missed something as someone one here posted that I did miss that in the stats, but I'm pretty sure that the User stats did not get that specific last year. I can’t get online w/ the debug Xbox, so I have no idea if you can actually see something that specific. If it was in there last year, I’m sure they didn’t take it out.Can you comment on the overall "feel" of the game with regards to running and momentum. Is it any different? And do guys take better angles when you are running down the sidelines to make tackles? Running game for the user is very nice. I have no complaints. It’s fun to find the hole it squirt through there. I’ll be posting more movie clips so you guys have a better feel for the running game. The AI running game, as mentioned above, needs some tweaking, but again, I’m not really worried about as some slider adjustments have helped that out. I just have to find the right mix.Do the Defenders still roll the ball carrier 3 or 4 yards forward after the tackle? They do, but I haven’t seen that animation as much as I did last year.Is the CPU play calling as predictable as it was last year? Does the CPU still run 95% of the time on 2nd and 7 or less? Not this year. They will run it on 2nd and 7, but they’ll keep you guessing. I’ve seen draw plays and shovel passes on 3rd and 4, etc. Very nice.Steve, have you tested online out yet? If so, what are the league options? Nope, answered above.How much time have u spent with weekly prep so far, Steve, and what specifically are you noticing in the games that would indicate weekly prep is really affecting the gameplay? I’ve spent a good amount of time w/ it. As stated in yesterday’s Q&A, you really have to find the right mix to get the players ratings up. There are all kinds of scenarios, after a win, loss, blowout, etc. You just have to keep playing around w/ it. It’s a game within a game. If you have better ratings, you’ll see it in the gameplay, and vice versa.Are there more player faces in the game? The kickers never look like their real life counterparts I haven’t looked at the kickers, but a lot of faces are very well done. I’m sure some kickers got the love they deserved.How's the "GM logic" in franchise mode? Have you noticed any stupid trades, signings, draft picks, etc.? Yes. Well, the biggest one was the Saints trading a defensive tackle to Buffalo for Drew Bledsoe. Both teams were 4-0 at the time and Bledsoe had a 101 QB rating. That is one instance I have seen. Most of the time the trades are between 2nd and 3rd stringers. I was focusing on my own draft picks, so I didn’t notice what the AI was selecting.Are there less 1 handed catches this year? (Especially with passes going over the middle) Woohoo!! After all the games I have played, I think I might have seen 2 or 3 one handed stabs, TOTAL. Not even close to the amount I saw last year.Is the sideline glitch still in this game, where the CPU takes bad pursuit angles when your running down the sideline? I sure haven’t noticed it.What are all the options/situations for custom music? (After Touchdown, Sack ect. Not going to list all of them, but there are 17 situations to customize. You mentioned 2 of them. See if you can guess the other 15. Steve, My main question is how much better in your opinion is this years game vs. 2k4. Most of the other stuff I will just wait for release...After all the release is in only 5 days.When will the review of this game come out?? Thanks to you and your team for a great board and all your hard work. My main concern last year was the broken tackles. That has been addressed. This game is better in a lot of ways, the DB AI is done very well, stat engine is better, you have more control of the defense. What more could you ask for. How's the run defense? Mine?? Superb  AI run defense is very well done as well. You never feel cheated on a 1 yard gain or a 50 yard scamper. I’m averaging just over 4 yards a carry w/ Julius Jones.Does it have a real NFL Record book like Fever so you can see your players move up the list??? Not that I have noticed.Will there be any weather changes during the game for example its clear in the 1st qtr and then the rain starts to come in for the rest of the game? From all the games I have played, the weather stayed constant. The cloud shadows move across the field just like last year.When a player gets injured does a graphic come up on the screen a little while later telling you his injury and status?? Or do you have to go into the menu to find out? Yes, Kolber chimes in after a few plays and tells you the severity of the injured player. When there are a few injuries in the game, a graphic overlay pops up showing who is injured and what injury they sustained.Can you play any game in Dynasty (you are the Giants, but you want to play Cowboys v. Eagles)? It sure doesn’t look like you can.Steve, have they made any changes when a play is under review? It seemed the referee rarely got a call wrong in 2K4, and their wasn't much point to ask for a review of a call, and when you did ask for a review, it seemed random on if it would be reversed or held up. Have you noticed any changes at all? Thanks Seems to be more random this year from what I have seen. I’ve challenged 2 of them myself and had both overturned. CPU has been 50/50.Steve I have one question for you, do Running backs get like 30 carries every game like last yr or is it more balanced like 20-25 carries a game. From all the games I have played, no RB has had more than 26 carries. No RB has had less than 15. I’m playing at 7 min. qtrs and getting very realistic results.Please, give me something, anything, on create-a-player. You can select from 4 body types, 6 skin tones, 7 faces, height from 5’6 to 7’0, 150 to 405 pounds, 27 facemasks and 2 face shields. Plenty more, but a lot of the same from last year.Are you getting close, challenging, games against the CPU on Pro and/or All-Pro difficulties? On Pro, it’s basically pitch and catch. The newbies will have a blast with it. I’m on All-Pro and playing w/ the sliders only to help the AI running game. I am getting some good results, but I still want to play around some more. I’ve lost once in my franchise, I think I’m 5-1. I’ve played quite a few exhibition games and have had some nice close games. Might bump up the difficulty soon, just to see how that is.Hey Steve are the laces in or out this year? Meaning that in 2k3 and 2k4 when you kicked a field goal or extra point the holder would always have the laces facing your kicker. in real life if the laces are facing the kicker that ball isn’t going nowhere and the holder is getting cut. that really irked me the last 2 yrs seeing as how that would actually affect game play. Thanks. You must be a kicker. I can’t believe I actually went into replay, closeup. Looks like you are going to be pissed for 3 years running.Q&A 7-13-04

    These questions were submitted by our Forum readers. We'll try to have a new Q&A every night, until release. Screenshots and movie clips will come as time permits. Thanks for your patience.
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    Thanks man, however, I wish you could have done it yesterday because I don't have that problem at home.

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