for those going to fedex...

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by pittdawg, Dec 15, 2005.

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    too many drunks and F bombs flying to bring a kid, imo, if that's your plan. other than that, you'll just get laughed at.
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    I'll have you know I have a healthy set of teeth...actually the old dentist line of saying Too many teeth.

    However if it were not for the time, money and misery of it...I would just have them all pulled and get me some fancy, fake, big, white and shiney osmond teeth. :D
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    I have season tickets at Fed Ex (not a Skins fan, just love the game. Go to a lot of Raven's games as well. Skins fans always get pissed at me for having their tickets considering the wait list is about 4-5 years long) and I never have any problems even when I wear Dallas gear. People will make some "competitive" comments but its usually more of a joke than anything.

    Only time where I almost had a nasty run in is after a Sunday Night Game when half the stadium was drunk.

    Not nearly as bad as those Iggles though, you should be fine as long as you don't act obnoxiously yourself.
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    I've been to 2 Boys/Skins games and both times the Boys won. The fans aren't that bad IMO. I've been to a Boys/Ravens game as well and the fans there aren't bad either. It probably more or less determines on the group of fans in your section. Maybe I've just been lucky. :)
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    Ok, pittdawg, that one hurt! :laugh2: I was born and raised and currently live in Morgantown. :D I tell you what, the Pitt o-line REALLY misses your boy! Palko as drilled over and over on Thanksgiving night! The kid is tough though. He always seemed to get the pass off "just" before he was hit! Pitt also has some serious issues on D. WVU ran for 490 yards on them! :lmao2:

    Anyways, as for Fed Ex, I've been there several times. I am always with my buddy and his three friends who are Skins fans(they give me a ticket and place to stay). I usually get verbally abused before the game in the parking lot and then on my way into the stadium. Once in my seats, sometimes I get an obnoxious drunk near me who gives me crap. I never forget the year we opened the season there and the Boys trailed by 21 going into the 4th. The dude a couple rows back was like, "hey Cowboy, look at the scoreboard". Well after our OT win, I turned around and said, "hey *****, look at the scoreboard now! And it ain't changin'"! :laugh1:

    Everytime I've been there we've won(4-0). So, the Skins fans are usually VERY quiet on my exodus from Package Delivery Field! By the way, your son is doing a GREAT job! His future is VERY bright! Have fun and drive safe!
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    hey all you wv fans, no offense meant. just the pitt/ wv rivalry thing. still can't get over seeing so many steelers jackets in morgantown rooting for the mountaineers.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yes many West Virginians root for the Steelers.

    Seeing that the Steelers are the closest NFL team from Morgantown...and the Browns and Bengals have not exactly done much for many years.

    It sucks because they ALWAYS show those teams games in my it is not so bad watching the bengals games since Lewis was hired...but I still can not watch browns games or many steelers games.

    Plus they don't call it the back yard brawl because both teams happen to be in the big east. :D
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    You're a big man from what I hear so your reception won't be as nasty.


    There are a group of fans who calls themselves the Dead Tree Crew DTC who think they are thugs. Avoid them. Most Skins fans are okay.
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    No offense taken, it is a fierce rivalry. Yea, "most" folks I know that grew up here are Steeler fans. Being only 70 miles south and the fact that they are on the local TV every Sunday makes it easy! I was too smart though :laugh2:
    My dad was a Boys fan and raised me right! ;) I could never figure out though why ANYONE would wear a Steeler jacket to a Mountaineer game! It's all gold & blue on Saturday and silver & blue on Sundays :D

    Tell Rob to kick some *** and give Drew time and if he does, I pity the Skins seconday :laugh1:
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    I've been going to the Cowboys in DC off and on for the last 15 years or so and I can tell you that the crowd has really changed (can't go this year due to a prior commitment and the now late start).

    They've gone from good natured ribbing with only an occasion drunken lout being obnoxious who was usually reigned in by the classy fans to an almost 50/50 split between class/jerks.

    Last year I tailgated with 'skins fans from another board and was treated well by them but they seemed to be the exception rather than the rule. There's just so much more using the game as an excuse to get sloppy drunk than having a few before the game.

    Of course I don't think this is limited to just DC.
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    United, no. You're Untied.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Looks down at shoes...scratches head. :p:
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    Hope you can make it Pittdawg!

    I'll echo the comments of others here. The Skins fans aren't bad to deal with.

    There WILL be fights at the game, but those always involve Cowboys and Redskins fans who are mutually looking for a fight. You're not going to get "jumped" like you might at a Philly game.

    I always wear Cowboys gear and cheer loudly for my team and I've never had anything more than some mild comments and jeers thrown my way. Our tailgate always has a lot of Cowboys fans there, and we'll get into some fun trashtalking with the Skins fans nearby, but it always is fun and good natured.

    There are some wannabe thugs that Hos mentioned (the DTC) but they tailgate in a specific spot. But that's why I keep the location of my tailgate a mini-secret. Just give me a call when you get close to the stadium and I'll let you know where we are.

    Also, keep in mind that there will be 15-25% of the crowd rootingn for the Cowboys, so you'll be in good company and have a good amount of back-up.
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    Good luck to you fellas in enemy territory! Give 'em hell!
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    Pittdawg--You'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of Dallas fans in the stands. There are a LOT of Dallas fans here, & they make a point of trying to go to that game. I know almost everyone from my office who's a Dallas fan has tickets & will be there.

    Plus, even tho I despise the Boy Blunder, Gibbs & his giggle, & the team, I do think the fans have enough class to not be really terrible & nasty. NOONE is like Philly fans (fortunately!).

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