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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 28, 2010.

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    ...we salute you.

    While sitting on my couch pretending to be the Cowboys GM again I was moved to create yet another Mock Draft because I am addicted.

    I always appreciate feedback, good and bad. Oh, and for anyone suggesting a Kicker...


    With the 27th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select...

    1. (27) Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho, 6'6", 325. I keep seeing the predictions of him rising, and he might. I just am not sure many of the teams ahead of us can pass up other needs. They tried him at LT during the Senior Bowl practices and the results were not as stellar. He very well may be a LT some day, but for the 2010 Draft he still projects to be drafted as a Guard. So for now I still have him falling to us at our pick. He is a bookend mauler who would be an instant starter at LG. It is a marriage made in heaven.

    2. (59) Vladimir Ducasse, OT, UMass, 6'5", 330.
    He projects to RT in the NFL. This leaves Free to focus on LT and Robert Brewster likely moves to OG to back up Davis. He is rising up the Draft boards and has now moved into the 2nd round on most draft publications though a few still have him in the 3rd. If the Cowboys take OL with their top 2 picks some will say it isn't sexy. I won't be among that crowd. I want to see a bulldozer OL in Big D again.

    3. (91) Mike Neal, DE, Purdue, 6'4", 302. With three Free Agent DEs I just feel we are going to need one. My favorite is Jared Odrick, but I can't have him dropping out of the 2nd round. Mike Neal is a good fit in Dallas. He had 11.5 TFL and pushing the pocket as a 3-4 DE is crucial.

    4. (123)
    Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame, 6'4", 320. I want to solidify the entire OL. This guy plays in a Pro Style Offense and is smart. No more revolving doors on OL to kill our QB. Olsen has a nasty streak that you like in OL.

    6. (187) Devin Ross, CB, Arizona, 5'11", 173. I had to go homer at least once this off season, and we need CB depth. Devin Ross can seriously play. 12 pass deflections in 2009. He immediately solves depth issues and he is fast. Can play the slot and is most comfortable in man coverage.

    7. (219) Brandon Banks, KR/PR, Kansas State, 5'7", 170.
    Let me introduce you to my favorite little man. I feel like Special Teams returns are our biggest need. This little big man is going to run about 4.3 in the 40 and he is so fast on Punt and Kick Returns that he is an instant weapon. He plays WR on Offense and would immediately stretch Defenses to keep them honest. Just send him on a fly and watch the middle of the field open up.
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    Works for me but I think they go secondary in RD 2.
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    A man who just completed his career in a Wildcat football jersey was arrested early Sunday morning. The Riley County Police arrest report indicates 21-year-old Brandon Banks has been charged with battery and unlawful possession. His bond was set at $2,500 dollars. KMAN is awaiting word from RCPD on further details into the incident involving Banks. He was arrested at his residence at 410 North 17th Street in Manhattan around 4:00 a.m. Banks, a wide receiver and kick returner, completed his senior season for the Wildcats. The Big 12 selected him as its Special Teams Player of the Year, as he set a conference record with two kick-return touchdowns in one game. Banks was recently invited to be a participant in the postseason East-West Shrine Game in Orlando, Florida on January 23rd. - 1350KMAN/

    My only issue with Brandon Banks
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    I think we sign Marcus Spears and tender Hatcher and Bowen.

    Our 3-4 DE's are very solid. I don't know if we spend a 3rd rounder on another one.
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    I like Ducasse in the second round, he is very raw to go in the first. I really like Olsen in the 4th also. Don't think Iupati is gonna be there for us in the 1st round. If he's not what about John Asamoah? Also are we sure we want Doug Free moving to LT? There is a lot of athletic talent that may be there late in the first that can play LT like, Bulaga, B. Cambell, Charles Brown and Trent Williams may fall. We could always pick another guard later like Sergio Render who has dropped way down although he had a good year. If he came out in '08 as a junior he was projected 1st round and considered the best guard in the nation, now he's 3-4 round?. Weird. There are also some other possibilities later at Guard including 2 maulers John Jerry and Brandon Carter and then a couple agile guys like Mitch Petrus and Thomas Austin.
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    Spears, Hatcher, and Bowen will be RFA and easily retained with tenders (I fully expect the season to be Uncapped). I also feel like Jerry would like to find a spot for Marcus Dixon.

    So unless every player we like is gone except for the very scrappy Jared Odrick, I don't think we'll draft a DE.
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    I like it but I do not think that Neal will be there when we pick in the 3rd. He might go in the early half of the third round or late 2nd. Reports indicate that he has been told that he does not fit the Cowboys scheme but that could just be a smoke screen. Any way good job and I would love to have the draft fall this way.
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    I agree with you Hos everybody scared he will be gone by 27

    Iupati has some clear upside, but there is no doubt he might not be ready to start from Day One and might not find his way into a starting lineup until the midpoint of his rookie season. A lot of Iupati's mistakes are correctable, but do you really want to spend a second-round pick on an unpolished guard? Teams such as Minnesota, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Miami and Cincinnati will likely have him rated highly on their board. I am not sold that Iupati can play left or right tackle in the pros, and I need a closer look at him (Senior Bowl).

    their have been only 2 G's taken before 27 since 2000

    that be Steve Hutchison at 17 in 2001
    David Joesph 23 2006

    Iupati will be there
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    That would be a good solid draft, though I worry that your pet cat Ross is too small for the NFL... perhaps you should change that pick to a kicker... other than that, I like it...

    Oh, one other thing-- if Banks weighs in at 170, you should immediately look for rocks in his pockets... I like him, but he's more like 160... LOL...
  10. DaBoys4Life

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    I like Devin Ross. A lot of lineman.
  11. Bluestang

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    I watched Iupati take reps at LT and it wasn't pretty. I've been watching all the practices and they only showed Iupati at LT once so far. On the recap episode on the final day of practice Mayok was saying that Iupati could play both tackle positions but he would need time to develop. IMO seems like a risk for a team to spend an early draft pick on a guy that won't start immediately unless he plays guard.

    If Iupati is still around at pick 27 then Dallas will nab him but I think he's gonna be gone by the time Dallas picks unless they move up.
  12. AustnIsMySaviour

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    I highly doubt that Banks would see the field as a WR. Only as a return specialists
  13. UnoDallas

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    as for a kicker

    I think Buehler can handle it

    he just has to get used to again

    Though his kicking stats were solid during his two seasons at Southern California where he was successful on 26-of-33 field goals (78.8%) and was 117-of-120 on PATs to tally 195 total points while also pinning opponents within their own 20-yard line on 105-of-180 kickoffs with 69 touchbacks
  14. Zaxor

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    3 OL...very good
  15. eightysiX

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    I hope he can, that would eliminate the need for 2 kickers, although i thought while he was kicking for sc alot of his fg's were chip shots and his accuracy was of some concern even for sc.
  16. VACowboy

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    Unfortunately, I don't think Iupati makes it to #27 or Ducasse to the late second. They won't get by Philly and Green Bay. I like Alex Carrington in the 3rd because I think he's gonna be a disruptive force, but Neal is a heck of a player. I'm starting to warm to the idea of trading down into the 35-45 range for a third. There's a bunch of guys I love in the round three area: AOA, Chris Cook, Carrington, Jerome Murphy, Taylor Price, Daryl Washington, McCluster, Saffold.... If Iupati and all the top LT prospects are gone (I like Free on the right side), and there's no trade partner, I'd be highly tempted to take Nate Allen, Pouncey or Damien Williams at #27.
  17. Cowboy Brian

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    I love Buehler, but I want Lawrence Hunter in Dallas. Money from within the 48 yard line = BUY BUY BUY.
  18. Gaede

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    love the draft...especially Olsen
  19. DFWJC

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    I had heard that as a PK, Buehler would be a terrible option due to accuracy issues. You either have it or you don't...but I'd love to see him get there and save us the extra roster spot.
  20. Bigdog

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    The more I read about this guy the more I like. Smart, plays with a mean streak, and versatile. But the draft sites have him listed as 305 or 310- minor detail. I would love for the draft to fall this way.

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