News: For Cowboys, no more small-school DBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Jan 7, 2014.


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    Without knowing what the percentage of "Big School" DBs who are successful in the NFL, it's kind of hard to say that 5 DBs taken from small schools in 4 years is indicative of anything really. For all we know, this could be inline with what other teams see as well, when drafting players, Big School or not.
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    How about some DL's for a change?
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    Really the primary problem on defense, just like it was the primary problem on offense (the line).

    I think we will see a commitment to fixing the defensive line this off-season. Probably some major turnover with one "hanger on" like Kosier was for us (Ware).
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    Seriously though -- and we do not give him enough credit for this -- Jerra is a marketing genius.
    As to actual football, most Forumites here could outhink him. And that is just so sad to dwell upon.
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    Just having some ' tickle me' time b/w us.

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    I agree.

    Players from the bigger Conferences in my mind have more going on.

    Drafting Ware from Webber State or wherever he came from was a huge risk.

    I wouldn't do that again.
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    Draft nothing but SEC guys. The SEC is,just one notch below the NFL anyway.
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    Manly 'tickle me' time, correct? Hey, how bout them Cowboys? They're goning all the way next year . . .
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    I will give him a look. You were spot on with Foles.
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    Of course..its s all good.
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    The pressure of playing in Dallas is greater than many other places and many games are pressure packed considering how many national games the Cowboys play in.

    In fact, we seem to do better with small school players after the draft simply because there is little to no involvement from the usual final decision maker in the war room. We might "find the talent", maybe he is not picking them.

    Plain and simple here is the Jerry Jones track record drafting small school players since Johnson departed:

    380J.J. WilcoxDBGeorgia Southern
    4114B.W. WebbDBWilliam & Mary
    4135Matt JohnsonDBEastern Washington
    4110David ArkinGMissouri State
    5143Josh ThomasDBBuffalo
    4126Akwasi Owusu-AnsahDBIndiana (PA)
    7234Sean LissemoreDTWilliam & Mary
    369Jason WilliamsLBWestern Illinois
    375Robert BrewsterTBall State
    6167Erik WaldenDEMiddle Tennessee State
    4122Doug FreeTNorthern Illinois
    7212Courtney BrownDBCal Poly-San Luis Obispo
    7211Pat McQuistanTWeber State
    111Demarcus WareDETroy
    6208Justin BeriaultDBBall State
    7216Patrick CraytonWRNorthwestern Oklahoma
    6186Zuriel SmithWRHampton
    5168Ralph HunterDBVirginia Union
    6208Deveren JohnsonWRSacred Heart
    7207Colston WeatheringtonDECentral Missouri State
    4109Kareem LarrimoreDBWest Texas State
    4132Hundens ZellnerDEFort Valley State
    6193MarTay JenkinsWRNebraska-Omaha
    6188Izell ReeseDBAlabama-Birmingham
    365Dexter CoakleyDBAppalachian State
    4127Macey BrooksWRJames Madison
    237Kavika PittmanDEMcNeese State
    394Stepfret WilliamsWRN.E. Louisiana
    5157Kenneth McDanielGNorfolk State
    30Darren BensonDTArkansas State
    392Charlie WilliamsDBBowling Green
    50John DavisTEEmporia State
    246Larry AllenGSonoma State

    Exactly three could be considered exceptional players. There are a couple of possibles, like Crayton and Free, but by and large it is a wasteland.

    It also seems to be getting worse as the years go by.

    It is understandable how 6th/7th round choices will fail, but that still does not dismiss the poor track record.

    How the team has performed taking small school players in the 3rd/4th round has been particularly horrible.
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    Everson Walls Grambling.
    Mark Washington Morgan State
    Clinkscale SC State
    Steve Wilson Howard University
    And who can forget the famous Rod Hill from Kentucky State

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