For anyone who questions Dallas' undying hatred for Philthy and their fans...

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Jun 10, 2006.

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  2. J-DOG

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    Tough to watch.
    Felt like I did when it happened at the time.
    I do think it's important we never forget philly fan and what they represent.
    The eagles will represent last place this season and thier fans deserve it.
  3. theebs

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    Wow. I can remember watching that game like it was yesterday. I remember I wanted to fire a ball threw my tv after hearing the fans.

    Oh well what are you going to do. We had a pretty solid team that year had stayed healthy. Its a shame his career had to end that way. They should have torn that dump in philly down years before.
  4. Houstonboys13

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    Pat stated the following during the video "The Eagle players asking their fans to be quiet." This is pathetic. At least the players on the field all know what is really important. As much as I hate the Redskins for rivalry purposes, their is not a group of fans I hate more than the Philadelphia fans. I guess all the cold weather out their just messes up their heads.
  5. EndGame

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    Damn shame his career had to end that way. I remember watching that game while on a beach vacation in southern North Carolina. Wasn't Dallas 4-0 going into that game? I seem to remember they were tearing up the competition until Irvin got hurt, but after it was like their heart was ripped out.
  6. t.o.boys81

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    Eagles fans are sick, sick people!
  7. bags

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    I was actually in the stands that day :(
  8. VirusX

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    Thats what happens when you whip their arse time and time again. :laugh1:
  9. ghst187

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    Its a pretty sad state of people when a person cannot feel safe going to a stadium and un-obnoxiously rooting for the other team. Sad and pathetic when people throw batteries at old women who are wearing an opposing team's jersey...when a crowd cheers for an opposing player's paralysis...
    Its a sad representation and documentary on the moral condition of the country....and philthy is leading the decadent charge towards uncivility.

    This is not to mention how far out of place sports has become in terms of importance...especially for millions of people who don't even play the games

    Sad social documentary really...and philthy is an epicenter..
  10. cwbyfan72

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    Yup. Remember it well. Watching it again to here the cheer when they bring out the stretcher. I will always HATE the Eagles and their fans.
  11. Everlastingxxx

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    If i ever saw Cowboy fans act that way, i would be completely ashamed. Those Eagle fans are not human, they are animals.
  12. DGreenFan87

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    philly fans have always been jerks. i.e. spilling beer on someone's mother. not that that even amounts to what happened in that video.

    but geez, irvin took quite a hit to the ground. i wouldn't have even known that's what took him out if madden hadn't have said it. a terrible way to go down.
  13. cowboyeric8

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    On the bright side, if there is a bright side (which I don't really think there is), but Irvin still caught the ball, he went down being one of the best WRs to ever play.

    Props to you Irvin
  14. MONT17

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    I was at that game... I bought like 8 tix so I could sell 6 at the game to finace the trip!!! Sorry Igg fans didnt show up!!! so me and my buddy used the tix to go in and out of the stadium at half time!!!

    needless to say there were more BOYS fans than Igg fans and and there were a ton of fights!!!

    I've been to about 6 or 7 Boys games in Philthy and that was the first one that showed me the truth about most Igg Fans.... they are front runners!!!

    I'm willing to bet everyone of the Igg fans on this board didnt even to bother to show up for the IRVIN game!!!

    But what Irvin did to the BEST team the Iggs ever had was something they will never forget.... Irvin got the last laugh!

  15. Vintage

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    I doubt every Philly fan cheered.

    I doubt every Philly fan was at the game.
  16. cowboyeric8

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    A vast majority cheered, and as a whole Philly fans from all sports act like this. They are what they, and that is terrible fans. I'm sure there are some good fans, but the bad ones cancel them out.
  17. Phoenix-Talon

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    I was not there ...I would never had cheered! I know plenty of Eagle fans some who attended the game, some wh were not at the game...who did not cheer! CelebratIng someone being Injured is, and always will be sick!

    Michael Irvin is one of my all-time players ...but I'm still a devoted Eagles Fan!
  18. SkinsandTerps

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    As A Redskins fan I never expected Irvin or Aikman to go out on the terms they did.

    It was a sad day for sports. He was one of the Cowboys players that I always respected on the field.
  19. HeHateMe

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    I was at that game with my best friend (also a Dallas fan) and the disgust and disdain I have for Eagle fans was never greater than when they cheered him being taken off the field.

    Karma is a b*tch and thankfully it's bitten Philthy where it counts most.
  20. cowboywho?

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    What do you expect. that all the philly fans has to cheer for.
    they dont have a superbowl


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